Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Presentient Awareness

I have been trying to get this into word.

Today, in the bathroom, it came to me as I pondered it.  I guess it wasn't so hard....I just couldn't pluck the words for it.  Not that it matters so much, perhaps. But let's see if I can explain this.

When I awoke, I awoke to the trees sighing all around me.  All of life was alive with this energy, I just hadn't had its energy in me enough for it to offer me the awareness needed.  It isn't that you use some new facility in the brain as much as the energy seems to awaken the pathways necessary so that the awareness of the energy has a way to express itself.  I think the physical universe has the capacity to speak or mirror this awakening energy.  It is like the soul of the world.  It is in everything.  SO when I awoke, the world awoke with me.  Something was in everything, in every single atom and I was aware that it was looking at me, aware of me just as I was aware of it.  I know this may sounda little wild, but it is true.  It might seem a little psychedelic in a way, but perhaps only because psychedlecis might open doors to this sense of sentience in all things. 

Every single aboriginal group has expressed the living character of the universe.  Its not just dead matter.  Today, thinking about WHAT to call this, it came.  It is Presentient Awareness.  This is to say that all things are living, just not with blood and bone or nervous systems.  Regardless, this does not lessen the fact that on an energetic level, everything is energy and everything contains intelligence.  We humans think its got to go a certain way, we need proof and machines that will tell us what we think we already know, while the machines are biased in a given direction due to the bias that created them.  A tellescope will not show you the soul of a star, only its light.  It will not show you what you are unprepared to see.  When the deck is loaded, you take the card that is dealt and then say how true the card is even though the deck can only tell you about kings, queens, jacks and jokers, aces, hearts, and spades.  It wont tell you about all those other things.....

All matter has Presentient Awareness.  That is, it is sentient, but it is in a presentient state.  Prior to being a complex organism.  It is not sentient in the way we so often think it is, but it is nonetheless alive.  I think you can see how energy orders the universe.  In its own way, seemingly "dead" matter will assemble into amazing patterns.  It is not without order, without a sense of mindfulness of a sort, a logic and method in the madness.  When you look at the MOST curious spacing of our planets in our own solar system, you will see some pretty amazing coincidental happenings.  Some say its JUSt what matter does, and yet it is this ordering that obviously has some kind of a hand in helping bring life into being.  So is there something that presages life that is in a sense intelligent?  When Bohr and Plank looked at the world of quantum effects, they came to the conclusion that things really weren't AT ALL what we had supposed.  All of matter was composed of mind, Plank said.  All matter is energy, and there is a curious interaction taking place when our own minds get in on looking at something (it changes the outcome).  There is also the evidence for something within matter actually being aware, somehow, that it is also being observed.  Take the double slit experiment.  Or the measurement problem.  These things preclude a mere  materialistic view of the universe as the rule of the day.  Matter and events also follow our own thoughts, so even this seems to be at least a glancing blow against the idea of a purely materialistic universe. 

I say there is presentient awareness.  It is here.  It is now.  It is IN you.  And you heard it here first because I just made it up.  For you.  And everyone else. 

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