Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sacred Man

You want to know who he is so you may find him to make him yours.  He is the sacred man, the lover of your soul, the brilliant creature that will bear you to that place where all your dreams will come true.  But you should not look for him outside, for he is not there.  He is instead living in every man, but often lies so deep that he is not known in our world. Living in each man is the sacred man, and his flesh makes up the flesh of each man, regardless of what you think he is or is not. 

Just knowing this is enough to bring him out. He has been hiding for a long time.  In fact, he has been hiding just as long as the sacred woman has been hiding.  This is the condition of the world.  We are all this.  We are all one family of very scared people who have grown to fear love. To be love means you have to open up, and this is very scary indeed.  We have reasons galore that illustrate how opening only led to hurt.  We tell ourselves in the silence of our empty beds that opening up in this way is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.  Even those who espouse opening up themselves are fearful of the hammer coming down. We are a world of fearful people who have their finger on a bottle that holds a genie inside.  We might KNOW that the genie is inside, and we might even SAY that we need to let him or her out, but in truth, it is easier not to.  It is safer. Just yesterday I was discussing the world of energy with some people involved in medicine in order to highlight how important I think it is to bring compassion to the medical field even in the face of this tendency some have to view people more like machines that need to be worked on.  the lesson in it was not to become attached to patients.  If you care too much, you will only hurt.  So the world grows harder and more caloused by the day.  These people remarked that I ought to have a show that talked about all of this.  I explained that I could read energy, that we ALL could....and that in seeing it, it might help people in the medical profession in many unseen ways.  I responded by pulling back, of feeling a twinge of fear.  if I had a show like that, I considered, people might think I was just a kook.  My fear is in not being understood. Fear.  And it bars us in some way from love.  Not love from others, although this certainly can happen, but from the one love that matters most.  I wont even say that this is a love that is us, even though it is more like the force that causes rivers to flow or the wind to blow.  It is wild and it is free and it is also powerful. It is freely given and spreads out through a garden like sunshine drenched on every leaf.  Why, the sun does not deicde which leaf will get to feel its touch.  No!  It is freely given.

And so we need to be more like this.  We need to come out of our shells, wake up and see that it is a new day.  Surely.  And when we do this I think we want to naturally support the very best in people instead of pointing to faults or shortcomings.  The Sacred Man has a gaze that burns all of that away.  It is just too much of a time waster.  In Him lies a great pulse of life that will shine through everything and will be one part of the knitting back of our world.  His voice will be in the stars at night, and his warmth will be like that of the sun. you will feel his shower of photons upon you, each small particles of realization of how things must be.  He carries a dizzying pulse of bliss that begs to be released.  He is a lover beyond words.  He is startling in his approach and swift in his decision. His touch is perfect and his gaze is steady.  But the only way he can be is if you too are anchored in the same kind of place.  It is a funny thing; he can be all around you, but you will only know Him when you yourself wake up to what he is already within you. 

He is one half of the world that we know.  He knows he is not the whole world and honors the other half.  He does not have to fear making mistakes.  He is utterly without actions that could lead to such things.  He has resolved into the most basic and fundamental of ways to be.  He is pure radiance.  Enter into his light if you dare, or feel his radiance falling all around you.  He seeks the other half of what he knows that he is growing to become. 

His presence is in every quivering leaf, every brook, deer, apple and dust mote in the stillness of space.  His essence is found in everything that is, that ever existed, and while you may go look for him as a singular entity, you will be captured by his multiplicity, perhaps confounded by it.  Each man that is carries him in him.  Are they the same?  This is difficult to explain.  We are all individual and universal.  He is certainly there in an almost parental way to us, but he takes so many forms.  Somewhere the essence resolves back to an origin as his many faces spread out like a vast tapestry.  How each man is serves as the filtering device that colors and shapes how his face has come to be known.  He can be many things, and his waters run deep and mix into so many different currents that it is enough to cause the mind to boggle.  What we know of him, though, is largely fragmentary in some respects, for he does not yet exist in totality on the planet.  there are those of us that are learning how to channel his presence so that he may bring what is his own gift to the world.  When you stand before him in this way when he is being brought into the moment, the world changes into a magical place.  Even as a woman who can channel the deep currents of her own sacred She brings a new caste and color to a room or world by her simply being Her, so too does this Sacred Man light up the room.  he is quiet and unassuming.  He can even go unnoticed if you don't know what to look for. 

But for those who can touch their own masculine within that is the Sacred Man, there comes ripple of energy so purely made of bliss, so potent and expectant and ready, it is as if a curtain is suddenly pulled back on the world.  It is little wonder that we have wrapped stories of gods around this man.  We do this to try and capture something that is transcendent.  In doing so, though, we also lose it. The story becomes more like a bookmark; it is a reminder of what we all know deeper down as the story of our own souls.  As we begin to remember, we also tend to tease him out of the cosmic matrix of being.  He shows up.  He glistens in the light.  He is made new by our expectation or intent. And there is nothing more rewarding for those who know how to bear him to this world.  It isn't even that it is a point of pride.  It isn't about that at all. There is no pride in it.  There is bliss.  this bliss is so strong it literally bleaches out all of the heavier considerations as all goes to white light.  He will eventually resolve back into forms that have no form, into light, then a golden glimmer, and then nothing.  Nothing, I say, except feeling.  He goes back to the primordial beginning of beginnings.  He is there like a King with his Queen. 

This is a part of what the divine is in all of us.  He ripples and grows within the awareness of the Collective Consciousness of the race.  He is turning and growing in strength as one by one, men will learn of his great secret, which they will find are their own secret.  this secret will become manifest moment by moment.  A new way of being will be revealed when the time is right.

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