Friday, February 8, 2013

From The Other Side

There has persisted in us an interest and curiosity in communion with those who have gone on before us, those who have died.  It is interesting to me that the church so often places a kind of taboo on communicating with our departed loved ones save for only specifically sanctioned ones, as though speaking through the telephone is better than by writing letters or standing on the next hillside and yelling, sending smoke signals, or by special courier. It seems to me that there are those who do not wish the medium to get in the way of our communicating with those who have gone on through death as though they themselves would seek t control the ways and means that we carry on in our lives and discover the wonder that even though bodies die, the soul does not.  If you are tied to a dogma, you may be tied to the rules that this dogma presents, and in so doing, feel guilt or shame if you should connect with your relatives and loved ones by any other means that what the dogma seems to determine is "kosher" or acceptable. 

The history on this is one of cutting out the competition, and turning away from the rich reality that exists in the universe.  I think that the early church did not like this competition, did not like those who could speak to the world of the spirit and were thus deemed heretics, witches, and consorts with the devil.  Natural gifts, many lifetimes in the making were silenced by branding in this way.  Fear has been the modus operandi, and this works quit well to quell what is a natural propensity and curiosity. 

So mediums are often looked down upon, frowned upon.  they have to be, fi the dogma is to remain in operation.  There is a curios inflexibility with dogma.  It cannot admit that it could be wrong, or that somehow, by speaking with the universe, this means we are somehow being immoral or somehow misguided or evil.  This is silly to me, because we all have within us the means to feel our loved ones to greater and lesser degrees.  Some of us are better at it than others.  Some of us have cultivated abilities that can help to bring a person to their own sense of wonder and awe, which are the very things that help us connect to the universe.  It isn't so much that we need someone to give us messages from Aunt Mathilda as it is that doing this helps us to sense the wonder that is creation.  By bringing the message, we do sense the medium within the message, which is the source of all life, that we do not die, that there is more to us and to our lives if we but open our eyes. So often the mssage of he medim is not to simply connect ith the deceased, but to experience the inneffable in the moment, that elusive sense that exists within us all, and this it is this sense that can reconnect us with a lost line of communion within ourselves that we all thrive upon because it is what we are.  In bringing us Aunt Mathilda, the medium is delivering us the lost kingdom of ourselves.  So if MAthilda can tell you thinkgs that the medium does not know, could not possibly know, perhaps then we will listen as she leans forward and explains that life is far richer and greater than we could ever have guessed, that there is not some god there waiting to punish us, but a vast energy that sends many messengers to us, that much of what we have here is merely the result of misguided intention and some powerplays set to create and stir fear.  Many of the mediums of the last thirty years have been saying that we are on the cusp of great change.  I was told that I would be involved in helping to bring a new energy to the earth.  the same message seems to crop up in similar messages through these same sources.  We know something is up, the world is changing, a fire is spreading through the hearts of humankind.  But just what?  It is what we are, the wonder of US.  This seems to be a return to something, a turning of a great wheel, a shift away from one mode of being and thinking into one that is more inclusive, humane, and open-minded.

I think that by connecting within ourselves, the channels that ARE us can be felt.  In awakening, this has certainly become incredibly apparent.  I sense in the wings all sorts of energetic presences looking in on us, smiling, excited, wondering how we are going to go collectively.  Will humankind lash out in fear as the more controlling aspects of the collective begin to feel threatened by the great mystery welling up within us, or will those parts of us choose to drift back out of focus as humanity surrenders to the great change that is coming, has been coming, will continue to come?  Will this seeming battle between these polarities swing out of control or will be allow our sense of inclusiveness to rule the day and find a middle path where all parts of ourselves are brought into unity and greater healing? Will we forgive and forget the past so we can have a much more vibrant future?  Will  cease believing the authority lies outside of us and instead seek the kingdom within? As I was thinking about this, I looked up artistic mediums online after reading an old book I have had for years about a man who would go into trance and paint in the style of Renoir, Degas, Picasso, and Monet.  This man is able to paint four paintings at time using his feet and hands, most often in dim light, total darkness, or with his eyes closed.  It might be easy enough for someone to learn and thus copy the style of an artist, but in the case I read about, the way in which the medium works makes this argument a little hard to follow.  From that  thought I would take a look at what else is out there and I found the work of Carol Polge, which I am going to share with you in a moment.

The video I am including helps to underscore these issues I think very well by showing the life of a psychic artist who uses her gift to help people reconnect with this seemingly lost part of themselves. As is so often the case, her message is the same as others who have experience with the spirit realm; we are here to create our lives, we are not to be punished but given every opportunity to thrive and succeed.  Life is a wonder, and wonder is what will guide us if we are brave enough to just let it. 

Coral Polge is a spirit medium who does portraits of the people who come to her to let their loved ones know that they exist.  It is an interesting story about how psychic gifts can take many forms...

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