Monday, May 21, 2012

The Human Aura

Its been the subject of religious iconography in the East and West, and its been the subject of growing interest over the decades as our experience and understanding have grown in the present day.  Saints have been depicted as having glowing orbs of light surrounding them, and stories tell of illuminated beings who come in visions. The idea of our being as composed of a light has endured and has taken a turn in the subject of the human aura.  While it would seem that only the most saintly would have these glowing orbs of light surrounding them, the truth is, we are all beings of light, of energy.  Seeing the aura is one aspect, one facet, of a world of energy that is the tip of a larger realm of awareness of ourselves as more than mere physical matter.

There are methods explaining how to see the aura, and all of these will work, for the ability to sense into this world is what we are.  However, understanding what its all about goes a bit deeper and can be a little confusing at first until you understand what is indeed going on.

Your own energy body is itself like an antenna of and for energy.  We draw this in to us as part of what we are.  Some would like to think we are pulling from some larger grid of energy as this cosmic energy and life force floods into our chakras.  While this may seem to be the case, I would like to suggest that there is boundless energy available to you now, and that while you seem perfectly solid and singular in your awareness here and now, there are larger parts of you that are right now moving vast amounts of energy as part of its very essence. I will tell you that all energy is aware, conscious.  I cannot speak for electricity or all the rest except to say that I know that my own consciousness rides atop a swirling world of physical organs and cells that all depend on electricity to convey information to all of its many parts.  We know the body produces a weak electromagnetic field much like the earth produces, and this comes about as a result of electricity being present.  Electricity creates these magnetic fields, so I must surmise that al energy has consciousness of some kind.  My own experience in awakening shows that my own consciousness and its encounter with higher forms of energy does create greater awareness, and that all spiritual practice serves to help the person in moving larger and larger amounts of this energy to fuel awareness.  Little surprise, then, that in a kundalini awakening that one feels or experiences greater levels of awareness.  Its a pretty simple concept, then, and is one that has been born out in my own experience over many years of having different encounters with larger chunks of energy flowing through me.

But what is this energy?  To seek to analyze it down to its most basic of quanta or particle does no good to my mind. Doing this only takes apart the thing that needs to be understood in its totality rather than parts.  This is not to say that some information cannot be gleaned by taking things apart, but it will probably never get you to the place you need to be which is IN the experience rather than merely reflecting on it.  So what I am saying to you is that instead of trying to figure out what it is, sit back and FEEL.  What you feel in your physical body is a manifestation of this energy.  What you feel in your emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of your experience is ALSO "it."  I say this because this energy does not come in discrete pieces, but is best known as a wave form.  Taking the wave apart to see all its particles only breaks the wave.  To know the wave, you encourage its place within you, its presence.  As it grows, you will observe that it changes how you see things, what you experience, and how the world seems. Rather than pieces, consider levels of this energy as greater and greater waves.  While the aura seems itself to be seen by the eye, the truth is, you are sensing it with your own body of energy. YOU are the antenna, and the better you are at tuning into that field of energy, the better you are at picking up on it in a conscious way.  And yet, the concept of seeing the aura persists.

