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The power of an awakening can lead to surrender, bliss, peace. I know for myself that the process that has led me to where I am in all of this has been won not through fear or worry or all of the negative emotions, but rather by shedding them to the best of my ability.  The mind and ego, which seems to house so many of our notions about how things SHOULD be are also rife with positions and attitudes that simply push one out of that grace-filled state necessary to feel the best flow of this bliss, and silent gnosis or knowing.  The challenge for me is how to remain engaged in a world that seems to be going down the slippery slope in so many ways.  IBM is creating something that is right out of the big brother world of tracking and control.  Is this the world we want?  Is this what we signed up for?  For as useful as technology like this can be, it has a dark side.  This dark side seems not to trust that we all just want a good life free from invasion of privacy, free to explore the boundless wonder of creation.

So when I see a video like this, it causes me some concern:

Watching videos like this can lead to fear and all the things we need to keep away from in order to anchor a better vibration here.  The vibration is important because as so many feel deep in their bones, this experience is about Collective Awareness wherein we are all connected. While the likes of IBM are themselves creating a "connected" world, many feel that its really not for higher purposes.

For me I found that I had to exit all of the fear about 2012, end of the world, New World Order, and all the rest in order to continue on my path to something better. But given that, how do I remain steady in my place where I find peace while also remaining active without tossing anger at what I consider an afront to our greater natures?  I do not buy into the notion from the East that we are here in these awakenings to simply sit in the bliss created by it....for, as they say, anything else is Maya, illusion, stirrings of the ego and all the rest.  Sitting in a cave staring at my navel isn't going to change the world I don't think.  While I know that part of this experience IS about how we can FEEL the unity of all things, how interconnected we all are, there is another layer that seems to be missed altogether in some traditions that involve themselves with understanding awakenings (kundalini and more). This layer has to do with co-creation. Here I am, sitting in all of this flowing bliss of being.....and the world is going to heck in a hand basket.  So by working to stand for things that I feel are true and right, I am able to begin to create something that is positive instead of the same old stuff.

There is, though, a sense amongst many thinkers today, one that I certainly resonate with in light of what my awakening brought me, which is that we live in a kind of energetic matrix, one in which if our collective energetics are not in their highest, can result in a tendency to cleave to the lowest common denominator.  David Icke speaks into this as a hologram that makes up our reality and that somewhere in there are lower level energies which seek control (the reptilian stuff).  Greg Braden writes about a Divine Matrix which describes how we interact with a field of energy that responds to our beliefs, feelings, and expectations.  It is, he says, entirely neutral, and we, the input, get out what we put in.  If we can put in something better than what we did previously, "reality" will form itself around us with the new set of events which we expect.  Jane Roberts trance personality Seth said over and over that we all create our own reality.  By changing the fundamentals of our outlook and beliefs, we can make significant changes in the world we interact with, the events that we experience directly.  All of this this sense, and within it is a fear, I think, that we are racing towards a control matrix, not something enlightened and free.

If I bring the collective down to the individual scale, I can see how all of life on earth can be like one person....many organisms making up a body the same way that the cells in your body make up what you are.  There are trillions of cells each with their own consciousness, with their own programming and purpose in their own lives. Riding atop of that is a collective consciousness which is YOU.  So in the same way I relate to our collective self and think how I can have a real problem trusting that everything is going to be okay.  When I let my mind and ego go a little more and choose a different way of being, interesting things happen IMMEDIATELY.  Immediately.  Events will literally change overnight.  Its amazing.  So I ask myself, how do I shed the dross?  How does humanity begin to shed the dross itself to reach a higher level?  Isn't the collective already beginning to show signs of churning through itself, evidence of shifting slightly in some quarters?  And do the sheer numbers of awakenings suggest that this is becoming manifest in the collective?  It makes a lot of sense to me, and I know that since all things are connected (even if you cant see evidence of it), then surely this must have some relevance.  In writing this, I think, what is it that we are creating?  Can't we simply begin to be aware of these fundamentals and work as we can in our own way to make change within us, realizing that its possible that it can have some effect upon the whole?  Maybe the path to this better place is in reforming the body from the inside out instead of more of the same, which really isn't working.  More control, erosion of rights and liberties, wars and more wars, dependence upon old ways of being and doing things.....And yet, what concrete things can I do?  Do these awakenings suggest that maybe the normal channels for change might not be working, that change is sometimes difficult to achieve with government tied up with lobbyists, or other institutions that seem over run with people who seem to need more and more control instead of just letting go and giving more freedom to others instead of being so fretful that something bad will happen, or absent that, afraid we can't be trusted.  Given this, what do we create that will be more enlightened, that will inspire others, inform others that there is something better than this? 

