Saturday, June 23, 2012

Return of the Goddess

Today I came across a lovely image from the Hindu tradition....

Very nice. But there is a little problem. Why isn't the woman who is sharing in this moment have a halo, too?  It doesn't seem fair. Why wouldn't she be just as inspired as he?  Or as vibrant?  We think of halos as something that confers divinity, but I am here to tell you that this is not correct.  This is a belief.  The belief has no founding in any real truth.  Everyone puts out energy.  Everyone.  And everyone has an aura.  Everyone.  Some are stronger than others, and perhaps an enlightened being's very presence could get you seeing them because of the presence of their spiritual truth.....but its no reason why a woman ought not have on either.  Its no reason why gods and goddesses can't be on the same footing. Its a lovely image, this man getting ready to play beautiful music to his beloved.

So I took the halo and reworked it in photoshop.  I thought, this is what this image needs.  I recreated it in a more realistic light.  So the male has this lovely green aura.....a very healing energy, no?  And I gave the goddess a violet aura, very intuitive color, very spiritual too. Perfect.  So here they are, as they should be....Enjoy!

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