Seeing the aura is a trick the brain performs when presented with information that it has no sense for receiving it. For the brain, there is a set number of circuits available to it.  Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and touch are the five most recognized.  Within this finite system of the brain, there is also a great deal of flexibility for how information is interpreted.  Every psychologist who knows much about physiological psychology has agreed that if the brain is presented with material that is not gleaned from the five senses, it will find a place to put it. Its a massive filing cabinet of everything felt and known in your life.  Marvelous piece of machinery, yes, and it also has the ability to move right along with quantum think outside the box.  This, afterall, has been the element that has allowed us to survive without claws, strong arms or legs, furry bodies or big sharp teeth.  If anything, we are the antithesis of what the top predators of the world have possessed that allowed them to survive and to thrive physically. This tells me that the experiment with the human biological "machine" isn't about the usual method for survival and development. Within us lies the innate capacity to think beyond what our brains seem capable of dealing with. Limited, for sure, but within that lies a very flexible system that allows for a range of things that we may have not thought possible.  Its equally possible, then, that there are bodies of energy within us that are carriers of intelligence that operate independantly from the brain.  Consider that your energy body is intelligent and thinks.  Consider that because it is made up of energy and that this energy is intelligent, that there is a means for processing information in a way that strikes the brain and is registered within it, but that a lot goes on in the same way that a subtle energy brain might operate.  We are coming to the realization that not all thinking is being done in the brain, that there appears to be evidence for the heart muscle sending far more information from it to the brain than what comes from the brain, for example.  We also know that past memory can be lodged in the energy body and in the physical body.  Consider that body work has for centuries sought to release old traumas and problems through the use of movement and manipulation of the body tissue.  Chi Gung was a method I used to dissolve many old blocks in my energy field.  Massage therapy often results in people crying on the therapists table after an intense period of working on certain parts of the body.  Ida Rolf, known for her incredibly aggressive massage therapy called "Rolfing" developed the method based on a sense that people register old traumas and hurts in the physical body and that these could be accessed through her method of digging down into the tissues. Acupuncture also opens up areas of the energy body in a way that can lead to clearing of our energy body. The action of kundalini itself has the universal effect of churning the depths in an attempt to stir up and remove old patterns, old hurts, old unresolved issues that have served to hold a person back spiritually.

When people say "don't shove it down" when mentioning emotional material, what they are talking about is the very act of suppressing this emotional material.  It seems far better to face whatever it is head on so fears do not develop that wind up submerging the experience down into the subconscious.  By pushing it away, we push our energy out of awareness.  We limit ourselves by fragmenting the self and our own energy bodies. By being more whole, we drag those old dead bodies out of sight and out of mind, recognize them, and let them go.  In so doing, we also achieve a more unified and more healed state of being. We are less cluttered, less effected by those old issues that have been shoved down and out of awareness.

Now there is a method in all this bit or ramble, which is to point out to you the way energy works, that its not just the brain that is doing all of this.  Certainly, I would say that the brain does record the information and this energetic information impinging on it does have its effects.  My guess would be that it has subtle effects on the brain that allow it to be rewired to a certain degree, perhaps to a large degree, so that as more and more awareness grows in what seems to be our subconscious (perhaps this is just our energy body?), the brain learns how to keep all information about all its seemingly different parts not locked up in tidy little boxes where we can conveniently filter out and forget old material, but instead brings everything into a greater unity so that we can become more efficient processors of information from both the physical and subtle realms of energy.  It is my experience that the energy body does quite well on its own of picking up on information without the need of any physical sense to process it.  I don't think there is a need to have a physical sense for information that impinges on the world of the physical but may have no mass, which is what allows it to behave quite differently than most physical phenomenon.  Mass seems to be the issue.  Mass is physical, but when you remove mass, you are dealing with a range of effects that are pretty wild and exotic.  Here you move at light speed.  Here, your energy could literally globe trot across the earth as some people who have had out of body experiences report being able to do. This is how someone on one side of the globe can feel what another is feeling as it is happening in that seemingly inexplicable moment of psychic awareness.  It is experiences such as these that people manage to experience through an arrangement of their awareness that brings them out of so-called conscious awareness to deeper levels of awareness that have been mapped by sensitive instruments enough to show us that there is something happening in the brain in regards to the type of activity its presenting and the information that it is processing.  It appears that in all the studies with yogis and people with a good command over their mental states that they can bring on a deep state of awareness that leads to feeling very differently and is also a region in experience that brings on visions, insight, and what some might call second sight or psi ability. This is the realm of remote viewing, intuition, mind reading, out of body experiences and all the rest.  To get there one shifts away from the conscious into something else.  It is this something else that I contend is the realm of our energy awareness. This is like the other brain, the other intelligence that we have that is rooted more in feeling than in rational thought. We tend to discount it because our focus has been for so long on the rational....which is the desire to pick phenomenon apart.  But for all the creatures we have picked apart in our search for understanding, we have learned the how but never the WHY. It is the WHY that I am pointing to and it cannot be reached through simple rational thinking.  To get there you have to give yourself over to feeling.  You have to give yourself over to that self, your body of energy which is a part of your sensing.  Its a part of what you are.  You ARE this energy.  So understanding this, lets take the next step....

