Saturday, January 30, 2010

In The Flurry of the Fury

In the Flurry of the Fury
the anticipation of hearing
your voice again
my heart beats faster
my body feels the flush of kundalini
spreading through me
pushing hard through my centers
telling me
begging me
to just let go....
its just around the corner from you
it says
or seems to....
together the three being made and remade....
It, a transforming force
for making the union complete, and taking us to a higher place.

And so as I sit wondering whether I should keep it short and sweet
I get a message from you....
and I pause and think
how on earth do I give voice to this?
No words can contain this can it?

I will go close my eyes
and breathe deep and even
and let go
as a mighty stream flows up around me
from me to you
from you to me
and back again
a zillion times
in the moment.

In the Flurry of the Fury
I feel I have come home...
rounding the corner
I see you sitting there
wearing such a wonderful smile...
Come tell me a story....
come cook with me
and relax as you shake off the miles
and lay down
while I feel all of me melts into you
and the moment
we all become one with
as a faint wintry light floods
and plays bluish on the ceiling
I say it will get warm soon
as Spring floods in as a trickle
and with it
I come alive
because I am wedded to the rhythms of earth
and now to you.

Its abundantly clear to me and my heart
that I muchly wish to be near you in the most mundane
of moments
as well as the peaks,
as light fades and candles are lit
into the night
into a host of tomorrows....
in the Flurry of the Fury...

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