Friday, May 4, 2012

Healing The Feminine

In each person there lies the currents of the cosmos and these are obvious during an awakening.  Seen as two serpents in the Hindu mythos (and I call it mythos because these are not real serpents, merely an image to describe something indescribable), and this emerges in many other cultures, all describing the same sense or awareness.  These are two currents that merge in an energetic union and are responsible for the bliss that is felt during such awakenings.  This energy also confers awareness, or at least an increasing sense of it, as the light body is energized, and hopefully refined in the fires of this transformative process.  There are no rules, but there are plenty of people who have come before who have sought to put their notions into the mix.  Once you feel this state, you feel how utterly open and boundless it is. It is beyond form, yet it gives birth to all form.  It is the interconnectivity of all things.  It is the sacred spiral.  It is the divine triad of consciousness whereby the two merge to create a third energy that is larger than the sum of their parts.  This is the Christ, the divine, and while we may have an association with this as a gender, know that this is in no way limited; Jesus, through his disciples expressed how they should all strive to be Christs (see the Gospel of Philip—Nag Hammadi library).  While some traditions do not give form to the bliss created, such as the Hindu, the early Christians did (and is evidenced in scrolls discovered in Egypt in 1945 in what are known as the Nag Hammadi library of scrolls).  This experience can be the opportunity to begin to erase the patterns contained within that hinder or distort the refined energy of the cosmos.  Doing so brings ever greater clarity and peace.  We return to our essential nature as living beings on the planet.  We turn back time in a sense and return to the garden where we were once in union with the divine, back when we had no shame over our nakedness.  
Our bodies are built upon a kind of blueprint that is reflected not just in dna but is a mirror of the energy body.  All of our function is a reflection of a deeper energetic.  Everything flows perfectly from a still broader framework that isn’t rigid and unchanging but is highly creative, fluxes and changes.  Within this lies the many boundless faces of creation, each of them a facet of what resides in potential (consider how the fetus grows in the womb; it reflects in its growing the many different aspects of life on the planet as it goes from amphibian like forms to reptile and mammal and into the primate). Our bodies both subtle and physical are a kind of precipitation from a still broader infinity of aspects undifferentiated but vital and alive, coming from a “place” that is boundless and entirely remarkable. As we choose to align to different portions of this seemingly cosmic polarity of the yin and yang, we focus in our lives along certain lines. Its no surprise that many will have a preponderance of lives spent along one side of this axial point of the cosmos as an expression of our essence and who we feel we are.  Within this are infinite variations of expression and fulfillment.  There are souls experiencing a preponderance of lifetimes as the feminine, some as masculine, and also others who mix it up and experience mixed gender energetics where they are gay or bisexual. All of this helps us to express what is in our very essence to become or realize, and one reason why our past problems with sexuality and different expressions of it from the average as seen in gay and transgendered are all efforts to suppress and deny just how rampant and ridiculously widespread love is.  All of this expresses a certain essence or need on the part of the larger soul as well as individual self.  We pick and choose lives in order to add the ingredients to a still larger sense of self that is cosmic in scope, a kind of mirroring of what is “above” in order to reflect it into the “below” while always having freewill—a very cool thing.  We do this naturally and without having to think about it.  It is in truth a type of fulfilling of something that is rooted in the higher essence, but it also resides throughout the self and soul, so its a very natural kind of thing to feel.  While we each have freewill and can go it alone in a sense through our ability to co-create and to exercise freewill, we still have a template that exists that often guides us without our even realizing it.  
The physical body, it is now known not just by eastern practice but also in modern psychology, has a role in thinking.  It processes information of an energetic sort.  The work of Reich, Rolf, and others have shown this linkage with the body.  What we know absent any empirical evidence is that old issues do indeed lodge in the energy body and along with the physical body.  This is why movement can be so positive in releasing old material.  We are literally helping to liberate old material.  
