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Healing The Light Body

I have something juicy for you.  Give it some time to sink in, and as you do, keep reading.  This is one simple yet powerful way to change your life for the better. Within this is lifetimes worth of imprisonment and misunderstanding fueled by hurt and your old wounds.  Let yourself read on, for the material gets good as it gets wrapped up…..I have written about this before on this blog, but this brings in some new elements that can help you in freeing yourself from the past. It is a game changing method or way of understanding the way things go.
One of the hardest things for us to do is to reflect on our own karmic entanglements.  Little do we know how it affects our light body.  Its so hard for us to do that we literally spend lifetimes trying to work our one small issue that deals with self love, for example.  Over and over, we will experience the defeat of having lost something or someone, for example, always looking past the karma at the effects, never turning a bright light on why certain things in our ever-so-short lives repeat as they do. 
Your energy or light body is made to work perfectly as a conduit for the energy of the cosmos.  Lifeforce is more than merely the body operating within certain limits that involve trillions of chemical actions and reactions every second.  When you finish with all of the biology, we are all left with the HOW but not the WHY.  Lifeforce is the WHY.  Your light body can bring you an over abundance of energy if you let it.  Here is where the abundance makes you feel incredible.  When people undergo awakening, or activate what is known as kundalini, they are bringing into their light body a process that opens the doorways to more energy.  This energy is aware and blissful, and the more you feel, the more blissful you are.  Its quite simple, really. The problem, though, is that karma causes rips or tears in the etheric body that lays you open to all kinds of influences.  Why?  Like attracts like.  Think of karma is being just like a computer virus that replicates itself.  Karma is itself an attachment to an old hurt, what I call The First Cause.  This first cause can turn in you, keeping an old wound fresh for lifetimes.  As long as this wound is fresh in you, it keeps getting re-opened because it happens to attract its mirror.  You will keep getting hurt in the way you had originally when the First Cause came about.  This could have happened scores of lifetimes ago and while you may not have been gifted with memories from these other times, experiences in awakening are revealing just how recursive these hurts have been for us.  We can’t let go of them, so they stay in us, and because they lay low in the subconscious for most of the time, we ordinarily do not think or reflect on them until some event takes place that acts like salt on that old wound and which drives the feeling to the surface.  Its in that moment of stinging pain that hardly anyone says “I am going to step back from this searing pain and ask myself why I am feeling this way to begin with.”  No, this hardly happens because in that moment, we are all just trying to tread water in that moment and we just want the hurt to go away. So quite naturally, we do not pause to reflect. You might find yourself reflecting once the hurt has subsided, but by that time, the virus that is that old pain turning in you has begun to sink into your nether world of the subconscious self.  The opportunity for stopping in the moment and stepping back some never happens, and as it turns out this is how we root out these old hurts…..when “everyone” involved is still at the scene of the crime.  I know that this might not sound right to you, but I promise you that most often we deal with the hurt or fear only when we are faced with it.  Its almost as though we need to be facing the 180° turn from bliss into fear or hurt that we actually are able to transform it.  Now, this is not an absolute, however, but realize that absent having the hurt present, you will have to have a proportionate level of compassion on hand and a willingness to face the mystery of it in its absence in order to bring about the process of self transformation.  The biggest healing happens most often in the face of greatest adversity.  The bigger the risk, the larger the reward. The only way I can describe it is that its an energetic principle.  If you are extremely insightful and disciplined, you can let it go without the bruhaha within.  
People talk about entities, negative forces, and how we are to protect ourselves.  In truth, the only reason why there is a “negative force” in our field is due to something that is yet to be resolved.  This is the karma, an old record or program running in the subconscious that keeps you from being able to glimpse your divinity, to know who you are deeper down, the real you. This creates karma something akin to a tear in our field.  In all truth, there is no physical tear because the light body does not work that way.  We are applying a very physical notion on something that works on a different set of principles.  In truth, we simply attract what we wished we didn’t into our fields because that old broken record is still there playing in us and it creates this attraction.  We might use sheer force of mind to try and keep things out of our immediate awareness, but this is more like cordoning off a small portion of your awareness while other parts are wide open.  You do not see their influence even though it is there.  This works only as a stop gap, but does not eliminate the problem, but many people in their practice do use this and it seems to work for a while, but this is not the whole story.

