Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wipe Out The Noise

When we move from infinite awareness---what I call Waveform Awareness to the finite,or Particalized Awareness---that soap bubble of you that tells you that you are YOU and discreet and singular, you enter the focus of the world of phenomenon in a way that leads most often leads to an illusion of separation. In this separation there is pain and hurt and worry and all negative emotion that serves one thing and one thing only: separation. More. The more we feel this one-sidedness, which some call a misidentification of the self with itself, instead of its more natural and healthier birthright as infinite and connected (with that soap bubble you call you as floating WITHIN this infnity of bliss), something in us dies or goes dormant. We are left with a corpse that is our lives, and we are left with the limited realm of our separateness, our singularity that tells us that we are alone.....and this is the noise instead of the signal. I don't think we were meant to live that way, to be that way (even though we have thousands of years of this very type of feeling in our memory banks individually and collectively) We live a half life as the noise overwhelms the signal, as we move out into the particle and away from the wave.......and the wave is our connection to ALL That Is. We were made to receive the signal from the very center of all life, to receive it so that its mere presence would do the magic that IS what it is. It heals us of everything we thought we were or were not. We see as things are, not based in the egoistic attachment to expectation. Here, this is where all karma turns and is born in us, so its quite natural to expect problems with this self. The "work" in this individual self is in forgiveness of ourselves so that we may shed all the competing memes and programs that have held us hostage and kept us from smiling and feeling blissful and ecstatic in the moment. In this crazy place, its easier to just feel BAD. How on earth is that any way to be? And yet, ego does this for us. Ego is not bad, its just that it quite naturally does this number on us because it identifies with the most immediate phenomenon here on the planet, and it only sees what it WANTS to see. Because of this, it can be surrounded by love and just never see it. I have seen this behavior first hand in myself and in those whom I love. I have a child who is utterly convinced that his notion of how unloved he is is true. As a result he heaps wheel barrow loads of loathing into the phenomenon in an effort to justify why he feels the way he does, never realizing that all of this is emerging out of him. We deny our place in all of this I think because we can't believe that we could be so messed up. But a curious thing happens when you face all of this in an honest way. You grapple with it, you return to the inevitability that returning into the wave of love does. It forgives. It surrenders. It says to the universe "Take me; all of me, I am yours." And here, in letting go, the universe grabs hold of you and nothing can ever be the same.

We are each multiversal. I serve the divine masculine, the voice of the infinite. I know that deeper down I touch upon a universal aspect. This is the basis for the old pagan rites of bringing the gods and goddesses down to earth. They would inhabit us. In truth, we reach a portal within us where we mesh with the larger nervous system of the universe. It isn't that we are taken over by some being or entity but that we are all ONE and thus like body that shares all the same water from the lips, the same electrical signals, each cell shares in the collective experience of that body. We are a cell in a larger body, waking up to learning how to embrace this reality as our beauty and not feeling as though its any kind of threat. My touch is bliss for I bear the light of its knowing. It moves through me. I am not the bliss, the bliss is itself. I do not presume to be it, but I am a reminder that it exists. To myself, to others who are ready to see it. Just as Jesus said "through me" this is the same. We each serve as reminders for others of what we are deeper down. We each choose to lapse into forgetting, into the ego, into the sleep of illusion. Learning how to anchor this bliss on the planet can be the hardest thing because expectations born of karma crush this bliss. We feel we do not get what we deserved, or what we wished for, or hoped for. Instead of allowing the light of the infinite to shine unconditionally, we slip into the night of the woeful self, the victim, the lost child, the spurned love, the forgotten one. We fall for our belief that we may not be lovable or good enough. We lash out in anger, in fear, in our loneliness......

When all along, we were never alone. Its secret lay curled up inside of us, waiting patiently for the moment when we made ourselves ready for it, allowing ourselves to be seduced and taken by it.

This is what the voice says. You have never been alone. I break all illusions, and place you in the stream of your own bliss as the reward unto itself. Only when you come to it in this way will you know the zero point. At the zero point a new world resolves away from what was in the past. Its not magic. It is life claiming itself. A larger part of you goes for the bliss instead of the pain. You move away from the focus on what you thought went down and began to believe that you may have been looking through very colored glasses. We can't tell just how colored our seeing is until we just quite the identification with those glasses. The only thing that works is getting into the bliss, into the flow that is this zero point...which is where the wave of the infinite crashes upon our individual shores, letting in a great and delicious mystery. "Take me; all of me, I am yours" your lips ennunciate as you sit alone looking out the window. As you do, you feel it slip all around you like the most ancient of loves, the most perfect of loves. When you heal in this way, when you say yes to this love, you are on your way. This is a huge step. An important one.

So when you are ready to sift through the noise to find the signal, it will come through amazingly clear and persistent. The bliss is YOU. Before the All, you ask it to take you, all of you. You have given yourself to the ultimate as it pours through you moment by moment. You become multiversal. You are one with the deity, a force so vast as to be nearly incomprehensible....but lying in its body, like a cell, its nerve impulses reach you as you wake up to the realization that you were never really alone, but waking up to a bigger life, a larger life full of sound and beyond the noise.

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