Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sidhis, Energetic Entanglements and Awakening

I was just sitting out on my porch taking in the cool night air and something came tumbling down into me, a kind of realization. Its a simple one, and I am going to share it with you.

You have two parts to your awareness.  In truth, there aren't two parts, but they have been partitioned off as a result of past hurt and trauma.  One phase of your awareness concerns itself with individual awareness while the other involves itself with a much more far reaching realm of awareness, something that I call Waveform Awareness. Like the particle/wave duality in physics, these two aspects behave in much the same way as particles and waves.  Your individual awareness tells you that you are individual, a discreet particle of awareness separate from everything else.  For as hard as it may be to believe for some, there is another awareness that is experienced during peaks awareness and in the midst of awakenings that reveals a very different and much broader landscape of consciousness.  The challenge has been even knowing that this waveform awareness even exists let along how to anchor it in awareness in any meaningful way.  Absent this, most people are utterly convinced that the particle form of awareness is THE way we conduct business here. But that isn't so.  its been the mainstream, but this is rapidly changing as more and more people begin to have experiences in nonduality, ascension symptoms, kundalini, awakening, or any aspect of this phenomenon that is very much part of the human experience, albeit somewhat hidden from view for many.  What has happened to partition these two parts of from us has been how our old hurts have caused us to turn away from waveform awareness and by definition, also from the Source of All Life.

These hard feelings I am talking about literally lodge themselves in your body.  They are attached to your awareness, and they flow from the nonphysical self all the way down into the flesh (since its all connected and of one piece even if it seems to you that it is not).  These hurts or issues are not just contained in the brain, but literally reside along your energy body, subtle lines of force that are known in eastern traditions as nadis and meridians.  The brain is a recording device, so yes it registers the event, but there is more to it than that, and we now have a lot of evidence to support this claim.

The larger energetic reality of what you feel and know is contained all through your being.  We know this even though science has sought to suggest its all the brain. We KNOW that we "shove" things down.  We ask what our heart says.  We know that trauma can be relived when its released through deep tissue massage.  The same happens when the brain is massaged or stimulated in certain places  I felt this once during a massage that involved a part of my body that had been injured that was also involved in feelings of having been betrayed by people in my family.  When I was hurt I was treated rather harshly for needing to take time to heal.  I carried this in the shoulder without knowing it and felt it exit during the massage. Our bodies, our energy bodies, perhaps more correctly, register these experiences and then carry them as long as we do not deal with them. It seems as though the record of the event is in the brain while the content of the feeling resides in the body. We know that the body has its own intelligence and that despite no brain activity the body will respond in the most amazing of ways such as the Lazarus Reflex.  Its a strange thing, but it happens almost universally amongst people who no longer have brain activity and are being kept alive on life support, for example.  There is something more there than what the brain is conferring.

This material accumulated, lodging itself in the energy field as well as the brain.  The energy field is itself a giant sensing organ.  Its nonphysical, but its what survives after death. After so much of this material accumulates within it, it effectively slows and darkens our perceptual ability. The self becomes divided, partitioned as it were.  The vast storehouse of possibility within the larger self is effectively choked off.  When you awaken, this material is sloughed off to a degree.  The result?  Abilities emerge.  Psychic abilities.  You can feel what others around you feel.  You can see things from a distance.  You can know things that cannot be known through the physical senses. Sidhis, or abilities, are  natural by-product of this clearing process.  This, I contend, is the natural result of our returning to our Essential State (or getting much closer to it than ever before).  I say, then, that it is in all of us to have these abilities.  They are not merely for the select few. It is part of our consciousness.  What I have observed is that different people will have different abilities.  It all depends on ones turn of mind, I think.  So naturally you will likely see a range of different abilities based on how that person is made up, how they are focused and what their interests are.

So much of your awareness has been land-locked by all the material inside of you. As you read this, you wonder just what this is.  You even doubt that I know what I am talking about....after all, surely you would know its there. The thing is, you don't.  You don't because so much of the shit from your life has been shoved so far down that it now lies in the subconscious. Even Freud knew this, but he never went far enough to discover the source of all of this material. He never made the cognitive leap to put two and two together. All of this is repressed material, and what is repressed comes back as dysfunction. But most people don't even have enough awareness to know how dysfunctional they are. They need some radical wake-up call just to get them to see it. Otherwise, its business as usual.  The world looks like a world that is half asleep to me. With so much material shoved down, this means you have this graveyard that you stay away from.  Its a grave yard inside of you.  You keep all that stuff out of your mind because to contemplate it is just too much.  This effectively estranges you from yourself.  You have an entire portion of your awareness that is now relegated to the backlot of the mysteries.  What you have is your individual awareness, and this part tells you a convenient lie that you are individual, separate.  Its not the whole story. Its one part of a much larger realm of your being. But as a result of this state, your function as a human being has been attenuated greatly.  You are effectively a house divided.  This, amazingly, has been how things have been for thousands upon thousands of years.

The interesting thing is that whenever someone wakes up from this dream and comes back and says this isn't all there is, everyone else almost always seeks to kill that person. Like they are crazy. The world actually has bought into a delusion and they will fight like hell to keep that delusion in place. The deeper the delusion, the more heinous the crimes, the more violent the effort is to keep the blinders on. We say our sages and gurus are wise and lovely people because we want to be seen as people who value spirituality without really knowing just what this is even about. Our old dry canals of leaders and priests really are without a clue.  They are too busy with creating the appearance of being someone to look up to even though they are without a clue what any of this is about.

I know.  I sound pretty harsh.  I realize just how frustrated people can become when they see how the world is....and sometimes I am amazed. Perhaps I shouldn't be. Perhaps I should just realize that this is how it is and get on with it.

I think we are here to realize our divine natures.  I think this is our ultimate task and no other. When we do this, we receive a great freedom, a great blessing.  But even this is difficult because our world of ego has made it so. By removing the layers of material, we resolve back into a clear-eyed being again.  We move back to the Garden of Eden.  We travel through time, we are placed back at the beginning....except time we do not go back in time, we loop back to that point and touch upon that same state HERE NOW. Heaven is here and now. All of this is like undressing before the cosmos.....we take each layer off, revealing our truth deeper down. As we remove all that we thought we needed, removed all that made us feel shame and guilt and fear, the universe tells us that its okay.  It never came to judge....and we realize in that moment that everything here was put in place by very human beings and made to sound divine. God never judges, for God is within.  We do not need a judge, for we judge ourselves....but the problem is that karma is not true divinity.  Karma is turning from the divinity.  How can e know the divine with all of this very human junk clinging to us?  As it all falls away, the realization is that no one did this to us.  We each did this to us, even the most abject suffering and states of poverty and all the rest.  Somewhere we could not believe that the divine didn't have the power to take care of us PERFECTLY if we just let it. And in not believing, we FELL away from it.  We have been struggling ever since.  What we struggle with is the accumulation of all this junk. It closes us off in every way.

As you remove the ghosts of the past from you, you can see more clearly with the eyes of the present. Unhindered, you feel like a new person.  Each element that falls away clears the lens of your awareness even more. You are becoming like the first woman, the first man.

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