Thursday, May 31, 2012

www3.bestbxcleaner and blogs

This is perhaps a technical issue that concerns traffic to blogs from a site known as bestbxcleaner, and  I am mentioning it here for others who are using blogger as a footprint.

There is a function in blogger that provides  information on traffic to the site. This is all anonymous information to blog administrators and is useful more for knowing where traffic is coming to the site, such as through back links, etc., and acts as a tool for knowing what efforts at generating traffic work and what do not.  Again, this is anonymous information because you don't know WHO it is that is coming from a given site.  No isp information is given, only the sites referring the traffic or where the traffic comes from before coming to your blog site.

Recently there has emerged a page link for traffic that has the address of that show up in the administrative level Stats panel for blogger.  This is not anything the reader of the blog will ever see, so the links in this case only pertain to the writer/administrator of the blog site when accessing the control panel for web traffic/Stats.  For blog owner and administrators, do NOT  click on the link on the Stats page because it will lead you to a web page that involves active hacking and can install  a trojan horse which will corrupt your computer. This link does not show up anywhere except on your administration pages showing where your traffic is coming from. This is not accessible to anyone reading your blog however since this type of attack is being focused on owners of blogs.

You might, as an admin, be curios to see what this site is all about in order to better understand why so much traffic is coming form that page to yours.  But don't.  Doing so can result in code being placed into your computer that can cause you problems down the road. It is also spam, whose only purpose is to get you as the owner of the blog to click and go to their site.  This is affecting blogs because there does not seem to be a way for Google to stop it.  There IS a way to stop it, but Google has not put anything in place to do that.  In the meantime, stay away from the site www3.bestbxcleaner.

Yes, it drives up your traffic count, but no, its not a good thing.  You may find your traffic fluctuating much more with bestbxcleaner in the mix.
To make bestbxcleaner stop seems to be to not click on their links.  Maybe writing a short article about it on your blog could help too.  Since having this post up I have gone from close to 10 hits a day from www3.bestbxcleaner to zero.

So to repeat;  guests to your blog will not be affected by this bug. Nowhere will there be links that are in any way a problem for your site traffic. This only affects the administrators of blogs since it targets them with links on their Stats page. If you would like more information on this issue, I refer you to a discussion group concerning the blogger and bestbxcleaner issue HERE.  The link opens a new window so you can continue to browse the blog if you would like without being redirected.

Happy Computing!

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