Friday, June 8, 2012

Where The Light Dwells

I don't need churches
or heavenly choirs
no hymns
or mudras,
no lotus half done
or vows of silence
that are dead as stone.

I find the Spirit
where spirit dwells
give me that low rumbling soul
that old time gospel
songs about a woman who has got a good man
a crooner and a lover
someone who will run to love
no fear of bearing their soul
whose mystery is wider than wonder
and deeper than the sea.

So roll with me,
let's rock the saints
and remember
it isn't about being dead and gone
but filling these hollow churches with light
and an imperishable life
as we try a little tenderness.

In places such as these
the light dwells
which peels back the night
filling it
fulfilling it
with all the heart and soul---
tapping communion wine
making beautiful stories
daring blasphemy,
bearing heaven unto earth.

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