Sunday, April 4, 2010

Be My Undoing

Can you be my undoing?
Can what you are
your essence
bring me to that place
where finally
like old laced shoes
or corsets
or a thousand inhumanely restrictive things
be undone
to let fall
and be quickly forgot?

Can I just say "yes"
and let the undoing take me
while what is undone reveals
what always was
serving your essence
that which you would have undone
left bare for my hungry gaze
beyond words
we return each other to what is most essential.

be my undoing.
Undo me
even if I do pull back in fear.
Pull through the bindings
the knots
reach deeper each time---
I am not familiar to your touch
ten thousand years of wandering the desert
yet your touch is what I need
I know

What is being undone
I have clung to
my only truth
in the face of few perceived options
an investment in a direction that could never serve the higher good
of me,
yet was.

Talk to me
like you are making love to me
your voice
rivulets of pure bliss
peeling their way through me
like gentle thunder
your rain shower
reminding me of what we have always been
bound to water
and sky
and earth
and fire
the necessary things
for the alchemy
needed for this time

look at me close
undo me
ruin me for any other possible use
I know I cannot follow the old pathways
yet old habits create deep ruts
and tight laces
yet still ruin me for any other use
but the One
that leads to you
and which leads me to what I have missed most.

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