Most often, learning to see the aura involves holding your hands up in front of you and gazing at them in a particular fashion. What are you seeing? Well, you are not looking for anything.  This is counter-intuitive, but in this method is a clue to how this all works.  You are holding your attention on your hands, but you are not using your usual means of seeing as you are used to doing.  This is to say that you are not focusing on any one part.  Again, this is harder to do than at first blush.  Consider that what what you need to do is to scan or use your peripheral vision more than your center vision.  Its almost as though you are tuning out the center of your own vision in favor of a different way of seeing.  Again, another clue.  But as you do this, you are merely waiting for something to resolve in front of you.  And what is this? With your hands in front of you, with your palms toward you and your fingers slightly outstretched, bring your hands together so a finger tip or two touch.  Then very slowly, draw your hands away.  As you do this, it might help to focus beyond your hands some so that your focus is not directly ON them.  This might work well for you to look a few feet away.  It might work well if you look just an inch away from your fingers.  it may also depend on how far your hands are away from you.  The further your hands are away from you, the easier it may be to scan more.  The closer they are, the more easier it will be not to scan, and by looking further away you may lose some of the seeing that you will need.  The idea here is to play around with it.  I tend to feel holding your hands further from you, close to arms length may work best, but everyone is different.

I would suggest that as you do this that you pick a room where there is good diffuse lighting.  Instead of having sunlight streaming in on a southern exposure of the house, choose a room that has a northern exposure.  This will give you naturally diffuse lighting.  Also, you may want to try this in a room that has lightly colored walls with no competing patterns or objects on them such as art work or other objects.  For as much as I dislike florescent lighting, I have found that for some reason, this type of lighting has helped me in seeing the aura better.  It may be the diffuse light it produces, but it may also be its rather irritating flicker that plays a part.

Another thing that you should do is if you wear glasses, remove them.  Even if your eyesight is very poor, do this, as the reason why will become clearer in a little bit as I attempt to bring this full circle for you.

What you will be looking for is a very subtle effect, a difference in the air as your hands move together and apart. You may see some image after effects which are the natural result of the cones in your eyes becoming fatigued by looking at the same object for a time.  This effect can produce some things that can look very much like an aura, and I want to point this out to you now so you can realize the difference.  I am sure you are aware that when you look at an image for a few moments that upon shifting your eyes to a blank light colored wall, you have been able to see a colored after image.  This is not what you are looking for, but while you are doing this exercise you will likely be seeing this a lot, so it will naturally compete for your awareness some. The reason why I am telling you to move your hands together and apart is because your own energy will tend to grab hold of itself and then pull away as your hands reach a certain distance.  I wont tell you precisely what you will see as I prefer that you simply not have any expectation about what it is that you wind up seeing.

Now I am going to tell you a little story about how I first came to see auras, and it is a tale that helps, I hope, to explain what happens when we shift into energy awareness.  Before I do that, let me emphasize that  most of all disciplines that have to do with reaching higher states have to do with letting the yammering side of your conscious self to drift into the background.  How we do this is the result of countless methods and techniques, but all of them have all the same purpose or outcome, which is quieting the mind. By doing this, we seem to keep the mental activity that naturally competes for our focus or awareness so that this more seemingly subtle part of our awareness is edged out of our experience. Being able to get calm helps.  Breathing helps since it naturally has a calming effect, but there are other methods, and one of them I discovered when I was 18 and attending college.

Before I tell you this story, let me explain that before this, I knew what the aura was.  I had done a little reading on it.  Being who I was, I was very curious about all of this phenomenon.  It wasn't that I was skeptical, I very much was open minded and had a very hearty sense of excitement about the prospect that these things existed.  For me, it was part of a very exciting realm of what I felt was partially hidden from our view.  Being so naturally curious, I considered that this realm of tuned out reality was there just under the surface.  I wasn't exactly someone for whom having this experience was a huge surprise.  In fact, it was my own awareness of auras that helped me to test the phenomenon from the first hour of having seen them.  I will also say that the summer before I went off to college I met someone who could see auras.  I thought that this was the coolest thing.  He talked a little about it and what he saw, and I picked up a little about it from him, although he tended not to speak about it terrible specific terms.  I picked up on how he would look slightly beyond me when he read my aura.  I picked up on how he would take off his glasses in order to see them more clearly, for example. In fact, I even had a dream a month before I started seeing auras in which my friend was in front of me and was reading my aura. In the dream he then said he was going to show me his aura and for me to watch closely.  As I did, in the dusky light of the waning day, I watched as I saw his energy emerge into view.  I was astonished.  Now, it was a dream, and while I have always viewed dreams as capable of containing all sorts of material from psychic phenomenon to simply sifting through feelings, I thought the dream was curious but on the day I started to see them I did not have the dream in mind at all.