We are all familiar with the concept of “shoving down” our feelings. People talk of following your heart and your gut.  Since awareness is all through the energy body, it becomes reflected in the physical as well.  While we shove things down into our lower regions, these tend to emerge later as problems to be resolved.  What is repressed persists.  In the case of women, there is one often forgotten place where memory and trauma is placed, and learning to release pain from this place leaves one with greater peace and joy. It is the seat of a woman’s recreative potential as nurturers of new life.  This is the womb.  I think that this one aspect of healing which is the least understood also holds the greatest potential for transforming women on the planet, is a key for understanding the broad nuanced power that women hold.  
The last century the power of the feminine has begun to exert itself, and we see a slow but steady march of progress of women taking back their power and exerting their power as sovereign beings. Their bodies, often treated as possessions of men and the state, are increasingly being taken back as old notions are changed through whatever methods necessary.  The power of woman is one that is incredibly nuanced, subtle, as well as overt.  While the masculine could be seen as a simple lightening bolt, the feminine is a realm of infinite possibility, and it is out of this possibility and the recognition of it in both the minds and hearts of men and women alike that will have a powerful impact on the race.  My sense, though, is that the further reaches of what this means has been obscured somewhat.  I think this is due in part to few being able to reach this finer vibration….but it is ahead of us, beckoning.  As we heal, as we engage in turning back the clocks of our karmas but turning forward our evolutionary spiral, an amazingly juicy and wonderful world of wonders presents itself.  Out of shame, we step and find there was never any reason NOT to feel shame. There never was an angry father god waiting to whack us over the heads and send us to hell.  We have all made these heavens and hells for ourselves. Women have suffered under their own shame, and this has been particularly pernicious because so much of what we have told ourselves, as women, is that its not proper to enjoy our sexuality freely, boldly. Sometimes this can express itself in such limiting ways as some of the most dysfunctional aspects of male/female relating emerge wherein male dominates female. While this may have appeal, and while there is an aspect that MAY have a finer vibration absent the dysfunction, removing the hurt to allow the light to shine wherein masculine shines brilliantly and beautifully in his beloved’s eyes as perfect and the feminine is lifted into her status as truly divine and exquisite in his eyes—- is an important step in teasing out the knots in all of this to reach a place of greater peace and fulfillment.  We go from male needing to control to simply being enjoyed for his masculine power….not to control….and the feminine is enjoyed and worshipped for all the intrinsic qualities that make her so beautiful (and these are individual so big hips or small hips, gentle essence or bold essence, large abs or small, long hair or bald head—- does not matter as the divine can be reflected in endless ways in perfect beauty since the divine IS beauty)
The womb is a very protected place energetically, which also makes it a place of mystery even for a woman. It can also be missed in feeling in the day to day unless there is a reason to feel it (like cramping and more overt physical feelings).  In conceiving her potential spiritually as a nurterer and bearer of a new universe, there exists a new facet of experience to be discovered.  She is most certainly more than just nurturer, though.  She is capable of an infinity of possibilities and She is  never held to any static notion of what the feminine must be, for we are ourselves a vast array of qualities drawing and teasing from the larger cosmos, a divine pulse of co-creation and re-creation and aligning to a seeming masculine trait does not take away your potency as a woman no more than a man being sensitive takes away from his masculinity. By going deep into the space of the womb energetically and with trust in her imagination, a woman can begin the process of releasing ancient hurts and unresolved issues. As this happens, it makes for more space and capability to become more creative.  And I do not mean this sexually.  I mean it in all ways, for while physical and focused through the sexual as one aspect of our creative possibility and exprerience, we are in no way limited to this….or by it.  The limits we experience are those that deeper down we have accepted, and while many who do not yet see the further light will deny this, there comes a time when many come to it on their own. All of our issues resolve back to something still unresolved in us, unhealed, and this is why if you seek freedom as a being on this planet, you will understand that the principalities and elites only hold the illusion of power made fact through a careful manipulation of karmic entanglements.  As we realize who and what we are, we undo those threads to reveal a perfect being underneath.  And beneath each womans earthly awareness springs something remarkable and powerful for its ability to wield power in a way so different from what males can understand that it has posed a threat to them in centuries past.  In this sliver of a window, this power can be brought to bear and known again.  
