Saturday, February 9, 2013


Image Credit: Vera Kratochvil
With one simple forgiveness
we find ourselves in the warm velvet night
ringed by the moon.

A place where no human foot
but souls do enter.

This is the ancient path
 to  soul
a vast storehouse
of distilled light
from stars.

All these lifetimes it might be
or seems
waiting for the hand
that finds the catch
the tender release
of the door
that lets loose a realm of wonder
an endless sea of light.

it is as though it is a
forbidden temple
forgotten throne
filled to overflowing
with  desire,
and sacred fire.
What bears such wonder as this?
By whose hand is this conferred
as the hand pulls open wide
the doors to the world of the beloved.

this is the bridal chamber
the secret channel to the mysteries
what will you do
when you are one
and find that you are two?

The Maker
the Architect
stands silent
and present
in every beam
and arch
every slab of mortar
and in every creak
and groan
a storehouse bursting at its seams
with golden grain
where no earthly lips
may touch or taste
but whose soul may consume

No words can contain
nor move the heart enough
to equal this pleasure
and resplendent bliss.

Here you speak in epiphanies
as earth and heaven shudders.
Here your soul rushes as rivers
an ocean awaits your continuous arrival.

Here you look upon the Holy of the Holies
and realize for anyone else
it would be heresy
so it been kept secret
for the time
when it comes
when a hand finds itself grasping
the worn latch
the ancient lock
the forgotten key found
to discover the whole of it waiting
trembling in that moment
for what surely must come
and can now no longer be denied.

All that came before is slowly erased
books of wisdom defaced
leaving nothing but parchment empty
and a world unspeakable
but etched upon all that we are.

There are no words to contain this tender escape
or the love that floods
a river of fire
carrying us each
where the beloved awaits
a heart afire
with a twin light brightening the night
with a star of earth now lit
on earth
as it is in heaven.

The stores of the soul
are but a breath away
for each of us,
a silken veil is all that is left
but so arduous a journey!
Let no one seek to shake you
from this holy ground
no doubt
or shadow
move you from what is yours
and mine
and all the rest of creation
as the sacred gift
of awakening.

Before opening those doors
life was like a dream
that we thought was waking
and in waking
discover a still deeper realm of being
as a ramshackle shed
is turned into the temple of our most high
and revered
where the beloved greets us
and pulls us in
to its wonder of wonders.

We are like beggars
looking for our next meal 
when we find this store house within
and cease our looking
and begin our loving
which has no beginning
and knows no end.
Princes and Princesses
all emerge from such places
and are adorned with the nectar of the gods and goddesses
as all we thought valued turns to dust
before the great golden flame of such simple things.

We leave the storehouses
but the storehouse never leaves
but abides
its great secret
upon our lips
as our life becomes a constant prayer
as we make our way
from one great mystery to another
new worlds cast like seeds upon fertile ground
as new trees grow in this garden of Eden
and we stand unafraid
and free.

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