Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Secret of Knowing the Future

The future can be known
but how this is done
is like a mystery
but not unknowable...
but tracing the lines as they will unfold for you
means sifting through a boundless sea of sand
each grain
a probability
to ponder
and choose.

Out of this choosing
in your future
spread a boundless sea of choices
you have already chosen
but which will you experience?

I have been dreaming the future since I was young.
Thunder Dreamers, the Heyhokah,
have the gift
and I was visited by them when young
a higher range of self
folding back unto itself.
The periodicity
linked to the new moon
was discovered
as a result of the sheer number of these dreams
offered within observation
the interconnecting principles....

Births, deaths, presidents, and world events.
I would not say I am a pro
nor pretend that I know what is behind it
except that
the moon and mass and self all play their parts---
our mass keeps us in one place
but in dream
we wander without that
and can travel through time
and find ourselves in other places
otherwhere but always where you are.

To do so requires a precision
like shooting a grapefruit with a bullet
that is flying through the air
as you too hurl through the air.
For as impossible as this might seem
it is not
for we are more than we realize
and can calculate
the pathway of stars
and plot trajectories
through time
with amazing accuracy.
What you need is that part of you which already is there
that knows the path taken
and to do this means you must step aside to let the larger
compose and crunch the numbers
to land you
on that pinpoint
out of endless ones.
And on the new moon, watch what you dream if you are inclined in this way.

Some dreams took weeks to come to pass
others took years
yet remained as fresh in the dreaming
as in the happening.

This shows that time is itself not linear
for to see with such clarity
is beyond imagining
but is held within knowing.
And if it has not happened yet
how then can such events be known in the detail they are shown?

Some part of time is not understood
for as linear as it seems
we are already there
and some part of it speaks back to us
and in dream
quiet moments
it is possible
to unwrap its secrets.

It is you, though
who must be the one to go
for no other can chart the course for you
because each choice you select can part the you I know
from the you I will know in the future
because our world is made up of infinite earths
each containing the repercussion of ever possible choice we could make
multiplied by every particle that ever moved or shifted through through course of time.
So if you can do that
you can trace for yourself
where the future 'you' now will know.

Its possible to get there
I have been going since small
and I am here to say
without mass
you can travel
through the many channels that will reveal what the future may hold
except in dreaming
we don't always know its the future we are seeing.

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