Friday, October 19, 2012


This experience is one of layers.

The Light Body is seemingly switched on, and with it comes awareness.  With it is a churning effect of the energy of awakening. 

At first, I felt the material fall away quite easily.  These were like the dry buds of a flower. I could feel the energy helping me do this.  I did not have to do anything, they just went.  I was keenly aware that if I was to do anything, it was to observe the things that were being sent on their way.  I recognized them, blessed them, and they were gone.  Just like that.  I could feel myself lighten more. I could feel channels within opening up.  I felt clearer.  Happier.  The energy could be felt deeper.  I felt like something was burrowing into me.  Through the layers. 

I am not one who believes in a process, but I know that this can be very much a process.  I do not contradict myself.  The authentic opening is a process, yes, but in seeking to apply some outside process or method, this does not work necessarily. What works is letting go. This is what it is all about.  The more you can do this, the better things have been.  It is said that the energy must go from root to crown in order for the energy to be raised properly.  Once kundalini or awakening stirs in you, I think it is difficult to not have it change you.  So changed, how can things ever be the same?  the yeanring, the ultimate one, is the love of the divine.  It pulls you along on an ox cart at first through endless towns and experiences until the ox cart becomes a chariot and sets you down by a vast ocean.  This is where it all began, this is where it all begins.  The problem with cleaving to some method or teaching is you could miss some important points.  For example, Awakening does cause a stirring, but it is not always linear.  it is not always so orderly.  It can be orderly, but it can be just what it needs to be, you see?  So trust.  Also, as it goes from root to crown and clears out on its first complete pass, it can begin all over again.  This is just the outer layers. You go deeper and deeper each time.  So on one pass you might have some trouble with one chakra or center in the body in the release of associated energy or karma or knots in that chakra only to find that once the course has been run, you are back in that same chakra again.  What happened?  Didn't I just win some great victory in my life letting of of this material months before only to wind up back in the place again?

Feel into yourself.  Ask yourself if this is the same chakra or the same issue.  In each chakra there are many layers.  Like an onion.  As you work along, you might even have images of layers.  I did.  I had image after image of layers surrounding people, like dense cloaks, many layers. The trick was to burrow down through them all.  Like ripples on the ocean, there are rings or layers.  So do not feel defeated if you wind up in the same place again.  The trouble or issue wont be the same as before.  It will be different.  It might be associated by virtue of what that center aligns to energetically, but it is like a series of dimensions or rooms one nesting inside the other.  Layer by layer you do this releasing as you come closer and closer to something miraculous. Outward these rings expand in ever greater or broader dimensions, into more refined territory of being.  Each layer has the chakra energy flowing or shining through it and yet each layer will have different material.  This is all your awareness.

This is how it is.  This is not a race, it is what you are.  As you move along, you refine more and more.  It is endless.  It is infinite.  There is no end to you, there is no end to this.  There is nothing but a great adventure awaiting you.  It is a discovery of your authentic self. 

So let yourself peel back.  Let those veils or layers fall away.  They are petals that no loner carry life.  Let the suffering of your soul no longer be.  This, I remind myself each and every day.  I hum it in my mind, I think it, I am absorbed by it and am absorbed into it.  It is my prayer, a constant state of being and seeking.  Always returning to the inner self, to the self beyond time and space yet existing within it.  This self is absorbed by love and is love.  The path through this is forgiveness.  When you can forgive yourself and no longer point to something outside yourself as the cause, you will speed along.  Accept your part, and when you do, you will also trigger awareness of what you are as divine. 

Whatever path you take, whatever you believe or decide is true, I wish you the very best of journeys. 

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