Thursday, June 7, 2012


It is time to cast aside the conceptual veils that have served to frame what we think kundalini is.
For ages we have relied on what others in the past have had to say, never once asking ourselves if this is true in our own experience.  Because we have not, our experience has been informed, blinded even, by those old concepts.

Kundalini is said to rise....separate currents of feminine and masculine seen as two serpents moving up the spine.  Some have said kundalini is the feminine Shakti as she moves upward to meet the masculine Shiva in the crown.  I ask you, how have we arrived at this when it is so clear what is happening?

The moment you feel kundalini moving in you you are experiencing the Truth of the divine. The bliss you feel is their union from the moment they dive into your body.  They are not struggling to merge into one, they already are.  They are an extra temporal gift to your awareness in duality.  How have we taken what is one and made it two?  Because that is how we think. It must be man and woman, woman and man. Isn't that how it is in the physical?  How can man and woman be one?  How can yin and yang be one?  In much the same way that the Hindu tradition described Shakti AS kundalini force, raw and unrefined, she, according to the story, must move upwards through the body to reach her counterpart Shiva in the crown.  He resides there in perfected splendor. Now here is a perfect way to understand how your belief and your thinking can blind you and alter your experience.  Here are millions of Hindus who believe this is so, and others follow because surely they must know.  And yet, if the power of kundalini comes about from their union, then why must Shakti rise and perfect herself? Why is Shiva already perfect yet waiting for her?  Why would one be refined while the other is not?  The answer is cultural.  It is a patriarchal society and women do not hold the same place as men. Its just as reasonable to make an argument that its men who are the unrefined ones, for aren't they the ones who have done the raping and pillaging and warring to the tune of billions killed over the centuries?  Isn't it the women who most often have the civilizing effects on their families and culture? Don't they take the dull and drab and seek to make something beautiful of it?  The only reason why Shakti must rise is because of cultural bias, and this is very simple. When you look at the culture and ask a few reflecting questions for why something is so, your eyes begin to be opened. And why would people ignore the feeling of the union in their bodies and seek to reach so far to seek to fit a bias to a phenomenon that is perfectly clear before them?  Karma.  Karma blinds us to what is true. We wind up seeing what we want to see, what the karma itself has been telling us. It keeps us from finding the truth, for we are not being true to ourselves.  As long as we are not true to the divine, our eyes will be clouded and the experience of kundalini will be limited.  It will move through you, yes, and great things will come, but there will be limits.  Even the same gurus and sages know that karma limits.  When we are willing to take the step to see things differently, remarkable things can happen. An explosion of realization can occur, and awakening can broaden.  The engine of kundalini is the realization of their union in you. They ARE bliss.  They are nothing less.

What is different is your awareness. You feel kundalini rise.  You feel it ebb and grow. And yet who asks why this is so?  Even the most seasoned seem to feel its a great mystery.  It is no mystery at all. Feeling kundalini is like sitting in a garden and seeing the splendor of it all.  the sun beats down on you, warming your body, the water flows, the grass sparkles with dew and the flowers are arching into the sun.  Its wonderful. You feel a thrill just to be there.  You allow yourself to be inspired.  You are seduced by the moment.  This is kundalini.  You let it into your awareness more.  As you do, you feel it more.  The garden has always been there, its all in how you have chosen to be seduced by it. How you have chosen to be inspired by it.  A month ago, sitting on the same spot, the garden looked broken down.  You bore loathing and anger in you.  The sky looked dim, the water did not sing.  Everything took on a bleached look.  Was it the place that was doing this, or was it just you being disconnected from the thrill and wonder of it all? How you allow yourself to feel WILL have an effect on kundalini. It is IN you. YOU choose how to feel. You can turn on or you can turn away.  You can say yes or you can say no.  What you believe is possible governs your experience.  How you feel governs it to.  You can literally kill of kundalini by feeling so cut off and alone.  It happens to people all the time.

