Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Book

I have gone back and forth on whether to include other resources beyond my own experience, and very recently I thought it was best that I leave them out and let the telling speak for itself, but I have been doing some research into some ancient texts and I find myself at a place where I can't help BUT include these.  The main reason for wanting to include these texts is to begin to show how when presented with the truth, we sometimes sweep it under the rug.  Are we interested in knowing the truth?  Are we at a place where we are ready to begin to look at this experience in a more clear-eyed way, unencumbered by belief and dogma, seeing instead the soul which transcends all philosophy, dogma, system, or belief? 

To see this pathway means setting aside what you were taught as a child, growing up, where the gospel or dogma of the time reflected a misunderstanding of how the inner self works and how an awakening moves forward in a way that it offers liberation.  You can be awakened yet still have within you those things that keep you a slave, a term that you will see being used in the book from one of these ancient texts.  They understood how karma creates a situation whereby a person literally becomes a prisoner.  They had a way of knowing how to pluck out this "vine" by its roots.  Everything that upsets you, bothers you, throws you out of your grace filled state is the result of these positions that live inside of you as if entities unto themselves, knots of congealed awareness that cannot see beyond itself and which will effect your own awareness and keep you in a mode where you are just reacting.  The final freedom which will reveal to you the greatest love in you awaits.  This process involves bringing a part of you, the Watcher or Observer into the picture.  Its a powerful ally in the refining process if you can listen to what it has to say, and the necessary posture it will help you to take inwardly that will allow those pesky emotional issues to fall away.  It means facing up to the truth and not being afraid of it.  By bringing compassion and love into the process, we no longer are afraid of how we might be seen or treated by others.  The need to be free at this point becomes an overwhelming desire because the bliss grows with each issues you let fall away from you.  Its effect also is instantly physiological since the energy of the karma now no longer exists within you and these things have a very real effect on your nervous system and body.  It depresses the flow of dopamine, serotonin, and other compounds the body produces that help to mirror bliss in the body.  Your body was made perfect to mirror the divine. 

Its time to wipe clean that mirror of yourself if you are ready....

....and now back to those old dusty texts that I will use to help to explain how the answer is within us and the process is simpler than we might think to find that promised land of complete union with the divine.


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