Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Good Purpose

I just listened to an interview with someone who had gone through awakening....and is so often the case, well sometimes the case....often....this person was holding a good deal of hurt in her. She wasn't aware that it was coming from within, and thus in doing so, projected it outward.  There was a fight to be had, a power to topple, a wrong to be made right.  She was a tangle and it made my stomach tense up.  I understand.  I was down that road once.  I was once gripped in this KNOWING that there was something going on that was going to bring this world to its knees.  It was the old order of chaos and control.  Its been around a long time, and yet, we have all helped to build it, maintain it, and keep it in control.  Otherwise, it would not be.

Beneath all of this was an awareness of the archetypes....and I have written about these before.  In the beginning they can come whispering in the night.  Insights, healing, great moments of reflection and change in a flash.  What these are we can sometimes become befuddled by in a sense.  We think they are real.....and they are......but seeing the bigger picture helps.  And I presume to just my two cents worth.

All of creation is a giant fractal like form.  Its holographic, and it repeats.  It does this out of a very simple basis for how reality is formed, how all of creation is formed.  Out of two forces that do indeed exist.....and these two forms exist IN us and they are mirrored all throughout creation.  In atoms that can be "twinned" to reveal a weird quantum effect where one particle responds in the same way even when both are at great distances.  Recent experiments with photons has shown that this effect can be done over many miles and may well extend out into infinity. We know in soul connections the same thing happens.  People are joined through vast distances and can feel one another.  We also know that experiments made recently with a man and some skin cells kept in a petri dish so they would remain alive registered all of his ups and downs consistently while he spent time vacationing in Europe thousands of miles away.  These things that defy reason or logic merely point to this principle at work, which is that the whole universe is touching or connected to itself through an endless number of points.  Better, there is a unifying force that is in ALL things that is the same.  Sliced a trillion bazillion times, its like the loaf of bread I dreamed of once where no matter how many slices you took off of it, the Presence of the deity was in each one, completely undivided, completely uninterupted.  No matter how thin you slice that loaf, there it was.  Its in EVERYTHING and as such, by reaching into it within ourselves, we touch the infinite.

We ARE individual.  We came here to experience this.  We divided out and came on this adventure in consciousness. And along the way we fell into karma and this little knot grew in us.  And now, in this age, we are undoing the knots and letting them fall like some overly tight corset.  And as we do, we realize just how beautiful we are underneath all of that covering.  All of that delusion that we are somehow separate.

So here's the deal my quantum mechanics all over the planet; what we are here to do, given we want the mission, is to begin feeling into what we really are deeper down.  We are individual, yes.  We have all kinds of knots and troubles with the world.  Its out to get us, most certainly, because that is what we created.  But like children at play, who think they see the world the way it IS, we get caught up in all these passion plays and then along come our parents, our higher selves, and they say "what's the fuss all about?"  And as children do, we say Johnnie hit Lucy and then Tabitha fell in the mud and then Brad laughed and she started to cry and.......the parent says "you just need to relax and enjoy the time you have and stop being mean to each everyone forgive each other and go play nice, okay?"  And in real life what this means is you feel the pulse of awakening in you and in that moment you are transported beyond all your silly and petty arguments.  Suddenly all that matters is being still and knowing that there is a deity inside of you.  This is a secret that many do not want you to believe or know.  Its okay.  But you reach God and the Goddess from inside of you, and when you do, you feel incredible bliss.  This is where people described things like "being made love to by God" and things like that.  Its because its true. Its just that there is no other concept that can describe this level of intimate contact with a higher form of consciousness, so we feel it as the most exquisite bliss.  Buddha felt it.  The early Christian mystics felt it.  St Teresa of Avilla likened it to being married to Jesus and God.  She could not wait to die so she could meet them on even ground. She actually said this.  So you can begin to get an idea of just what this is like.

So what is the purpose of this?  The purpose is simple. Its to grow love here.  See how your experience has brought you so much bounty.  You feel this bliss, and in reaching this place you know its a huge milestone.  You are feeling the deity inside....the universe that is loving you.....and indeed it is the most lovely thing.  it will mirror you perfectly because its so vast anything you conjure it can mirror and more. Endless worlds and civilizations have felt this.  All of life vibrates with its presence.  We are waking up to this just now....and the purpose of it is to calm us, to heal us.  We merely need to be channels for it.  We become like Christ's, like Buddhas.  Its no more complicated as that.  Just FEEL it.  This is a huge thing!  Now let it do its work.  Sink into it, and then feel how your highest can touch and become a channel for the universal flow.  Imagine it flowing through you.  You are bringing heaven to earth. You, one of the most blessed beings are doing the great work, the divine work.  Still feel like things are a little cramped?  Feel deeper into this love.  Let yourself flow. Allow yourself to not know all the answers and seek always to be led by it.  Seek the highest.  Do your best. Follow your conscience.  We are all like children, and sometimes we will misunderstand and not be able to see he bigger picture.  But the purpose is to consider that the archetypes do reside in us in that we share something in common with them.  They are like our ancestors.  They reside in other scales of awareness and yet we are all connected. Stop asking questions. Let yourself be still. Just FEEL it.  It is bigger than you and It will work its magic on the planet.  Trust it.  It has to go a certain way.  Participate, yes, co-create, yes.  Learn from what you create.  Take lessons from it, and keep moving forward.  Sometimes, the best way is the silent way.  Feel it do its work FOR you. Its been lifetimes of separation and its now being knitted back together.  We just need to give it some time to work.  I promise, this is what is happening.  Its this retrovirus being placed through the backdoor and it will infest everyone with this peace and this divine love.  Some of it we might not understand....and yet, it will be able to stand up to your questions and your queries, so do not wonder if testing it is somehow dishonoring.  It isn't.  Do what you must.  It will be there once you are done.  This is about letting go in order to realize that all the stuff we held wasnt necessary.  What was necessary was so simple it lives in the hearts of children....and like children, we all need a little direction from above.  This time, though, we aren't getting direction from some ancient book or some old teacher.  We are getting it direct from the source.  So embody it to the best of your ability.  Do your best.  And love as much as you can.

There is no more fights.  This isn't about that.  Find your truth.  Go beyond delusion.  Meet your own love within one on one. It is there and its waiting. And once we have filled this planet with love, perhaps the divine will have other plans.  Until then, we must lay the ground work for the divine to inhabit the earth.  Up until now, its only done so in pockets and sparks.  Be the channel.  That is all that needs doing.  Be the best channel you can be.  Speak up for love.  Be love. See how transformative it is for YOU. 

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