Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here & There

Our lives are so often focused on the pursuit of things that we can miss something important that has to do with a very simple way of understanding that governs perception and thinking, and then, by extension, belief.  It is the idea that we are after something.  What are we going to do today?  What will we focus on?  Certainly, life is made of that.  You go to the store, you run errands, you pick up the children, you pay bills.  You DO things.  Life is more than just these things, and much of the discontent that we feel is bound up in this feeling of "Is this all there is?"  We have fallen for the idea or perception that we are out to GET something.  Now bear with me....

When you apply this to spiritual work, you create a false dichotomy when you think that spiritual work is in acquisition.  You go to a teacher, you read a book, you do a practice, a method, a technique.  The only problem is in how you have situated your awareness.  It is outside of you.  It is "out there" to get.  This feeds into your spiritual work.  The realm of spirit and energy is in some other realm, some otherworldly place that you will work to find yourself in.  Heaven is in the afterlife.  be a good obedient person and follow the rules, do the things that will make life here good for you and others, run your errands and turn the other cheek and seek grace, love, and you will do fine.  In a limited sense, there is value to this, importance.....but it also misses the point.  So focused we have become on object-based relating to the world that we miss that the deeper spiritual work is not a movement outward, but a movement inward.  That might seem so obvious, so simple, and yet, even in moving inward we wind up moving outward by seeking to reach something, which is itself a misperception of how to get to the meat or marrow of what you are.  It is so simple, deceptively simple sometimes.  It means being able to be full of grace and the willingness within to be led to this beautiful place within.  It may be the case that many of us just don't know the path to this place within.  See?  I said path. I made it a going, a journey.  Language is hard, for it has arisen out of object-based relationships.  This is not something that is outside of you, not a is all that you are, including your conditioned awareness that seeks.  Be still.  Become quiet. Be ready for a mystery to bloom within you.  You don't need to know how it works.  It could be said that no one knows because it is what we are.  It is our most fundamental nature.  Not a thing but what we have always been. The trick is in knowing how to feel, at least for me.  Once you get the feeling right, which is opening up and surrendering, it becomes much easier.  Effortless as long as the mental and egoic part of you remains inactive long enough.  The cork in the bottle of your cosmic genie self is the mind and ego.  When you lay them aside, the universe of this genie rushes out with great force, wonder, power, and beauty. 

All of this is a creation, a great boundless creation that has emerged out of primal consciousness.  When I say primal, I do not mean primitive.  Primal as in prime. The origin.  When you realize that you are a part of this prime consciousness, that the act of creation that brought all of this about is tied directly into your very being, everything stops being the way it was a moment before.  There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, only something very simple to realize; who you are beyond all the rush and tumble of the day to day.  As all of that moves around you, stop and imagine that you are not moving but that the world moves around you.  I know this may sound somehow ego-centric, but it might help you to glimpse something important.  Everyone is going at the same thing you are; realizing who they are.  When you do this you can bump up against this rather interesting awareness of how wherever you go, there is a central point that does not move.  This is your soul, your higher self which is both in and out of time, in many realities all at once.  For it, it is IN things, in this creation, this drama unfolding (and countless others too) and yet, it has its own central point which is not space-based but is consciousness based.  Time and space fall away in a certain sense as the self resolves into a point of pure awareness.  All lifetimes are tuned in, experienced, and yet the soul is aware of being in a central "space" which is its own awareness.

You are a chip off the old block.  You are your soul and it is you.  Through it, you are connected to still "higher" or more expansive realms of awareness.  All of these resolve back into pure awareness.  Each one has its central point and out of it flows its many selves.  You are like this, are learning to be this.  You will grow into your own awareness of yourself in still broader terms.  The world wraps itself around you.  You are in many places all at once, as in truth you are multidimensional.  You need only step along the path that is no path that leads to awareness.  You do not have to go anywhere to find this.  It is not in a book or even in my words; it is in you to know.  The gateway to understanding what this awareness is is actually unlocked by your imagination.  I will tell you uncatagorically that imagination IS the gateway to realization.  We use imagination as if it is an unreal though it is something that is of little consequence, and yet it is the soul's creative ability that creates your life in a moment by moment basis.  You are the director of this play.  The scenes move and dissolve all around you.  You certainly walk and talk and do things, and yet all realms are available to you.  You are not a prisoner here.  You are a genie in a bottle.  You can dare to let that part of you out.

