Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Student

I know you were sent to me
and I to you
a meeting in this place
swift fingers of destiny loosening the laces
the ties that bound us for so long
ultimately our undoing.

I know you are here to teach me
to reach me
to open me
to love me so I can no longer resist---
the lessons
flowing like liquid light
coming in the quiet of the moment
the mundane points
punctuated and strung
like pearls on a necklace.
The Moment is moved into transcendance
as we reach the great love
pouring through our souls...

If I could learn this way
if I could open myself
to be vulnerable
and to know
the love has always been
I just need to say "yes"
and learn
the war is over
the pain has not gone
but in our simpleness
our hands will reach for the other
childlike almost
it was less learning
more remembering.
But maybe that's the lesson.
That I can loosen the ties to your pain
is a revelation
for your healing is mine as well.

My heart loves you
I can't deny this
I have denied so much
but now its beauty moves through me
as I am able to be a channel for its glory
I am moved
so honored.
Goddess is seeking her entry into this world
and she whispers
how beautiful she thinks you are
her cherished gift
her daughter of the moon
her child turning through many colors
each sacred
I watch as she shows me what she knows I will find the most beautiful
and its everything she shows me.
Every turn
every breath

I don't care for books
or lessons
beyond never forgetting
you have been with me always
in the timeless realm
where I stare into you
and you into me
slowly merging
the love that was in us all along.
Why did it take so long?

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