Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Earth

As I drove from my home in the blue ridge mountains into an area called the Piedmont, I was given a view of just how incredible this world can be.  The rolling hills of the blue ridge gave way to a very different kind of landscape, one which I knew for years before moving back to the gentle mountains of my home.  As I drove on thoughts moved through me as my drive became like a moving meditation.  Powered by gnosis, the brilliance of awakening showered me with questions and considerations about the nature of the world, of reality, and how we are able to see what is around us.

The big question was over what world we live in.  Is it really as solid as it all seems, or is it like some suggest, an illusion?  A dream within the divine?  As I thought about the old notion of how we see and respond to things, I was reminded that some very much see the world in a very matter of fact way.  Like a large canvas, we have seen what others have seen for aeons.  In the picture I snapped as the day was waning over the first big ridge of the Blue Ridge on my return to them, there is not a person to be seen, or building.  Was this the same sight that the Shawnee and Cherokee saw hundreds of years ago?  Or, is it possible that while there is a place we all agree upon as being the same place, still resolves differently for those who are able to see into some new dimension?

The suggestion was nuanced.  It was so packed with everything that it felt like a giant closet of possibilities.  There is an earth, but she is evolving.  We are evolving and we pick up on new things as we do. And as we do, the earth literally does change, does offer up a new version of itself, realizing itself through each individual's eyes and hearts.  This place was a series of earths, all depending on who is doing the perceiving.  What I sensed rising deep within is that every moment is like a flower blooming.  As each petal is pushed back by a new one further inward, we see something new.  But we don't just see it, we feel it. The added dimension is in feeling, in consciousness itself.  This alters everything.  Dirty city streets can resolve into hidden paradises.  The same old mountain range becomes a new range never seen before.  The dimension of knowing, feeling, seeing, and being, all merge in that moment to create a new synthesis and as that happens, it feeds back into us with wonder, joy, and awe.

I wrote recently about an experience I had early on before I had my first full-fledged awakening in which I felt myself drawn into the world of plant life.  All of life changed in that moment.  Before, I had seen the world in a certain way, almost like an outsider, not fully connected.  With this new experience, everything did change for me as I felt the pulse of life all around me locally and remotely. While I had had the notion that plants were intelligent creatures, much more aware than we gave them credit for, I hadn't felt it.  It was an experience in what I can only call direct cognition.  There was no way my senses could apprehend all of this, but my soul could.  This was the new dimension of awareness, and it changed how I saw all of life forever.  Suddenly the world was more than just a hive of activity.  It had a soul, it had a presence, it had a life beyond what most presume to think they know.  I stood in my back yard then, kids over for a birthday sleep-over, and we burned a bunch of sticks for a nice bon fire  As I watched the flames lick up into the sky it felt as though some invisible line had crossed overhead in the heavens.  I knew I had changed irrevocably.  It was at once a little sad and a little scary.  What on earth was I embarking?  it felt undeniable, impossible to change.  I was on this new ride and there was no changing it!  The heavens had clicked off in some new direction for me.  A new timeline, a new probability was forged in that moment.  Since then, life has been nothing but a series of changes and challenges and hurdles.  In her slumber, the earth awakens as if on cue as do we all.

As I drove up that long mountain from the Piedmont back into the Blue Ridge mountains, it became ever clearer that the world indeed resolves into countless earths, a collective earth, the earth as she is, and the earth as we all participate in.  All versions were valid.  One layer was the same earth, other layers were also the same earth, but different versions or aspects of material just waiting to be picked up on.  It was possible, they said, to see the world anew and to be utterly changed by it.  We are all doing this.  We are coming back to the earth as a very vital part of our lives, and this is a good shift to have happen in this day and age.  Its as if the old pagans are coming back for another round of worship, and this time its with the stamp of an expanding knowledge that includes quantum physics, string and brane theory.  The world becomes so many things because its limitless.  Why, it asked, would I consider that we were limitless while the earth remained the same for all?  That's because it too is limitless and just like us, is also evolving in its own way.  For a brilliant moment I held all of this inside of me and it felt so full, so hopeful and perfect, that I felt like I had seen a view no one else had before. Within each of us is that bud that is waiting to open up.  As we open, so does the earth.  Yes, we see more of what was always there, but in seeing it, something happens.  Something is changed.  There is a stamp made upon the species, upon the earth.  Earth is reminded of who she is in fullness when we can begin to see it and feel it.  We are reminded of what we are when her life force fills us as our first mother, and cradle of life here on this blue orb spinning through space.

This felt like a real expansion of something, and while I do poorly to explain precisely what happened and the amazing richness of it (none of this was an academic mental exercise as I was experiencing it as it all unfolded much like some kind of real world multimedia presentation that was also a classroom exercise in learning about reality and the world around me), what happened was so significant in its own simple but complex way that it resulted in a kind of snapping back of consciousness.  I actually felt a kind of fear or shadow following the next day.  Once I realized this was some kind of egoic compensation, I relaxed and everything normalized.  I wondered if others do this and I thought surely they must. It made sense to go easy on ourselves, to simply watch as all this happens, note, but not get too caught up in it.  Its almost like when one old layer is removed, we tend to pull out of in a reflexive way.  We are funny creatures....on our way to the promised realm.

The world can resolve into a wonderful display.  The world, changing and shifting inside of us is the world that is shifting outside of us.  How beautiful is that?  And coming over the mountains I saw this vast expanse of forest that went on for miles and slowed the car down long enough to snap the picture above.

I hope that as you notice the world changing right in front of you, you can feel into this and sense the great possibility on offer in such moments like these.  Every moment seems packed with them, like seed pods waiting to burst and become.


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