Yes you participate in the creation here, what some label illusion.  But it is for now real and serves an important purpose.  It is here to aid you in knowing who you are.  It is, however neutral.  It is not out to get you.  It merely follows what you think and feel.  Take responsibility for yourself and you will find the old dependant life you may have lived begin to dissolve.  New events spring up around you as if by magic.  This IS the magic for which many were not understood. Change the story inside and the story outside also changes to reflect a different vibration of awareness.  Heave is not a place to go to, but is current in your feeling, your imagination, and your thoughts.  To consider that you must DO something to get there is itself a kind of trap.  You might get there by taking that route, for your intent may be strong enough that you create that eventuality.  However, it is available to you right here and right now because you ARE heaven if you are willing to mirror it in your awareness.  To do this requires shedding old notions or beliefs.

Letting go of what you thought was important will naturally tend to free up that genie in you that will come forward in direct proportion to how you let go.  It is IN you.  Realize who you are.  When you do this, what you thought was important gets reframed by what is.  I learned this during my time in the wilderness as I call it.  I was getting my life back together after a series of seemingly unfortunate events.  I found myself one day lying on a cold slab of concrete with a house all around me and I was in utter bliss.  I needed so little in this place.  I really became very simple.  With such simplicity, I was not constantly going for this or that.  I was content, happy, content with a current moving through me that was purely divine. Heaven was there on that cold slab.  Heaven, I knew could be in every moment no matter how seemingly difficult it might be.  Over and over I had come here and had become enmeshed in the creation as if it was the whole story.  Over and over I had glimpses beyond the wall, and I kept coming back, searching, digging deep, over and over.

All of this now is an accumulation of something.  A yearning,  a desire to know.  I sought far and wide. Some in meditation, some in crying for a vision, some through ritual and magik.  Sometimes it was simple and unencumbered by belief or dogma. Now the wheel has made full turn in my life and a spark is kindled into a flame.  All of this is turning around me, so busy and seemingly important. And yet, the purpose is in helping me to realize who and what I am.  I am this central point of awareness that is in and out of time.  I am learning to tap this higher self and as I do, it helpes me to release material that is no longer necessary that was a condition of belief or of maya as some would say.  This is the illusion, which I call creation.  The purpose of the creation is like Picasso's saying that the purpose of art is to lie to help you to see the truth.  And so it is with our lives here.  I am a central point always. When I slow down and realize this, the awareness enlarges and I am suddenly feeling something again that is so certain and so strong.

When you can feel this cnetral point of awareness, it feels as though the world is turning around it.  It is the same effect that you get when someone films a movie by holding a camera and points it at themselves as they walk around in the world.  The one constant is the person being filmed and the world looks like it is moving around them as they remain almost stationary.  Try to feel into this from time to time and if you feel a curious sense of energy moving through you, an excitement, a flow, it could be a sign that you are on to something.  it is easy to lose because the world demands so much attention through the five senses, but as you keep at it, you will be able to feel it more and more.  This is not a race, darlings, this is your "journey" as you watch the world move around you.  But this is not as passive an exercise as you might think.  Let that notion go for a time so you can feel into it.  It is another station of awareness that can help you a lot in relating to your surroundings in a new and very useful way.  As you feel into this you connect with this higher self awareness.  You might even bump u against other versions of yourself, or find yourself learning things about yourself that you had not known about previously.  It can be a simple and very private experiment that you can do that can lead to a more expanded form of awareness.

There is no world for you to go to ; you already are there.  It is IN you.  Nothing "out there" has first existed as some condition of your being.  Heaven is not out there, the spirit world is not out there.  It is all inside of you.  "Seek ye the kingdom within" was his admonition, and he knew of which he spoke.  You might have visions of burning bushes but they all emerge from within you.  Reality here is a group creation that is sustained by all of us, and yet while some have certain notions of how it works, you can find it behaving in very different ways.  You can ask and you will receive.  Sometimes, often for me, it comes right to my door.  Much I have bidden comes to me because I now know that I do not have to do in order to be.  If something is needed, it can often come through means other than my own doing.  How it works is simple.  It is in you.

The joy is in you, the wonder and love and creative fire and fulfillment.  The quality of all of it is up to you.  How you color it, how you choose to gloss it, is all your own making.  Heaven is a moment by moment choice and the realm of spirit is all around you.  You do not need to go anywhere, simply realize who you are.  This also has the curious effect of helping to eliminate suffering, too.  Our purpose her is to simply realize who we are.  And when we do that, the scene changes and we are on to the next round of lessons.  Some are unable to remain in their bodies.  the vibration is simply different.  They match something else.  And it is okay.  It is as it should be.  We overcome the world when we overcome the glitches in ourselves that have kept the truth from us.  None of this is some rule-based world but a very simple realization of what is.  And what is is what you are.

All points are accessible from where you are.  All space warps around you as can time and other things.  What will you see, what will you experience with such knowing in you, now bursting out all around you with a joy born of the great eternal child in you?  Until then, I offer my blessings to you for a rich and fulfilling experience.

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