On the day that I began to see the aura, I was in my dorm, coming from another class and having to pick up a notebook, which was making me late.  I realized I only had minutes to get clear across the campus before my next class started.  I had to go into a sprint as I sped across campus past the theater, the library, and the clock tower that was beginning to toll the hour as I tried with all my might to make it to class on time.  The professor who taught this class had made it clear that anyone who was late to class should not even bother coming in, so I naturally was doing my best to get there on time.

What was happening at the time was I was working to keep oxygen to my body.  I felt faint.  I was chugging away, my legs feeling like lead weights as I bounded up the stairs to the second story where the classroom was.  My focus was entirely in my body and in getting it to that class on time.  Everything else was crowded out.  There were no small thoughts eating at me.  No nagging thoughts of what I was going to do tomorrow or the paper I would need to write.  I lost myself in the moment.  I was in the Be Here Now-ness that we are all now familiar with by now. Was I feeling spiritual?  Are you kidding?  Did I feel mystical?  Nope. I was firmly focused with getting air to my lungs as my whole body seemed entirely focused on oxygenating itself and getting to my class on time. By doing this, I edged out a whole range of things that might have been normally a part of my awareness and which would soak up my focus.  I had become very simple and quiet.  As I took my seat, I began to focus on the lecture being presented. This was being given in the art building, a grand international style building with lots of glass windows all facing the north.  Studios always have northern light because it produces the fewest harsh shadows and allows you to see more clearly what is there.  The room was open and spacious.  We all sat in a circle with the professor in the center giving his lecture.

I first noticed that I began seeing a vivid field of energy colored blue around my professor's body that had the most unusual habit of moving seconds before his physical body did.  In each case, his physical body would move into the exact place this field of energy did.  I could see what looked like a ghost of his face turn to his right seconds before he would do so. I would see his arm in its subtle form reach out to point only to be followed by his placing his arm in the same exact place. As I watched this, I considered that what I was seeing was the aura.  The dream I had had clicked through my awareness and I wondered....was it somehow connected?  Was I on the verge of being ready?  Was life just waiting for the correct set of circumstances to hand me this sensing when the time was right?  As all of this happened, I began to scan the room and noticed that one of the guys who lived in my dorm was sitting off to the side and had the most peculiar energy surrounding him.  His field was not blue, but was yellow with a tinge of orange in it. Coming off his shoulders were these two foot long spires of orange energy that I intuitively read as being pain.  I noticed that there were subtle differences in his field of energy.  Some areas were brighter, some were more intensely colored, and some would go to almost white.  By this time, class was coming to an end and I decided to test what I had seen in my dorm mate.  I walked up to him and clasped my hand on his shoulder in a happy welcoming way in the same way an old friend might give you a friendly slap on the back.  If I was wrong and was just seeing things, he might have no reaction, but if I was seeing something I ought to expect some kind of reaction if what I sensed was right.  He immediately winced and cried out saying that his shoulders were sore.  As I pulled back in mock surprise, apologizing for being so rough with him, he explained he had been lifting weights the night before and had overdone it.  What I observed was that there was nothing about his body language that would have suggested that he was in any kind of pain.  He was this beefy kind of guy who always liked to lift weights so he tended to move around less like a gazelle and more like a bull, so if anything his body language was mute in regards to feeling.

