Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The New World

There lies ahead a new world.  It has been spoken of by some who were considered mad in their day, some who claimed dream of its reality, its shape, its many noble qualities.  There were other worlds that we were busy with conquering, seeking advantage and fulfillment in them.  Quietly, this world has hid itself waiting for the day when it would be glimpsed enough to make rumor more than rumor, and promise of it a possibility.

This new world awaits each of us, every one of us, as breathless, its secrets are carried on the wind, drawing us all the while, teasing us with its secrets unfolding in the minds of its visionaries.  Dream unfolds to reveal a shining world beckoning. Shall it be conquered? Will humans do what they have always sought to do, to bring nature to its heel under arrogating will as this new world is made a waste as have others, its great possibility but a thin sliver of its greater truth?  Or will we find an entirely new way, a way that was once promised by all the mad men and women who dared speak of it, whispering "it lays there, like a lover beyond all lovers, a land unlike any other..."

Much is said of it, much guessed, and hoped, and spoken of both its shape and nature. Much has been suggested, and guessed at.   Here, a gathering throng now begins to see its shores as it begins to emerge out of the mists of  dream.  We gather ships whose sails are filled by hope and travel to this place together, which is our collective yearning, building something that if we allow ourselves to set aside what we think we know for allowing ourselves to dream more broadly, to see something that is beyond all that we could have imagined. What seems its physical shores always seems to remain shrouded in mist, and yet even as our own dream builds its presence within us and it never quite appears, we are most certain that it lives in us not merely as just a dream.  But what kind of world is such a place?

Upon its shores, which live within each of its adventurers, we find a new world where things happen differently.  Instead of material land  moved by human hand, these lands are moved by mere intent, properly placed. The skies blue and bright by day turns indigo and brilliant, bespeckled by the fires of countless suns who we now know are the  brilliant souls of our ancestry living within and without our world. The stars resolve into who we are in some other form, and here we tell tales of looking back into the past but with a new twist. We are they looking down into us as we all look from within, with minor shifts in the cosmic time frame. Here, in this world, every particle bears the knowing of every other.  We speak and our words are heard not through air but through channels neatly laid within spirit as all of this world awakens, as air knows our words as intimately as our own beloved.  All secrets then pass beyond us and into a greater knowing, like lost souls redeemed in the great sea of time.

The greatest dreams in this world become evident not in conquest but through surrender. Here, there is no nobility that must be toppled or laid to waste, but known as a far greater mystery than any lineage that had its place upon this earth.  A lost land with our lost parentage who were royal, their line consisting of every human who ever lived, a world now passing out of loss and into gain.  Only in this world could we ever hope to journey and find them awaiting us, to crown us all princes and princesses.  The only law which binds this royal line is the love that awaits within as all veils of the old world gives way to the new.  Here, no banners born from dogma fly, just the deepest and truest knowing which rests in every heart and in every mind.

As we take up residence in this new world, may we always dream broadly as its great secret emerges in larger dimension than we could have ever believed. Instead of a known and conquered space, may we greet it always with its mystery upon our lips and its grace moving through our hearts as it brings us the courage, love, and awe to dream it anew in each and every moment.  This new world is just ahead my friends.  Its as real as any new world could ever be, perhaps more real than any could hope to be.  For as much as we have scanned the horizons for its place in our universe, a world full of searching will never yield it unless we peer intently and deeply within ourselves. 

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