Sunday, February 3, 2013


When you breathe, you breathe in the substance that will feed your body the oxygen that your cells will need for life.  For your body, without this oxygen, you would be dead in a matter of minutes, your body starved of one of the most fundamental elements for its vitality and being in the physical.  In the same way, your energy body, which is a mirror of your physical body in so many ways, also breathes.  It does not breathe in air, but it breathes in a subtle energy called prana.  In meditation practice, breath work is a big thing because when your body breathes, it stimulates the flow of life force energy which is a substance that is not unlike air.  In a very real way, air and paean are mirrors of each other.  IN just the same way that the body is the soul made flesh, oxygen is the body of prana.  The two are connected.  When you breathe in your body, you can feel something inside of you let go and you get this lovely flow of energy move through you.  Slow gentle breathing when you are relaxed can lead you to the most beautiful currents of energy flowing through you energetically.

Energy has within ti consciousness.  Energy so far as I have been able to see, is aware.  The more energy that is accumulated within our awareness, the more aware we become.  When your breath is slow, your body might not be quite as alert.  In fact, you often will begin to yawn.  Time to go to sleep, or yawn more in order to stimulate more air coming in.  More prana, too.

When you breathe, you are saying something so basic within yourself about life.  You are saying yes to life.  You are accepting life into your being, into your body, and you are also bringing prana into your light body as well.  As you inspire energy, you expire something else.  In the body you expire carbon dioxide.  The energy has been transmuted, and so is prana transmuted by your light body as well.  Nothing goes away, nothing gets used up, it is simply an exchange of energy.  But when you do this, you say yes to the grace that is firmly situated in prana.  Prana is the perfect form of compassion; it is given unconditionally to all.  When we realize just how unconditional this energetic presence is, it has a curious ability to help us to open up more, to say yes to the possibilities in our being, and we become less guarded and more open.  The old logjams begin to melt away, the harder spots soften and wintery icebergs flow with the flow that is the presence of the pranic flow.

it is interesting, too, because this is precisely the path by which most artists experience creative inspiration.  it is also the path by which physicists have that "Eureka!" moment. It is not something that is limited to art, or physics.  It is fundamental to all of life here.  When we open up, when we flow, when we cease fear and hard feelings, something remarkable begins to happen.  In the mirror of the soul, the body, both sides of the brain light up and begin talking to one another. The subtle body begins to merge its seemingly opposite ends of itself into a unity, that of the feminine and more masculine currents of awareness.  When this happens, a very simple and basis energetic transformation occurs.  In the body it feels like bliss, and this bliss has a very high vibration.  It shakes us loose of so much that does not belong.  When the force is strong enough, it can shake away things that no longer serve us and leave only the essential in place.  However this happens, or why, we need only to let go.  In that simple act, we do the same thing that children do when their world comes alive with the worlds within; they imagine.  They create.  There is a lot we can learn from children.  Breath can be unifying while also breaking away hard knots or frozen places.

You can concentrate on your breathing anytime you want to feel the flow of prana.  It is as simple as feeling how simple and nice it is to breathe.  Just try it sometime.  Don't try to wind up with a result, just observe.  So often, we try to achieve something when we do this.  Try simply observing and seeing how you can feel more relaxed, more blissful or calm.  You know how people so often say when we are upset that we just need to BREATH!???  Well, that is because of just how basic breathing is in helping to regulate how we feel.  Let prana work for you.  Feel how you melt into this place and I bet you might just find yourself in this beautiful place that is the inspired state...

Surely other people can serve to inspire you, but what is really going on is you are surrogating that person's will for your own.  Its a bit like how much better you might feel after just going to se the doctor and having the doctor tell you that everything is going just great.  Moments before s/he said this, you might have been tied up in knots.  You basically said to yourself that you needed an outside authority to tell you what was already something true even if your own ego or rational mind could not consider it.  In the same way healers know the power of suggestion, and they also know that when someone comes to them for a healing, the person is putting their belief in that person.  In the previous post I mentioned a little bit about belief and its power.  When we can turn this belief around onto ourselves that we can feel the power or energy that was ours all along.  But so often, we just don't believe we can reach it on our own.  Maybe, like one of my students told me when I asked her why she didn't do more art (she was a Chemistry major) she told me this story of how she grew up immersed in art and had an experience in elementary school where a teacher did not recognize her obvious involvement and talent.  She felt hurt, betrayed, even, and decided she would not return to art ever again.  She went into science and there she stayed until she sat, teary-eyed in front of me admitting that indeed, she was an artist deep down inside, but that she had let this experience sour her against letting herself create.  Oh, she might have been a Chemistry student nearly totally immersed in her studies, but her creative spirit oozed out of her as she would attend festivals to dance and listen to music.  She was such an unlikely science type, but in this world, we are each made up of many different likes and focuses.  But somewhere, she allowed the words of another to shut her down.  It was certainly her own choice, and often we forget it was us doing the choosing.  We are social creatures and we thrive on the support of others.  We grow under the positive words of others and sometimes we also wilt.  Those who survive such wilting gazes and words are those who have a singular vision and belief in what it is they are doing.  Sometimes, that is what is needed in order to follow your dreams.  And, it seems, it is also how you can allow inspiration into your being.  When you can reach a place of lack of fear, openness and willingness to take in that wonderful breath of a feeling, the kingdom is all yours.

I am mindful of this with a child who is so involved in art.  I want her to do what it is that she wants to do, not to do what she feels others will approve of.  While I know that she alone will be the one to determine what it is she is going to do, the closer we are to our now great wish and our own bliss, the closer we are to the source of life within us.  I encourage her to step back when she feels uncertainty and look plainly at it and see if she can determine where this uncertainty is coming from.  This uncertainty is what chills us and slows the flow to our own inner fountainhead.  If you are always considering what others will say, its very likely that you aren't hearing your own heart speaking.  Cast away fear, be bold.  You might not feel you have great ability or skill or gifts, but I promise you that people of lesser skill have gotten along famously by making up for it with their passion and desire to BE in their bliss.  Grandmother Moses, a painter from this past century never received a single art class or tutoring on how to paint.  By all measures, she was almost amateurish in her technical ability, and yet, she is one of the great painters of our time.  Why? She had passion, she had the willingness to follow her own star, her own truth.  She believed in what she was doing, she loved what she did, and she simply kept at it.  Van Gogh was himself unknown in his day and his work was looked askance by many, yet he stayed doggedly true to what he loved.  There is evidence that he taught himself how to draw and paint.  He stuck to it.  If he had let accolades be his only measure of success, he would have ceased his masterworks that the world was not just ready to SEE long before there was a man we now know as "Vincent."  Einstein himself was a patent clerk and was sitting on a trolley car imagining what it would be like to be a particle of light moving away from the clock tower when the universe struck him with such force that his head began to spin.  he then spent years working on how to do the math to present this novel idea that came in that moment of inspiration so easily.

It seems believing in yourself is a biggie.  If you don't, who will?  And inside of yourself is all the means you need for letting in that luscious rush of pranic life force that will bring you to a place of perfect in your day.

Happy perfect day!

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