Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Are All Unfolding

If you are to know what I am
which is what you are
look first
to yourself
beyond everything that yields you
and then to my great creation
the structure of the atom
dust mote
or a star in space

As you see the most powerful lightening strike
or the rush of rivers
and the collapse of worlds
as a cosmos pulls into itself
you will then begin to glimpse
in the crush of my gravity
the measure beyond which I am known.

Beyond you
within you
in your atomic structure
their axial rotation
flowing from my love
which is my only will
which will spill out of you
and begin to pull your essence
into the seeming lonely emptiness of space
which is where still more of you exist
awaiting the time when you reach beyond
without snuffing out all life on your world
the test of becoming part of a larger world
linked to your own
by the very same
animating principle
where atoms build to make life.

I build from smallest of scales to beyond your concieving
but from this
I construct
through intent
structure upon structure
until at each level
something unifies
from single cell
to multicellular
and the being you know
the miracle being the everpresent being
always present
even in seemingly lifeless material
this is the illusion
for nothing is without life
for I am present in all
and when given the chance
will unfold into the life you know.

So look within for me
but be ready to look beyond
for I am in All
and in no place do I not reside
often hidden
for a time
from your view
all which was itself a seeming
and the path
you will take
to the stars
of your own microscopic inner world
to worlds beyond counting
which have all been cast in their own way
to experience my creation.

My creation is the field of your own playground
your elegant co-creation
where you may become as I am
as I have always been you.
Yet we will always be more.

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