Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Coming of Gnosis

I didn't know what was happening to me.  Its name blew right over my head.  I was consumed by this thing, it was consumed with me.  Instantly I knew if intuition had been opened and the shut off valve was lost in the dark. 

I lay there in the bed at night, the warm and cool currents pulsing through me in what I could feel was a type of rhythm. Someone said no, it is a flow....but I felt it as a pulse.  Always a pulse from one moment to the other, the same as how all energy is expressed as infinite potential from zero point to infinity.  My awareness, I knew, made the size of the pulse possible.  The pulse was infinite.  I had no idea how to get to the infinite but I sonsidered it was by way of a very different method.  Like an empty head.  Let the universe step in and do the work.

I was drenched with this powerful desire. This was so strong it changed my understanding of what Buddha had said that all desire is a path to suffering.  True, desire, born of negative karma will always create suffering, with that I wholeheartedly agree.  But buddha said nothing of what happens when desire is released from its negative karma irons.  What then?  I think I will have to hold that jewel in my pocket for a while longer.....

I had seen many years ago during a [artial out of body experience a woman standing by my bed.  As I began to project outward I saw the roof of the house open up to the sky.  This sky was not the night sky even though it looked like the night sky.  Each dot, each star, was a soul, and it was looking down on me.  What I felt as I opened up into that starry sky of souls was this flood of energy which I recognized as being the same as I felt on that night. It was so strong, it was scary.  It seemed SO much stronger than anything I could have imagined.  Part of me was saying I had to trust this, that this was the universe.  It was so strong that it was hard to keep focused on what I was doing.  As I fell back into bed, I saw a woman beside me.  She was near my head and I observed how her whole body was made up of a network of light.  I felt her calm presence for a while and then drifted into sleep.

Lying in bed with this light shining through me I saw the image again and knew that this was how all people are ordered.  This was the light body.  It is made up of endless strands, some so small that they cannot be seen.  It is as though every single atom is connected to one another and up from there still larger strands are there to help bridge ever greater organizations of matter and energy into a matrix that is the living body.  These lines crossed and criss-crossed.  At each point there was a burst of energy, and as this fibrous bundle grew in complexity, it created ever larger forms of energy lines until the chakras are formed. 

Lying there in the night I was shown how these lines of force naturally merge in the center line of the body in the same way that nerves or veins went from the smallest to the largest. Energy organized itself in accord to vibration in the body just as the main chakras contain an over riding vibration that makes up the totality of our experience of the cosmic life force in our awareness here on earth.  There are two currents that exist in everything and the universe was built on this.  It is the yin and yang.  You will see it in how energy operates and you will see it in magnetic spin and orientation of physical bodies in space, via gravity and electromagnetics.  It is present in our consciousness and in the consciousness of all matter whether sentient or not.  This simple principle is what ties and holds everything together.  It is in you.  Bringing into your awareness the knowledge of the two polarities leads to integrating them in the body.  It changes everything around you.  Mountains will move if you but say move.  There is more for us to know, to anchor, to become.  It is all waiting for you within you. 

Two currents merge into one larger current at a point in the light body that is in the brain.  This took longer to see, years in fact.  The two energy bodies that are on each side of the body switch and as they do, the cross, creating a powerful point of connection in the brain area, near the crown.  This cross is energetic, but it has informed out nervous system and brain so that one hemisphere directs the opposite side of the body.  This is the point of merging that creates the circuit in the body.  This integration of the circuit is what is necessary to all life.  The two cannot be unhooked from one another as they are a totality within the other.  Your body reflects that. 

Gnosis came and continues to come.  Knowledge can be yours.  You need only empty your mind so that it can be filled. 

In the weeks and months that followed dreams would become more vivid, downloads of information would come, knowing filled me.  I would find many years later how in the Hindu tradition that they have the same energy I saw on that night mapped in extreme detail.  Ancient knowledge filled me, setting up a store house built on the flow of gnosis from this deep source within.

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