Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do You?

Do you know how much I would like to just draw you near
in each moment
contiguous with the next
on and on and on?
Do you know how much I want to say nothing
and just soak you up?
I think its been so long that for now
that is all that I can do
all my soul knows how to do
the rest are just details.

I would do anything for you
just to be near you
feeling your hand on my heart
everything in you
"Let all that has been pass through you
beyond you
and let the fire in your blood
my yearning
with the constancy of your presence
flowing all through me
as I return to your shore
the lost kingdom of your heart."

What more would I ever want?
What more has my soul EVER wanted?
When you plumb the truth of that
the answer is undeniably clear

Do you feel my longing
how if I could I surely would
but the sacred must be met with sacred
its been millenia waiting---
I can wait a few moments more.
One more moment
for the answer to my love
my yearning
my wish
my dream
my very soul.

So when the veil is drawn back
it will be
-I suspect-
in joy and freedom
simple and uncomplicated
and what was in me that always held back
would hold forth
mirroring soul to soul
as we meet
on the opposite side
of where we departed
in this journey
of a thousand lifetimes.

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