So my head was spinning with the possibilities for what this could all mean!  In an odd turn of events, I found that my ability to see auras as I had that first time entirely went away after the incident.  I had returned to a less simple state of mind.  All of the old postures of consciousness returned and the seeing was edged out.  Since none of this appealed to the rational mind, even using the rational mind was itself a dead end in trying to understand it. It was here that a new world opened up to me a few days after this happening occurred. I had a fellow classmate who also saw auras and I discussed this with her in the snack bar.  As we sat there, another classmate came up, a slightly older student who was in the art department.  He said to me about my professor "He is a very ordered guy, so you see this in his energy all the time.  You can see his aura move before he does...."  Suddenly I was surrounded by several people all talking about this energy.  It was then that I realized that all of this was around me but was very hush hush because of how different it all was.  Seeing energy?  Sound crazy to most folks, right?  It was probably the very thing that would get a person branded a witch  back in the day, so understandably people were tight lipped about it.

The sight began to come back over the course of the next few weeks as I relearned the type of focus required for this type of seeing.  I was very curious about all of this and was always using my lectures in class to watch the professors to see what I could see.  I found that I was looking in the same way that my old friend from home had, finding that I could see best by looking just past the person.  It felt as if my peripheral vision was better at picking this all up than my frontal vision.

Over the next few months, I began to learn what all the colors meant.  I found that while there were charts explaining what the colors were supposed to mean, my own experience was at variance with these. I only had one book that discussed the aura at any length, and since this was before the internet was anything being talked about, my only resource was that one small book.  I found that I could learn best by taking in what I knew through observation to be true.  What I did was to take situations where I was very clear on how the person was feeling and then tuning in to them to observe the colors that came into view.  If I saw someone who would shift from one emotion to another very quickly, this was a great opportunity for me to learn what this all translated to in their aura.  Over time I developed a kind of visual vocabulary that worked for me.  I also found that there were some colors I just never saw that were mentioned in this one book I had.  For example, I have never seen red.  I suspect the book explained that red was anger and passion.  For me, though, I just never saw that color.  I also found that the aura is a very complex matrix of energy that has both emotional, mental, spiritual and physical conditions imprinted upon it.  In the very beginning I used my friend's own seeing as a way to gauge what it was I was seeing to figure out if I had any glitches in what I might be perceiving.  As time rolled along, I found a way to trust what it was I was seeing or picking up on.

Now, I am going to tell you something that has to do with bringing this whole thing full circle.  The truth is that we do not in fact SEE the aura.  We can't see into that wavelength of energy with our eyes.  This is in truth what happens when we shift our awareness from physical sensing to energy sensing. The brain is getting this information and because we tend to be very visual (I was studying art so....), it is no surprise then to find the brain putting all this information into the visual centers.  It does this in a very appropriate way, though, effectively creating a visual analog of what is there.  And yet, in a way, it is not there as we seem to see it.  The reason why I told you to take off your glasses if you do wear them is because your glasses keep you too focused on your frontal vision which I suspect has a way of also keeping your mind focused.  When we enter into these dreamy mystical states, our vision changes....we scan and focus less on any given thing.  I suspect that this mirrors that is happening in consciousness.  We are literally tuning out one focus as we bring another into full conscious awareness.

Some people will see the aura without any colors associated.  Some will see color.  Some will see a very broad field of color that goes further and further outward.  Some wont.  Some will see people and objects in the aura while other will not.  For a very long time I only saw color effects but began to see objects that the person was talking about moments before they would mention them.  I began to see a dim form of a movie playing all around the person as I could see what they wee thinking in their mind's eye.  Its all how one focuses.  It may be that someone who sees only white auras and no color is FEELING the color part while seeing the outward movements of the energy.  I suspect this is so.  It may also be that for some people, their perception is somehow blocked by their own mind.

But wait.....why would I tell you to select a room with diffuse lighting with light colored walls and all the rest?  My sense is that this has less to do with seeing as it does with sensing.  Diffuse light will lessen dramatic and distracting visual effects.  It will keep contrast low and will keep your frontal vision from latching onto such things as a beam of light striking the side of someone's head, which invites frontal vision effects.  Here, you are entering into a slightly more muted environment and in this way all of these conditions can aid you in "seeing" better.  Having said all of that, you CAN see auras in darkened rooms and even against noisy backgrounds.  It helps though in identifying what it is you first pick up on because of how subtle it can all be and the tender balance that seems necessary in reaching the point where you begin to see the aura. But realize, too, that more than seeing we FEEL them.  And why? you guessed it; you ARE this energy.  And this energy is naturally aware.  You are stepping into that quantum world where everything IS energy.

