Saturday, April 3, 2010


Aching to break free from the shell formed around still smaller parts
swollen and growing
the buds break free
of older forms
to create new ones.

As Spring rises up within nature
it rises up within me
as it whispers all through me
there is not a place in you
that I cannot touch
that my breathe cannot
brush against
and excite into bliss
your heart, spirit, mind, body
I love
and yearn for
in its every manifestation
in all the worlds
and places
and moments

Something in me
trained on you
I have been drawn
through cellular memory
endowed by soul
down through the ages
the road stops here
and a new one begins
bearing new direction
new voice
new ways.

No, no, no....
Not changed
but remembered.
This is a forgetting
the husk which only clings
as the bud opens
and it must drop away
its presence serving a purpose
but now, no longer
time to move on
and embrace the warming air
and kiss of sun
and caress of water

I will do what must be done
to be for you what you need.
Whatever it is that Spirit requires
I will follow.
Now it is time for diligence
and grace
and patience
and impatience
thrusting me forward
dropping the husk of the old
to feel the velvety lips of buds
unto itself
unto you
and into this new world where Spring lives in abundance.

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