In each moment, the union of the two as one builds incredible energy when you give yourself to it.  When you do, their energy seems to move upwards through the energy centers, sweeping away all the junk from the past as you turn ever closer to the divine reality.  For an energy that moves at light speed, it seems silly to suggest it moves like a snake. It feels like this, yes, but its moving that slow IN your awareness only.  If given the chance, it would shoot right up through you.....and sometimes it does at light speed, for this is in truth the nature of its energy.  It is faster than fast, you see.  Its great truth visits each center in your body as you are ready for it, and as your awareness opens, slowly, it moves slowly into it.  The thing that is slow is your awareness, not the energy.  It burrows down into every cell. It bears its simple truth of unity of all things being connected through them.  They are the entirety of the universe.....all of it.  But to accept this truth, you must turn away from the karma and to the truth.  It is this action that begins to loosen the karma within you from the moment you do this. The more you allow yourself to turn from your notions of what you thought to something seemingly new, your experience can change.  Which would you prefer, a method for being that is aligned divinely, or one that is based on a myth with distortions and inaccuracies? Which do you think will get you to your own inner truth?

As you are better able to bear them into larger portions of your awareness, you become aware of them as present in that place within you in direct proportion to your ability to let them into that place within you, while they help you to realize what you are in the simplest of ways.  It is elegant, it is silent, it is gentle, and it is empowered. Its glance fertilizes worlds and gives birth to great possibilities.  It is here to guide and remind you of your simple divine nature by simply being in union.  As you learn to come into the same union within the arrangement of your awareness and being here, you fall into divine alignment with the universe. You realize yourself as IT. These are the cosmic parents modeling the one lesson, the one commandment that has ever existed.  So for some it is seen as a sexual union, for some that is how it is experienced, the heiros gamos.  But I say to you; they ARE this.  Already.  Always. Learn from them what their mere presence will show you.  Then ask how you can be like them and your life will lead you when you allow yourself to be led. Let what you think you know go by the wayside.  The more I was able to see these "two" as one, the deeper the experience.  Their bliss comes about from their touch, their eternal kiss.  This higher union that is serves as my one religion, my one sacrament, the one example for helping the earthly self to unfold into their great truth.  This truth is reflected dimensionally into other realms of experience and echoes through all things.   My own "higher" soul resides in the same way in perfect and continual union with its feminine.  He gazes into her as she envelopes him in a great soul kiss that is her entire essence taking him into herself, loving him and cherishing him in her utterly perfect way.  Their gazes are measured in centuries, their smiles in decades, their words are worlds tumbling out of them. This is the one thing I know to be true and real at the very core of what I am.  It is the place where all seeking stops and being begins.  It is also where kundalini can begin if you cast aside those old veils and be willing to see it as it has always been.  This is available to all if you can take it.

It has never been two.  It has always been one. it is time to feel this reality in order that each are known for what they are; equals and cherished.  A universe in one.

UPDATE (1/30/2013) :  My how time changes things.  I was having a conversation with someone about kundalini and how it was perceived in her awareness. I said it was so clearly a twin force in me, and she said "That is not how I felt it at all.  It felt like the GODDESS in me!  No doubt, absolutely, goddess energy!"  I did a double-take "Really?"  I asked, incredulously.  I couldn't believe it, but here she was saying this was so certain in her experience that there was not even a way to mistake it.  So I sat there, my old notions getting a subtle reformation.  the moment we experience something and KNOW how ti feels, someone comes along and changes that completely.  I think because I feel so certainly that this is universal energy that I think it must naturally be the same for each of us.  And I can't even say that I can figure out why it would seem like the Goddess for one and something different for another.  Anything I might assume might well bear the blinders that I myself am responsible for.  I could say to myself "Well, she must have some sort of filter or is blind to the masculine side of the force, then" and congratulate myself in finding the truth and put it out of my head.  And yet, people's experience MUST be important, MUST be heeded and used as the measuring stick until something else comes along to change that view.  If we rely on experience, then we must also honor it.  Even if it presents a mystery, or paradox.  

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