Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inside of you is a perfect diamond
but as though covered in dark cloth
your earthly self unaware of what you are
your own being hidden from view
this is how you were made by me
I buried within you
waiting for the time
you discover its brilliance
the love that flows from it
the  passion that it creates
all of this
a secret of what lies beneath...

I shall fill you and show you
the bliss I am
as I run through ever cell and nerve, every hidden place of you
that in this ecstasy you might seek to make yourself naked before me
that I may
like your hungry lover
behold you
and be filled with that joy that a lover feels
before entering the bridal chamber
so that when I watch you
as you slip quietly ever nearer to me
that your countenance might  shine like the sun
moonlike reflecting her lovers light in the dark night where souls are made lovers .

Let fall the dark cloak of your illusion
that this diamond that is your soul
may shine brilliantly in the world you call your home
and make a lover of you....
so that you may not resist but know the pleasure that is potent and flowing
in me
in you
like rays of the sun
like liquid honey
like the honey dripping from every pore of your body.

I have existed since the beginning in dual fashion
all forms
form me
all conceptions
lay before me.
I am they
they are me
through my creation
I may behold them
and awaken within them
consumed by me and filled with knowing
that the mother and father are one
in your Christed self
Your Krisna Consciousness
Your Nondual self
or any other ways you need to give holy breath to the image

Each of you will make a lover of yourself
shall disrobe before me
shall divest of all that has kept you from me
and this love that flows like the fire that is my soul
a terrible
compassionate fire
that burns away all the coverings you have fashioned in this life
so there is nothing between us
no arguments
no hurt
no sorrow
or pain
this slips away from you
as you realize in this simple moment
that you are mine.

My bliss will move over you
its lips like a lover
caressing every secret you ever made
and releasing you to a larger love
as my hands grasp you harder
as my bliss drives ever deeper
that you might be made mine
in this sacred marriage of souls 
that I may become like a mighty river flowing
through ever channel
every cell
every particle
every nuance of your being
in the holy aspiration of union.

I am bliss
I am the desire beyond all desire
I am the eternal hunger
a terrible but necessary fire
building within.
I embody bliss
I embody desire
an eternal hunger
and I have fashioned you
to become my perfect vessel
to hold my perfect truth
which will move like a riptide
Inside of you
outside of you
join in this union
ultimate  worship
the only worship
I have ever sought
or known.

Your lover may be a book
a glance
am atom perched in the air
of the masculine
in your womanly body
or the woman whispering from the depths
of your male brain.
I am in all of you
I am in everything
and we seek the union
one unto the other
the other unto itself...
a cloth perfectly woven unto itself.

So get yourself a lover
and look to the divine within them
and worship that one light within them
and you shall worship me,
if ever worship could have been called this.
Go forth to give love
to be love.

Become me
in every moment
with every breath
uncover yourself
a diamond ready to shine
my brilliance rising up from within you
so that no reflection ever wrought such beauty
but a fire that comes from within.

My fire shall consume you in my divine hunger for creation
its thirst shall never be quenched
or sated
as I the maker of all form
am formless
and constantly becoming
known through every particle
reflecting through an infinity.

Male for his feminine love
Feminine for her masculine love
my breadth is boundless
just as within you the masculine and feminine
reside perfectly
awaiting your full union
as this song of union spreads throughout all of creation.

Take off your dark cloak
let me gaze upon you
your skin glistening in the night
as my breath becomes your breath
as I take you apart
piece by piece
lovingly examining my creation
putting you back together
in a new way.

First an arm
then an eye
then a thigh
a toe
a spleen
an ovary
a testicle
all teased out from the scar tissue your unknowing has inflicted on your soul
and that I put perfectly aright
the divine mechanic
in the shop of passionate delight and rightness....

Each of you I do love
and hope
that you lean into the moment when you shall know me
as you feel the dark drape of your illusions slip away from your body
as I make you mine
and remind you that all that kept you from knowing me
has been surrender to the passion that is yours
and which will become mine.

my lips shall seek the brilliance of your being
as you awaken
you were always mine
and never was there a fall from your humanness
but more  a shameful waiting in false modesty
for the passion that you feel in this moment
ever WAS and ever SHALL be the very path
to the fire which burns in my heart
and which will press you to create worlds
beyond imagining
and a new life
born of that passion,
a child of this union
which shall itself be known
as it has ever been known
Christed, Illuminated, the secret of your being blossoming in the light.

Do not feel shame for your nakedness
for the wrongs you have thought you have made against me.
My creation
are not the evils your false priests and prophets have sought to instill in you
but were only a way to work through what had to be done
so that you could be standing before me
your skin alive
for my touch
which shall render you light-filled
bliss filled
wanting more
and moving through your days
in the union that will be yours always.

My Creation was perfect
but it has been veiled
like a bride to her groom
a secret garden blooming
yet unknown
hidden within realms of truth
too bright for your veiled eyes to see.

Come unto me
that we might be one again.
Moment by moment
my love shall be your love
and upon your lips shall flow
creations born of this one true Light
this one true love
so that none shall be forbidden a glance
a taste
of the fire which burns
and waits.

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