Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Divine Alignment

Divine Alignment is not something outside of you.  It is what you already are in a sea of potential other alignments and states. it is without limit, but seeking the highest within is where divine alignment can be found.  You ARE divine, you see.  You do not reach for this, you reach within, you dig deep into a simple and fundamental place.  It is there, I promise you, beyond all worry, fear, self loathing and other things.  It is your most basic nature, your most natural state.  it may not seem that way since all you may know is what you have seen and felt here on this planet and in this life.  But there is more, and you are in the midst right now of learning and discovering what that something more is.  Otherwise, you would not be here reading this.  Something brought you to this place, to these words. 

All my blessings to you in your journey to remembering or realizing what it is that you are.

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