Because I know that all methods simply serve to help us to reach a feeling within or state of mind, anything that feels right will most often work as long as belief is brought in since belief is a powerful motivator and aligning tool. By placing your awareness on your womb and feeling yourself drawing your breath of presence into and out of this place, using your imagination, you can begin to move the energies that remain lodged there.  Like an onion, these layers can peel away and the best way to go forward is by not allowing the mind to become too active. Don’t over think it.  FEEL it. Keep it simple.  Your higher self will help without your being aware of it.  Just trust that this will work even if you don’t know the means.  You set this in motion through intent.  you can also imagine your body as like a sea that feels the surge of a still larger ocean.  Feel the tide move into your womb, slowly and gently cleansing it. This goes beyond your physical cleansing and renewal of the womb in its monthly cycle, but this can be done at any place within the cycle, for there are never any limits or exceptions to bringing the presence of unlimited love helping to bring change.  This process allows for any issues of a nonphysical nature to wash away, and they can do so gradually or suddenly depending in the intensity of the need for healing and how deep the pattern has been allowed to be within.  Be patient with this process; there is no rush. This is time that you take just for you, and there is nothing wrong with taking this time for loving and caring for yourself.  You can begin by simply placing your attention there.  You can ask for guidance and be patient since some guidance can come not in the moment but in the days that follow.  There is great power in this kind of trust in the universe and in your process towards healing and self love.  This act could bring dreams or later recollections that will be very helpful.  Be willing to be guided by a still larger aspect of yourself, and be ready for miracles.  You can spend any amount of time focusing on your womb. For some, only ten minutes a day over weeks can yield results.  For others, a longer period will be needed. There is no one way for this to work, for intention brings its own reward in its own time. If you bring this into your meditation practice, it can become a very easy part of what already exists in your inner meditation. 
Bring breath into your womb, and breathe out.  Imagine or visualize a world of things moving out, less to empty as to cleanse.  But in feeling empty, know that you will make room to feel more full. Feel your breath and energy moving from your upper body down along your back or torso into your kidneys and then down into your gut and then further down to discover where it reaches your womb.  Allow this energy to travel, if you feel it, as you feel it, all the way down into your womb as it spreads all through your body.  And do not worry if you do not feel energy.  This can all happen in more subtle ways, less physical ways.  You are not getting it done because you do not feel this or that.  The intention is what works most of the magic for you, and imagination helps you to carry it along.
By helping to remove old patterns, you awaken the realization that there can be a new world emerging.  You can create in a new way, in limitless ways, and the womb is part of how we create, how YOU create. Its a vital part of who you are both physically and energetically.  For those who have issues with certain cycles, consider that its possible that in feeling differently you may find some symptoms and challenges shifting and changing as you yourself change energetically. Its known that while difficult at first to effect change in the body, the body has an amazing capacity to mirror how we feel, and this can have wide ranging effects. There are those who have learned that the body will respond to the mind and to feelings, and some feelings felt over long periods of time can have their effect and we take for granted that long standing problems or issues in our bodies are merely because of our physiology when in truth they can be changed swiftly through learning how to feel differently.  Sometimes in seeking the highest at the most basic of levels, we find ourselves changed in subtle and overt ways. 
However you choose to imagine or visualize, realize that the key is in knowing how powerful imagination is.  It is the fulcrum against which you can move your world.  This is why there are limitless methods because they will all work if you are invested in their working.  This is how powerful your imagination is, and if you believe in your ability to image-in, you realize marvelous potential that can wind up taking you places you may have never thought or imagined previously that you could. This is so because imagination is just that powerful. And in a way, the womb is the greatest imaginer.  It has the potential to bring you the greatest surprises, the most profound miracles. 

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