Most often, we are not aware of how these little “viruses” serve to make us to feel.  We might have lived with them for lifetimes, and have grown used to how they have acted as a filter in ourselves, literally changing how the energy feels coming into us. Its because we spend so much time dealing with the broken record that we are unable to access our own inspiration, our own divine state.  Without thinking about it, we actually become habituated to an old meme, an old feeling, and even though its destructive, we will seek out those people and events that will wind up giving us the feeling that we have so grown used to, even without realizing that this is happening. It winds up feeling natural because we have nothing else to compare it to.  But deeper down, you have an awareness that can bring you glimpses into what could be felt differently.  It is this same self that opens the doors to awakening within you and begins to also show you a new way to be.  Even in the midst of awakening, though, a hard energy can merely be amped up ten-fold so it FEELS powerful, but its not clear…..its being run through the filter of the karma.  This is why awakening will never bring you the instantaneous total enlightenment that you think it could or should be.  You still have to heal those "tears" in your field.  
What happens to you when you do this?  I rather feel that people know deeper down that its a much better place.  It is.  Its a feeling as though your own energy system has gone from hiccups to purring like a finely tuned automobile, maybe a jallopy that is now more like a race car.  That old jallopy got you down the road and seemed to work okay, but now you have this vehicle that is perfect for extradimensional travel.  Its not just a feeling of flow, its a feeling as though its all perfect.  Thought is clearer, feelings are solid.  There are no hiccups, or far far fewer hiccups. As you heal each virus running in your system, you allow your system to run that much more efficiently. Bliss fills you immediately.  Its as though the old stick in the mud is pulled out of its old hole and new energy fills the space.  The payback is instantaneous, you see.  
So how do we resolve these old karmas, hurts, wounds, or viruses running in our system?  The way is through forgiveness.  If you consider for a moment how karma makes you react, it always does so by getting you wound up within emotion.  Ego is there, helping you to identify in a singular way with how someone or something made you feel.  You wind up seeing the person who hurt you but you do not stop and consider the larger aspects at work.  If you follow the Law of Attraction to its conclusion, then you attracted this.  
Now stop and consider in this moment what is on the other side of the equation.  That person, who you attracted, is acting out based on their own hurt.  Ego will say to you in this moment that they were being selfish, cruel, uncaring.  But this is what our wounds do to us.  It keeps us from thinking and being rational about the larger picture.  We merely react.  But if we DO step back for a moment we can begin to see how the kid that beat up our own child or the bully on the playground was also acting out of their own hurt.  Does this mean that we simply let someone off the hook? Yes, you do let them off the hook.  This is what forgiveness does.  Its as though you turn away and say “I will not seek justice against this person, they are choosing to weave this in their own life. I will no longer be involved in this. Whatever comes to them comes to them as a result of their OWN karma, their OWN choice.”  By doing this, you allow them the freedom to be who they are, and their own karma will have a way of continuing to bring them what they mirror.  People who act this way will wind up in their own lives having to come face to face with the consequences of their own actions, but tell me, what good does it do to you to become enmeshed in their karma?  By gaining satisfaction that they will “get theirs” you are still quite within the karma yourself.  When you let go of all investment in whatever the problem is, you also let go of the energy and it will cease attracting these same people in your life. It may help to step back and consider what the other person is going through, right or wrong.  Very rarely do people at in a mean way who have themselves been the brunt of the same behavior.  You don’t have to even forgive all of this, you just have to forgive them and yourself. But if this is too hard, consider how it might have been for them for a moment,because when you do this, you are literally inviting compassion into your field of awareness long enough to make some shifts possible.
