Friday, June 1, 2012

The Book: Waking The Infinite

Very soon I will be posting some pages from the introduction to my book Waking The Infinite.  I have been hard at work editing and getting a very large work down to a more manageable size. The work is going well and I would like to share with you some things covered in the book

  • The story of my own awakening-since it was not a textbook case, its worth noting as the phenomenon broadens
  • The protective effect awakening has on the light body
  • The effect the quantum field has on experience
  • how the shift fuels synchronocity
  • its more than synchronicity---learning to fuel the universe
  • the role of karma in awakening and broadening awakening
  • how karma can tear your light body, inviting numerous effects through the Law of Attraction
  • the soul connection:  understanding Twin Souls, and Twin Rays in a new light
  • the role of karma in soul connections
  • reaching beyond old cognative boundaries to consider the far reaches of what awakening can bring
  • a powerful means of understanding how the physical system holds onto past trauma and karma
  • understanding the role of forgiveness in an expanding Awakening
  • The role imagination plays, how it opens us to the opening of the soul to awakening
  • how inspiration is connected to grace, and how grace can lead you to speeding release of old karma
  • beyond The "science" of kundalini:  how to keep perspective while glimpsing the mystery
  • Practice Elements:  Understanding how Practice works to craft methods that work powerfully
  • The truth about ego death
  • The non-locality of awakening
  • and much more

Currently there are seven chapters which involve personal experiences to help illuminate aspects of awakening.  The journey will include visiting other lifetimes that have had a bearing on today and why this period in history represents a shift in our awareness as a planet. The book helps to bring new awareness and expands understanding about the potential that awakening offers.  In clear and straightforward language, unencumbered by dogma, I do not lean on New Ageisms or concepts to explain the phenomenon.  In truth, this is itself a formless thing that we all seek to put to form.  As a result, its better experienced than talked about.  When we do talk about it, simple language is best.  Having said that, the awareness that this book will bring will help many to become more cognizant of the great gift that a kundalini awakening can bring and how to utilize the awareness the work represents in going further and finding many more resources.  The gift, in the end, is love.....perhaps the greatest there is.

Soon I will be posting the new revised introduction that helps to set the stage for the book.  I am currently revising and editing the book prior to "shopping" it.



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