Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Venus.  We have wanted to call this star the goddess of love.  It is a noble thing, a beautiful thing to make of the sky the brightest thing being a feminine attribute.  Unhidden, bright and shining, this is an apt way for us to remind ourselves of how we should honor ourselves, the feminine within us all.

The planet, though, is a harsh world full of acid lakes and greenhouse gasses that keep the planet unbelievably hot.  The last probe sent by Russia lasted only a few moments on its surface as it sent back misty images and a precious clutch of data.  This brilliant and hot planet, so close to the sun, has crossed the path of earth as it made its transit today.  This event has helped to remind us of how precious the feminine is in our world.  It comes only once ever century or more, so the opportunity to see the event is made even more precious and special.  Many have taken the opportunity to suggest that the event signifies the return of the feminine to the earth as all of our awarenesses are softened, gentled, and informed by her great presence.  And I say its a great opportunity to take, to remind and raise awareness.  It is a fit event to fashion to her emergence upon the planet, and what we create in the world around us does have a way of making a life for itself that goes beyond just ourselves.  Even our ideas and events have lives that go on in their own way.

I would say though that I have been beating the drum of the goddess for some time. She has been coming into her own not just on this day, but for the better part of one century and into another.  Her path continues to lay a brilliant trail behind her as the world continues to awaken to her presence in their own hearts. This cycle and trend will continue and ought be given more fuel and room to grow. For a world gone mad with control and profit margins at the risk of global peace and prosperity, her presence will do much to help build more inclusiveness and honor.

I have long felt that what we have within, we mirror in the world.  the world also mirrors back to us in a kind of feedback loop and as we change, we are also changed by what we create.  We step out of the old ways and into better ways.  Sometimes we slip, other times we bound. Along the way we sense and feel that we are in lives somehow tied to some larger order, like wheels within wheels all turning and ticking of time.  In a sense we are, and it may be that the recursive nature of time as the Maya and others saw it, may well be true. Time may be less a linear point from beginning to end as it is a spiral whereupon each cycling of the wheel presents certain opportunities not found along different arcs of its turning.  It may be that there IS some sacred number of days in a cycle and that each day offers a certain quality that repeats over and over while events themselves change and yet are formed by a quality of energy that flows recursively through time.  This may be so, and if it is so, then we have a window of opportunity to help make the best of where we are.  Truth is, we are never at any one point.  We are constantly moving and shifting.  Life is not a set of fixed positions on a dial like "off" and "low," "medium" and "high."  I rather feel it is an infinite switch as we continue to move through different atmospheres of time as we move through different atmospheres of earth as we travel through it.  So we come and go, come and go, just as our lives come and go and come again in endless the moon turns in endless cycles, as the earth moves in cycles, as the solar system turns around a galaxy which also turns.  if our bodies are cyclical, and if all matter is born of consciousness, then consciousness is itself cyclical, pulsing, rhythmic.  Ebbing and flowing, building and falling.  But within this, there is no absolute; we can rise and reach what we have never found before and then fall back while still bearing that great illuminated state.  We do not lose what we have lost unless we ourselves chose to love it.  Jumping high, we grasp the better fruit of our becoming and settle back to earth for another try later.  We do not lose the fruit.  We fall back and reflect on the great jump made just moments before.

So it is with the feminine, and so it is with the masculine.  We are each coming to grips with what these mean for us individually and collectively. A new face of the masculine emerges as his consort moves into the bright light of day. Perhaps our leaping will be for good and it will make us hungry to know what those fruits taste like.  And perhaps for the second time we will eat of this tree of knowledge and realize that it was our shame that made us separate.  No one nor any god could or would keep us from knowing that while we can see good an evil as seemingly separate, we can heal the separation within each of us.


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