Maybe this person felt belittled in their life, and went on to somehow make themselves feel better by acting on the only behavior they knew, which was to somehow press their own superiority in the moment, their own piece of control over things.  In that moment, what we do not stop to consider is that in bullying or hurting someone, we never make ourselves feel any better….but remember, in that moment, we(or our bully) aren’t acting based on all the information.  We are merely reacting.  And yes, reaction or action IS a CHOICE.  Ego will say “yes, but they CHOSE to act that way.” This is true, but it is also true that they were acting on the wound.  They chose to go with the wound just like everyone else tends to do, but does this make any of this right?  it does not make it right on their end, but neither does it make it right on your end even if its being done TO you because in reacting, you are hurting yourself by staying in that cycle of action/reaction.  Does any of this help us to move forward?  Forgiveness.  
What forgiveness does is it makes your light body slippery in these instances.  The energy flows through you and away from you.  If there is nothing impeding its way, its more like the wind instead of an insult, or hurt.  If you happen to mirror someone who is doing this and you merely react based on the old energy, you will pull that energy into yourself and it will result in your own reaction.  This will keep the ball being tossed back and forth until someone simply stops and says “no more, I quit.”  When you quit, you don’t just use your will to stop the behavior, you allow yourself to forgive completely so the stickiness of your field does not allow the behavior to affect you.  In that moment, you will never be bothered by such actions again.  They will quite literally fade from your life from that moment onward.  If you merely use force of will to say you will no longer react, you DO help to allow the energy to fade some, and this is a good thing, but unless the root of the problem has not been pulled up entirely, it will come back to you in another relationship. 
Psychologists recognize that people who have had abusive relationships in their childhood, say in their family life, will go on seeking out people who will wind up abusing them later in their adult life. The reason for this is because the person was unable to get past it.  They were unable to forgive the people and the situations.  Because of this, they were kept in the cycle of this energy, this behavior, until they were able to grapple with it.

I once had a friend in high school many years ago whose father used to be outwardly emotionally abusive.  He showed how he wished she had not been born. She got in the way of his having the life he wished he had had he been without her.  That is a pretty hard one to take.  She grew up and left home and she went on to have relationship after relationship that involved this same form of abuse.  Time and time again, she would be rejected by the men in her life, often in rather spectacular ways.  She once called me at two in the morning in tears wanting to know why on earth she seemed to have radar for these kinds of men.  They all seemed perfectly great in the beginning, but always would do the same kinds of things to her. It wasn’t that there weren’t any good men out there, she was just attracting all the ones that mirrored this old wound of hers.  It was all done entirely unconsciously.  Her own karma served to create the attraction to these men in the first place, otherwise, she would not have considered their advances, their kind words seeking to woo her.  Now, some twenty-four years after the fact, she remains, as best I can tell, single.  Until she is able to find the means to forgive, this energy will turn in her, and it will be taken into her next life where it will play out with yet another parent, and then on into her adult life yet again.  The cycle will continue until the light goes on in her head and she summons the courage, the strength, and the inner love to free herself once and for all. This is what I mean when I say that these karmas are very hard to dispense with.  We merely react instead of stepping back and considering that while, yes, its being done to us, what is the other side to this?  The person is acting out on their own hurt….right or wrong….and regardless of how right or wrong we might want to see all of this, what makes the difference is what WE do in that moment.  
So you forgive.  Absent being able to forgive, consider that this is something you have associated with for a very long while and the tendency to be knee-jerk is habituated in you.  Continue stepping back from it. In this case, learning to be aloof at least for now will give you an inch of breathing room. Next time, it will give you two inches.  The next time it will give you five.  As each time that this same situation occurs, you can choose to react differently.  This is like digging yourself out of a hole when you weren't able to just walk away from the hole.  Its a start if you can't just let it go completely.  Use your imagination for a moment and imagine how free you could feel by not feeling like some old behavior bothers you anymore. Feel this.  Let it wash over you. Then tell yourself that you are going to call upon your higher resources to bring you the sense of forgiveness that you yourself cannot feel.  Ask to be led.  Your higher self is invisibly close to you, and you need only ask and then be patient.  Be open to becoming inspired.  
