Sunday, July 3, 2011


To feel the Creator
Mother/Father/Child triad
Great Spirit
or Christ
Requires nothing more from you but devotion to a purpose
your being
your own purpose
beyond mind
singular vision and intent
for when you get there
it will not be what you expect
and in so being
will reprogram you from the inside out
and show you the divine path
out of the hard life
into the world where honey flows.
It can be much better for you
for each of us here....
but it means learning how to FEEL
to awaken to this feeling self
and when you do
you become a vessel
bit by bit
as you let go of karmas
those entangling alliances
those wrinkles in your being
as you are revealed to yourself
to this divine being
once in you
outside of you
of the great light
the greatest love you are ever going to feel.

Sitting quietly its force moves through me
just perfectly
and I go about my day doing what I must do to continue
to untangle the knots in my hair
to make myself a better suitor
for its great and expansive love.
I am its devotee....

This is not attained by or through any other but through ones self.
Each must come to the God, Goddess, or Creator, on their own.
In the midst of this
S/He will be the trickster spirit it ever was
to get you to chase after those thing that will cause you suffering
not in order that you hurt or suffer
but that you become aware that this is hurting you
standing beside you
like some divine parent
watching as you hold onto a hot branding iron
unsure of why you hold onto it
smiling saying "you can let go.....let will all be better...."
and the realization that you can let these things go
to achieve freedom
and the deepest joy which abides in whatever your conception is of a higher power
fills you bit by bit as you tease from the universe those bits of gold thread
that you use to weave the tapestry of your life
and fogive all for all they ever did to hurt you
so that the world may start anew
clean slate....
for this is the heart of the deepest and truest kindness
the greatest compasion
and boundless freedom....
looking everyone in the eye and seeing they each have equal capacity for divine....
we are like lost children
trying to find our way back
and if we could but find our way back
each of us
the world would resolve
gleaming with riches beyond all belief
as each tapestry reveals the gold won for our heart's desire
and which is bestowed freely
not greedily
but through a love that is perfect.

When you feel it flow through you
someone looks out through your eyes
it seems a bit strange
but the bliss is incredible
as you make love to this Creator
and it to you
for the language of the divine is this bliss.
Here, in this world, we have sabotaged ourselves
thinking sex bad.
Even the greatest adepts shun sex
in favor of something "higher."
This attitude shows how we do not revere the creation
and in not revering
we loath it
without realizing its just ourselves we loath
and do not love
and that grain
that bit of grit in us
serves to create seperation from divine bliss....
until we can make peace with this
we will continue with a bit of grit in our becoming
rolling around in the softest part of ourselves
until we learn to toss it out
and accept the love
that is our birthright
for ever this was as it has ever been
and when we toss out our dissease with it
we toss out the disease that has lurked in our psyche
for fear that what we felt was bad or wrong
or not acceptable.
For lain upon the alter of the divine
you will be seduced completely
and brought into the great pulse
that is the universe.
Not through shame
but out of it
you will feel how missing you have been
all this time
from the morning prayer
and continual union that is what we shall each become in our turn...
not because of any teacher
but because of that part in us within that finally has no fear
or loathing
or anger over how things have gone.
Just let it go.  You will know when it no longer affects you no matter how severe.
When you can speak kindly in the midst of their demonizing of you
will you be free....

If you ask to be shown
and lay aside all expectation or pretense
if you ask to be shown how it must be
instead of wrestling with your demons
just ask how it must be
and it will be shown to you.
When you are ready, it will happen.
There is something inevitable in all of this.
We each will come to this fire on our own
person by person
just as we left it
so shall we move back into its great light
and bliss.

If you simply give up your fear of how you might lose something
and just let it go and ask to see plainly
you will discover the most perfect love you will have ever known
for this love lays outside of karma
and the centuries of lifetimes spent killing
and abusing one another
and perpetuating a way of being that did not serve
the kingdom or samadhi or this bliss
that flows so freely through my veins
and lights up my body
in silent knowing.

You can know this
for in truth
it is simply learning how to feel.
And when you do
you will know whatever you wish to know.
By adhering to its great power
it will show you all that is yours
like a child of a great king and queen
who had a grand kingdom
to bestow upon their progeny
except this great inheritance will come to each of us
if you but ask to be shown what is your souls greatest need
the need to be brought back to the bosom of that great being
from which we all sprang
and to we each seek to ascend back to
not realizing that we each have its spark in us
and need only listen and feel into that spark
to find our way back.

This is not about wizardry or one-upping the competition.
Quietly, selflessly,
this thing turns
and does not seek to hurt or destroy of roll itself up in ego.
It is perfectly self assured
because the enitre universe is at its command.
Quietly, selflessly, following the pulse of your own divine purpose.
Like a child of a great king and queen
powerful beyond all imagining....
no child of such lineage would ever walk in fear or uncertainty.

Touching this will show you the finest love you will ever know.
It is a process of shedding
and you must be willing to devote yourself to that
knowing that the rest of infinity awaits
in perfect timing
for you to discover what is yours to be.

As your eyes are opened
you will see not the surface of life
but into it.
You will feel life
not simply gaze upon it like a stranger.
You will be one with it
through every single particle that exists
and as you finish the work of your own union within yourself
you will see that everything else exists in this state of union also.
Some life never left union
yet exist in duality on this plane
part of awareness beyond our ability to imagine.
The quiet trees and plants
to still
represent some of the most mobile of our collective awareness
and if you are able to touch with this inner touch
and see with these inner eyes
you will find a new world pulsing all around you.
It is your birthright to know this kind of seeing

Beyond your mind
beyond your conceptions
lies the heart of a Devotee...
waiting to become the perfect lover.

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