Now I will say that you are not at the mercy of anyone's energy.  You also are best served by being neutral in your perception of all of this.  The more neutral you are, the less you drag the ego into all of this.  By doing this, you naturally remain without any agenda.  By using this perceptual ability with an agenda, you are misusing energy. You are effectively becoming a wizard, and wizards like to dress themselves up in their abilities for the world to see because they themselves do not have enough self love in them to understand that they are absolutely perfect as they are.  The more we dress ourselves up in this spiritual jewelry for personal gain, the more we miss the point.  You don't need to tell the world how incredible you are through something as simple as seeing the aura.  Everyone can do this.  Its what we are.  And besides, everyone IS incredibly wonderful and amazing once you clear away the debris enough to see everyone at their soul level.  So what you see can often be all of that material playing through countless people.....all rising to the surface of the aura.  What I prefer to do is to go back to that childlike sense of wonder, excitement, and awe that all of this is even possible.....and in so doing, realize that seeing the aura is but the tail of a much larger thing.

As a result of all of this, it is possible that some wont ever see an aura.  That is okay, actually, because deeper down, we are all feeling them with the seeing of them as being a neat trick the brain plays to present it to us in a different way.  I wont say that one way is better than another, only that each method has its benefits as well as challenges.  Seeing auras keeps you relatively neutral, which can be good, but it can also shield you from how what you are seeing actually feels. It can lean into the analytical a bit, and the only problem here is that all of this seems to work best when you can bring all of you to the experience.  Its when we start dividing things out that we only see one small aspect. This is where we begin dissecting phenomenon all without seeing the bigger picture.  Its just one way to examine, but in the end you have to take all of your microscopes and x-ray machines and come to an inner understanding of all the phenomenon that you have seen.

I think that seeing the aura could be very helpful to people who do body work who want to remain very neutral in their work.  Sometimes it can be hard to feel deeply without getting caught up in the field of feeling from another person.  Its a trick I think that the greatest healers have gotten figured out through years of practical work. I simply have not had much experience with this type of work, but I suspect that in some cases using  aura sight could help to quickly identify some issues and then be bale to go to those issues more quickly.  A psychotherapist could use the sight to identify exactly what it is s/he is seeing in a patient, how it expresses not just in their mental and emotional state but the physical one as well.  This could be done with a glance.  But still, the person thus seeing has to know how to relate to what it is they are seeing.  In this case, being able to feel could also be said to be a more direct route. All of this is very empathic, but empathy with an ability to sense what is being felt without being swept up by it.  This seems to me to be an even more focused and practiced balance along the wave of awareness, and again, I suspect this all comes from years of work and familiarity with what works.

When I think about this process of staying healthy within ones self in regards to this sea of energy, I am reminded of a book I read many years ago about a medicine man who was a healer by the name of Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder did a type of healing that involved both energy medicine as well as healing with herbs.  His approach to healing was that most disease took place within ones own self, within feeling and the emotions.  Sometimes there were problems that were more directly physical, and it was here that the account of his healing was described.  In the book Rolling Thunder the author Doug Boyd describes how Rolling Thunder performed an impromptu healing ceremony on a man who was listening to one of his talks.  Rolling Thunder took note of the man who had injured his leg in an accident before coming, but because he did not want to miss the talk, he came bad leg and all.  Rolling Thunder approached the man to see about his condition, asking him about it and if he was alright.   People clustered around to see the wound on the man's leg.  It had grown dark and was filling with puss.  This was a large wound on his leg that was clearly getting worse by the minute.  Rolling Thunder asked the man if he would like to be healed.  He explained that this was something only he could give permission for and to understand that once he gave permission, it was going to happen and he WOULD be healed.  When the man agreed, Rolling Thunder asked him to think of all the things that this healing would do for him.  Did he want to be free from the pain? Would he want to have his health back?  Would he like to be able to take part in physical activities that he could not in his present state?  Rolling Thunder said for the man to focus on these things as he began the healing ceremony.