There is one thing that has been highly useful for people in all of this and it involves “giving it over to God.”  I am not a big one for the Christian dogma, but even a blind dog will catch a bird every once in a while!  And this is one method that Christianity has gotten right.  You can give it up to ANYTHING, though…..but whatever it is, you have to have some investment or belief in it in order for it to work for you.  If you can give it over to some higher power effectively, you can simply unburden yourself of it completely.   Let it be someone else’s issue. God can certainly handle our big problems as though they were nothing.  And certainly the love that the deity is can take all of our problems away. The deity knows that when you can let go of all of that junk, you will have come closer to it and to your own inner truth. If you consider that the deity is the sum total of all realities, all worlds, and all things plus a little extra, how big do you think your struggles are in comparison to a consciousness that it like that?  Miniscule.  If you think it will work for you, it can be a very potent method for gaining ground for yourself.  You see, you are not here to right the world.  You are here to realize what is right in YOUR world. Once you do that, and only when you do that, will you ever be able to help others.  Only then will you have the capability to work the larger issues. 
Another thing you could do is to imagine taking all of your problems and put them into a small boat and then untie the boat form the dock and push it out to sea.  Say to the sea “This was never mine, but I made it mine.  I am sorry for taking these things on, please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.”  And then in the cool dusky light, let the boat slip away from the dock as it heads out to sea. The current will gently take it and it will no longer be any concern for you. Keep doing this until you feel free from it.  The one key to all of this is visualizing it clearly.  This is where the power of the imagination works wonders. 
You could also do as I once did, which was to imagine standing by the ocean, on the sand with the wave licking at your feet as you imagine all your problems, all your issues going into a giant trunk.  You let them go into that trunk nd you close it up and say “this was never mine, but I did make it mine.  I am now returning it to you the great ocean of forgiveness so I can have a new life…please forgive it, I let it all go....”  You can use other methods, whatever your imagination suggests that is best for you.  You see, your imagination will lead you to inspiration if you let it, and inspiration is your own divinity.  I promise you.  The more inspired you can be, the better you will be in dealing with the broken record of karma.  Its in the inspired moment that your own divinity is talking and it can lead you out of this whole situation.  
There is another method that is one that is really remarkable, and I am leaving it for last.  Its based on a Hawaiian healing method called Ho’onoponopo
Imagine how I felt when I began reading up on this technique.  I had learned in my awakening how these old programs made us do what we do not want to do, but how to break out of them?  This was all karmic, and it limits us.  A friend told me about Ho’onoponopo.  It was not full of techniques, methods.  It was amazingly simple.  I will let a student of one of the people responsible for its popularity to speak for herself as she writes (link included below) :
When we were growing up and too young to know how to defend our minds we absorbed everything that was going on around us and interpreted the meanings based on our understanding of the world as a little child.
Those beliefs are still running our lives to this day.
When we don’t release the erroneous thoughts we do not act with free will as most suppose we do. We are certainly not able to act from inspiration with memories playing.
Our responses and reactions are coming from a memory. A place inside us where a memory resides. A memory which, we are probably not aware of that has attached, “un-consciously”, the meaning of a certain situation.
A certain situation or circumstance happened at some point in our past and it could be before we were born. It could have been a memory from an ancestor, relative or family member.
Somehow, a decision was made about the meaning of that situation and when we are confronted with something that triggers that memory in us today - we are not choosing how we will respond in the moment.
It could have been as innocent as a child overhearing a parent repeat the phrase “it isn’t easy” as it was with me. I spent a lifetime working harder than I needed to because somewhere inside of me, without my conscious awareness, I just knew, in order to be successful you had to work hard.
If the memory continues to play and we do not clear it - we can not hope to control our decisions today.
How often do you ask yourself why you do the things you do not want to do? Why for example can’t you accomplish the things you believe you want for your life?
