Saturday, July 2, 2011


I sat, nothing to do but to sip my tea and look out the window.
Something shifted
something inside moved....
Then quite suddenly it was as though I was on fire
but not flames
I was transported
a broad sense of being was here in the room.
You looked out through my eyes
and I wondered over your storied being...
you seemed a moment confused
perhaps it was I.
But you came into me
as you always have
but this time I did not percieve you the same way
I felt you look out through me.
I was both you
and myself
all at once.
I felt your piercing eyesight
like a heavy beam
a serpent that slipped through space
with me riding its back
and dove into a neighbors home to watch as he sat
distracted at his computer
another man half a continent away sat on an old
reading some papers he had been given.

I then asked where was I to go?
Then the serpent beam slipped and moved
and I found myself going through countless towns
so fast I could barely keep up with them.

I could tell when I was going through the midwest
and their grain silos
and the flat land
and how the towns look.
It got so fast I could barely keep up with it
and in the midst of this I asked
"where am I to go?"
There was no answer.
I was dizzy from all the movement.
I stood there, feeling you all through me
looking out
through now ancient eyes
at the scene before me
and I heard simply
"Clean your car."
And I did
figuring it would make me feel better.
It was, after all, something that needed doing.

There was nothing to do,
nowhere to go.
I hadn't two pennies to rub together.
Teetering on the edge actually.
I moved through the seats
half expecting I might find something
but I didn't.
All kinds of things that were of no consequence
and all could be stufed into the bag and tossed.
At the very very end on the far side
there was a commission check
a pittance really
but enough to keep me from losing my sanity in these strange days.

As quickly as you were there
you were gone
not gone
but tuned out.
But forever you have changed how I see you
and shows me the partnership that exists
in consciousness
when we can listen to those still small voices
that tell us to clean the car
or get out of the way
or to go to Indiana or Mirabella.
Round and round cosmically we go
resolving back into the moment
with something most needed for now
in the midst of this foreverness.
Your ancient eyes looking through mine
I chuckle and smirk and ask when we can go win the lottery......

Each of us comes to this place I sense
for me it never felt so distinct
but now it does.
I can feel your ancient being
as it was from the beginning
the silent partner in all of this
the scourer of my soul
the devourer of my entanglement
and as your light is cast into realms of unknown
my eyes grow dark and full
like the new moon swinging through the clouded sky

the infinite shining out in all of us
born anew
each pilgrim awakened
pulse quickened
a lover ruined for anything of this world
who has tasted such ancient fruit
from the true vine.

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Luna Sea said...

this made me cry... not sure why... it just moved me to a big flood of tears.. I burst.. I don't know why except it is perfect.. and I feel a sense of freedom in it...