Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Marrow Of Practice

How do I tell you that before awakening all practice only serves you if it leads you to feeling deeply what is already there, that there is absolutely no magic in hand movements, postures, or positions?  Mantras will not do it, meditation will not do it, expecting a result will not do it.  They will not lead you to it.

It is not something that is conferred upon you because it is what you ARE inside.  Its almost as though its something that you know, you just do not know that you know.  Its so close to you that its hanging in your present awareness even though you don't realize what it is.  So this makes it all seem highly mysterious, and perhaps even more confounding for those who seek.

it is not found in silence, for to be silent is to be dead.  There are more who seek the silence without realizing that in that silence something has died.  The silence that  you must seek is one which bustles with life, oozes with it, is the very personification of it. Yes, the mind does become quiet, but it does not become silent. It has a Presence of knowing, of being. It is in love, but it does not say it is in love.  It does not have to. There is an material-less world now humming all through  you, playing through you like a musical instrument, filling you with ecstasy. It is something that you do not achieve.  It is what you are.  It truly is.  Being awake is much more like falling in love than in snapping your fingers, sitting in full lotus, holding your tongue a certain way on the roof of your mouth, your eyes in the right spot, the breathing a certain way.  Once you get it, practice, being meditation or yoga, serve to bring you to the place, but it does not get you there until you are there.  It is not the carriage that picks you up, it is the carriage that carries you once you are on your way.

When I say no practice will get you there, I do need to explain something, and I hope that you can understand that I am not contradicting what I have already just told you.

Will a practice of yoga help you to feel this love?  Can meditation make a lover of you?  Perhaps.  Most likely, though, what happens, is that people approach these things with a goal in mind.  They do not know what the result is, so perhaps they focus on the effects. It calms them, it brings them peace. These are of course all good things, but its not what makes you the lover. I think there is something wrong with a system that has not updated its yoga or meditation in centuries. We say that kundalini yoga will awaken, yet if its so effective, it should be happening regularly using the practice.  This is because the source of awakening is not through a practice. It is more through the imagination than anything else. But when I say this, it seems preposterous.  The imagination is this immaterial thing that gives rise to things that are without solidity, without any realness to them, right?  Here, an important point is missed.  Like how you imagine, like how you fall in love, these things have to do with the very core of what you are.   It is not in a hand posture, it is inside of you.  The posture is an effect, a material form that unless connected to the deeper current, is only a thing. It is like saying you can achieve enlightenment if you do all the same things Buddha did when he reached that place of realization under the boddhi tree.  And no doubt, many go there to sit under a tree planted from the same tree's grandchild that Buddha achieved what he achieved.  But it wont work.  It isn't there.  Its in you.

So it can be said that making up your own practice which serves feeling deeply can be far more effective than any yoga or technique, for it arises out of you, out of your own passion and being. This is just what I have found in my own awakening, that those practices I have created for my own use follow the scent of this beautiful flower that blooms within me, but that is also in everything else, most often hidden, perhaps still just a bud.  What helps me is what makes me more of this thing, which is passion, awareness, awe and wonder.  It is falling for this love in me. Falling for love outside means becoming dependent on the love that dwells in the world, and we are always apt to being dissatisfied with it.  This is not some narcissistic love, it is self love, which is less what you even feel for yourself as what you ARE.  And all practice supports this, or any practice that does what its supposed to do.....which is to serve as a bookmark for this radical feeling, this divine notion, a reminder for what we are.  Practice is not the thing, it is just a facilitator for the thing, only if it gets you there. it helps to inspire the feeling. And it could be that if you get in the habit of always looking into a corner of the room whenever you feel this come over you, just looking into the corner will be the magic....because it helps to remind you where you need to be within yourself, within feeling. But to say that a practice that is supposed to remind you of something you have never felt, like sitting under the boddhi tree like Buddha did, is missing an important ingredient. You lose sight of just what it is by doing this.

The very act of creating structure around this is like trying to grasp the wind.  Once you try, you have not succeeded.  This is not something that you grasp, not something you do.  It is what you ARE.  Once you ARE this, you then realize just how silly trying to ascribe any kind of structure to it is.  It isn't about chakra opening, for if it was, everyone would awaken the moment one sought to open them. It isn't even that breathing does it, even though there is a great deal of material that says it is so.  It isn't.  The only thing breathing does is it slowly you down and calms you.  It returns you to a place where you can perhaps clear a place within the crowd of thoughts constantly swirling around you to come to this one silent truth.  Some people think silence is the key, and yet there are monks and nuns and all the rest who sit silent as stones and are dead, who have fallen a great distance in this silence which is nothing.  But you see, the silence is not nothing.  it is silent, too, but it is a presence of something that resides in everything.  Self realization is not a out a technique, or a method.  It is merely doing just this; realizing what you are deeper down. So for people to present material as though its the truth is missing the point. It would be far better to say "this is what I am doing at this point" and leave it at that. When I read through these writings, they are covered in ego "This is the contribution I have made to this important field of work...." and I have to smile and know its time to move back a little because this is one train that isn't going to go completely into the station. You do not get there through ego.  You do not go there through a materialistic view of how things "work."  This misses the point, and in so doing, confuses and confabulates.  But people love this, it makes them feel like they have something solid upon which to come at this thing.  This is why the truth is so dissatisfying to so many. Ok.  But its how it is, and it cannot be changed.  Your hope, your passion, your love, your imagination have a much more direct line to all of this than any method or process or materialistic methodology about how chakras work, how activating the light body works, or all the rest.  It misses the point.  Its what you ARE.

This is why it is so silly to say that the soul decides which chakras will be dominant.  No, the soul wants fulfillment, and this is not by creating any hierarchy whatsoever.  Its as though one says "I shall have seven children, but two I shall give more favor than the rest."  That is quite silly.  We want each child to thrive, each child to spring from the home to reach its own unique sense of what fulfills them. As a result, one does not want any one of them to be above or below one another. Each child is different, and each will go on to do amazing things, all amazingly different, too!  So to say there is a hierarchy with the chakras is misleading.  It is your karma that decides this.  Karm will create blind spots in your awareness, will limit you.  It will result in the heart being closed down because of some association with an old unresolved hurt, not because the soul wants it to be deemphasized.  No.  The soul wants fulfillment and the chakra system are seven notes on a scale. Without one chakra, a part of the chorus is missing. As you resolve karma, you release the old material that has been attached vibrationally to a given chakra. Simple. Then it can be much more free to open more deeply to the universe. And even so, the chakra can still be felt, even with all the karma, to open.  Its more about awareness of what is still possible beyond current experience that lies ahead of that person.  So as a result of this, awakening can be a bit like peeling an onion.  One layer of karma is gone and the heart opens so blissfully.  Its more than you have ever felt, so it feels like this is IT. And then later, another layer is removed and then this new layer is the ULTIMATE!  On and on this goes until you finally get the memo about just what it is that is happening. It is then at this place of realization that this is a process of reaching an ever greater mystery.  And this mystery does not live outside you.

Getting it right means that distortive material is not circulating.  Lets keep it clear and correct. We lost our understanding of what God is through this very process of misunderstanding back when early Christianity was just getting underway.  Now we have a very distorted view of what the deity is as a triune spirit with a very mysterious ghost whose identity was swept under the that now, hardly anyone knows what this is.  While its coming back, it only took two thousand years for it to be corrected. An awakening will correct it in a twinkling.  

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