For me, I wondered what it was I was working so hard for. I wasn’t enjoying my life - all I did was work. It wasn’t until I was able to release that limiting belief and others that I was able to move into the flow of my life.
Into that place where creation is easy and effortless. A place that has nothing to do with “it isn’t easy”.
You know the difference between an inspired action and one that is playing from a memory if you just observe yourself.
There are only two possibilities, we are either acting out of inspiration or memory. We know when it feels good and we loose track of time and are fully present in the moment that we are acting out of inspiration.
When we can’t quiet our minds and seemingly small things frustrate us; when our reactions to a situation seem bigger than the situation warrants…or simply when we are not living the life we want to live…we are working from a place of memory.
Observe how you are feeling in any moment and you will know if you are living in memory or inspiration. A little trick I learned from Dolf de Roos was to set a timer or your palm pilot or ipod or whatever you use at noon and say 3:00 pm. When the alarm goes off - just notice whether you are in inspiration or memory.
You will be able to tell - remember, inspiration feels good. You will be absorbed in what you are doing. The alarm should snap you back into this world so to speak.
This is the same thing I have been talking about… we do what we do not want to do, how gripped we are by this past hurt.  Its in the words of its author Fran Horvath, memory.   The technique is simple.  It involves finally taking responsiblity for everything you see, that you come into contact with, understanding that it came about as a result of something unhealed in you which you have attracted all this time.  The method that Dr. Len taught to her and countless others was one that had allowed him to heal himself and in so doing, it released the problem in the other person.  This is just how potent this kind of healing is, and is what I have saved for the last; there is the possibility for you not just to heal yourself, but also the part of the person involved in the entanglements you have thus far experienced!  Sound impossible? Isn’t healing something that we agree to?  Yes. But karma also becomes a contract just as healing can be a contract, or agreement to do something.  In this way, more than one person is involved in the healing when you change the energy.  Now THAT is pretty cool.  And it happens.  When I have let go of age old karmas, the people around me who were caught up in them changed.  At the time, and in my situation, I didn’t test them or question them to find out more, but their actions certainly showed the change quite clearly.  One day they were acting mean, then next day they made offers and actions that were much more fair and considered.  
So Fran Horvath lays out the technique simply and directly.  Try it and let me know how it works for you!  You say this as though you are speaking to the broken record, to the thing in you that caused the problem to begin with.  You are thanking it for making you aware of the problem in the first place.....
The way we dust ourselves off is through 4 simple phrases:
  • I love You
  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
When you observe an undesired feeling or thought - ask yourself what is it in me that created that “feeling”?
Your super-conscious petitions divinity for release of the memory. You are addressing your subconscious, your inner child, when you repeat the 4 phrases.
Your inner child is the one who holds the memory. You are asking the child for forgiveness for holding onto the erroneous thoughts. Your petition never goes directly to divinity.
There is always the filter of our memories that transforms our petitions to what divinity eventually hears. We must clean the filters so that we can return to the original state.
I hope that this has helped to bring awareness to this one issue that can change your life.  You can go from banging your head against the wall to having life run much more effortlessly.  Its true.  I am proof of it.  You just have to let the old stuff go so that your system can get back to working at 100%.   
Feel free to share this, because the more people know this one technique, the stronger its effect will be.  Imagine clusters of people all doing this type of work….releasing and healing others.  A hundred people can grow to a thousand very quickly.  A thousand can grow to a million in a very short time.  At this point, the effect on the Collective self becomes undeniable.  Its one reason why we are waking up in the numbers that we are.  Its less that we are coming into a gallactic alignment and more that we have been slowly turning towards this culminating event that just so happens to coincide with these larger events.  It was in a sense fated because of the power of numbers.  And in this way, the power of numbers can continue to work miracles. So I urge you to pass this on to others for the powerful effects that it can have.  
Here are a few articles on the method of Ho’onoponopo for your reading pleasure:
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The following three videos are part of a larger interview....these should be enough to get you into the material enough for you to decide if you want to watch the whole video.  Highly recommended!

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