Sunday, April 11, 2010


I trace kundalini in my adult life to a moment when I decided to no longer put off pursuing some questions I had had about some things that had happened to me years previously, something that was involved with a past life memory which involved a larger scale life mission kind of issue. I could not make sense of it and decided I was going to do SOMETHING to deal with it, maybe get some new insight if the fates would be so kind. New insight did not happen. What did happen was I felt lighter after having spoken to a man who was from a similar culture in which the memory happened. When I felt lighter I very soon after had an encounter with something that I can only describe as a family of consciousness, a web of being that I belonged to, and it felt like this family was my deeper self, a collective of being...many particles in a larger sea or wave of being. Once felt, my system began to go into overdrive to seek to begin the process of embodiment. This became kundalini which was the forge through which my being was slowly refined. My energy body began to be cleared of things but there was only so much that could be cleared. At a certain point I reached a place of stasis and knew it. What was I missing? Surely there was something that was missing, something I was not doing. What was that?

When we ask the universe listens. In perfect timing you came and pointed out that something had to change. From that moment on something in me changed and I could not be content with the way things had been. Something deeper began to percolate upwards as each thread was released...still more work remains, central to enabling full embodiment of my soul in flesh. The pathway to this is healing, surrender, and grace. So to this work I must go.

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