Rolling Thunder then asked for a pail of water and for a piece of fresh meat to be placed in the basin and placed near the man.  Rolling Thunder began by breathing in this unusual way according to Boyd.  It struck him how he seemed to be snorting like an animal.  He went into a trance state, breathing heavily and doing this type of deep nose breathing that seemed very animalistic.  Rolling Thunder used an eagle feather as though he was flicking away an invisible object from around the man's leg and body, flicking the energy into the pail of water with the meat.  Rolling Thunder then seemed to go even deeper into his trance state and began moving around the man, grabbing his leg and then beginning to suck violently on his leg until he moved backwards and vomited violently into the pail where the water and meat rested.  Quite suddenly Rolling Thunder had returned to his normal self and was looking calmly around the room as he picked up the pail and  explained to one of his assistants that the pail had to be taken far from the building and the contents buried, being careful not to spill any of it along the way.
Within minutes the redness in the man's leg had already begun to disappear.  Within an hour, the man was up on his feet and playing a game of ping pong in the meeting house where the talk had been held earlier. The results were dramatic and was one example of how this man was able to remove the sickness that was keeping the man under the weather.

This is a method of healing done by aboriginal peoples that is known as "sucking medicine" and in it there is a ritualize drawing away of the bad energy that is the result of the injury.  The shaman then draws this energy away from the person  into themselves only to remove it from their own bodies through a process of vomiting or purging that gets the energy out of the body.  Without this, the sucking doctor could become sick from the same energy that caused the injury in the first place. This may also involve a broad range of effects for the person, a kind of ritualized or symbolic taking away of the energy surrounding the accident so that the person doesn't have it with them anymore.  In this long winded way, I think that this healing helps to remind me how we need to have mechanisms to keep ourselves healthy.  In the tradition of the sucking doctors, they do this through purging, a way of removing the energy effects or perhaps even the karma from their own field through a technique that works for them. But this is a technique that is based in energy.  Its a drama played out to help one to feel differently, to let go of trauma, and to even have some physical event to focus the mind and intent of the patient.  In a way, its a bit like seeing auras.  In truth, deeper down, its all about energy.  Seeing is an effect that appears in the physical in much the same way that the healing done by the doctor does.  it can have very real physical effects because that is how energy is.  Our bodies quite naturally are effected by whatever energy it comes into contact with. Finding a way to cope in a healthy way with what one comes into contact with is the key I think.  So perhaps for some simply visualizing having helpers in the etheric realms beside you helping you maintain the highest degree of awareness and protection does the work necessary.  For another person, the method might be still different.  I can remember Rolling Thunder explaining to Boyd how different healers have their own style or technique and are careful not to copy each other.  This is less a rigid scientific protocol as it is a full range experience.  It is science and poetry, life and wonder all rolled up into one.  And there may be more things there than meet the eye, too.

I think back on the early morning visitation I had with a celestial being, an angel, who told me his name and then unceremoniously reached into my heart chakra and pulled something out of my body that felt like an old body. This same account was also found in a book written over a thousand years ago by a Carmelite nun in Spain by the name of Saint Teresa who had a nearly identical procedure worked on her by an angel with an arrow tipped in golden fire.  The being explained that I would be more beautiful without this there.  I detail this account in the book I have been writing entitled Waking The Infinite.  The effect was so similar to drawing away things from our field of energy that the two stand as closely related to my mind, and helps to be a kind of touchstone bridging the world of the physical and the spirit.  In each case, both Teresa and myself felt a bliss so complete, so beyond words while this was happening, that for myself, it put me on a new trajectory in my experience.

Its all energy.  Learning to handle it in a healthy way I think is a very positive thing for you.  While a lot of what I have described may not appeal to some people who only want the techniques for seeing the aura, I think that what you will find is that you will naturally limit yourself by going this route. By taking in all that I have said, you will realize that in seeing, you are dipping into a world that is much larger than you might have realized, but is a fascinating world of us as light beings, energy beings experiencing life in this physical form.  If you can come to it with the simplicity and curiosity of a child, the experience will naturally unfold as it should. I tend to feel that we all will know when we are ready.  Perhaps I was being made ready when I had that dream the month before seeing auras.  Some might say it was wishful thinking.  But whatever it was, whether connected or not, the result has been sensing auras in this way for over 24 years. And I hope that in this rather long winded post that I have provided you with some information that will pique your interest, maybe remind you of something you may have forgotten.  It might also strike you that seeing energy just isn't your natural focus, and this is all as it should be.  

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