More and more people are teaching about Hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, transpersonal experience, learning to see our world as being connected, and some are writing about nonduality, while others are following their conscience about how to manufacture and how to deal more fairly with people in the process of making things (Fair Trade being one).  There are interesting technologies that show promise of making life better not just for us, but for the planet.  Will awareness move faster than all of the other competing things that serve to keep us back? With Fukushima spewing radiation at levels that isn't being reported in the mainstream press, how do we literally find a new way of empowering ourselves so we don't allow those with misplaced notions of what is good and safe to continue with their march towards nuclear?  Many have said in this argument that nuclear does not produce green house gasses.  Its important in that way.  No green house gasses, but a fallacy to say it is safe.  It isn't safe.  We have other nuclear reactors placed in active fault zones in the U.S. and we just need a good shaker to create some long-scale havoc.  Still, absent good alternatives, what can we do but build more nuclear? That way we are less dependent on foreign oil.  Right?  Maybe if we began to fund alternatives to even ALTERNATIVE energy we might actually come up with something substantive.  Solar, while "clean" also involves expensive arrays and some of the manufacturing processes aren't good for the environment.  Hydro is good, yet it also impacts native fish species.  What if we could come up with something like cold fusion. 

But wait.  Cold fusion was a fraud, right?  There were people from all over the spectrum jumping on cold fusion as a big joke and spending dried up for it.  Could it be that it was made subject to such criticism less for its promise to hold results as how it could impact our utility grid?  So this leads me to a man who has come up with a cold fusion device that has already been examined by batteries of scientists in the field of physics and has thus far not resulted in anything but praise and confirmations that what the inventor is doing is not some kind of snake oil. 

Rossi E-Cat Energy Device

After looking through the site, if this is indeed all as claimed (it is getting backed up by some important names and is in a series of trials at a factory in Greece as I write this), then it will mean something that will produce abundant energy and something that is overunity, which means it produces far more energy than it uses to run.  The inventor claims that it uses a small amount of energy and then a catalyst (probably not true cold fusion) which consists of powdered nickle in extremely small amounts (grams per year for a large unit).  So given all of this, and other interesting revolutionary alternatives, why don't aren't we getting funding for these kinds of things?  The Federal govt is controlled by large corporate interests?  What about the good of all?  Is this where people's small voices get heard?  Is this time for some activism?

In my own work I am seeking to find a way in which to create in a manner that is part of this larger flow.  By learning to create in this way, I suspect, others can learn how to relate better to the spiritual roots of creation. Part of the process involves understanding how the different parts of the self are brought into the process.  I am working on tying this into what I call Divine Energetics, a nondogmatic way of looking at the mechanics of higher level energy.  It wont ever take the place of an awakening, but by understanding it a little better or in a new way, it might help others in finding a way to engender the creative in their lives in a new way that helped them understanding the feeling side of things.  The challenge as I have seen it as a creative person is that we don't always have as much awareness of what is going on inside of us as might be useful.  By understanding that your energy body consists of currents of both masculine and feminine energies composed based on your own personality and turn of mind, you can perhaps monitor the process a little better, feeling into the process in a more aware way.

Some people have always had a very clear intuitive sense of how creativity works, so they never needed any help.  They simply HAD it. Others have been mystified by the process and often want to leave my studio classes in search of inspiration. It is my feeling that they were off to be alone in order to take part in what felt like a very intimate process...which it is....which is a merging of these masculine and feminine currents in the body....and which can be found to have reflections in how the two hemisphere's of the brain can suddenly come into some kind of balance or synergy with the resulting "aha moment" happening, the moment of union energetically of the masculine and feminine.  Always, when these two touch, there is creation.  In some cases, it creates more bliss.  Good, that.  But it can also be used as the fuel for creating IN this vibration of more conscious creation.  When we feel connected as opposed to separated, how differently do we create?  Surely, we can be in a separated state (through free will) while still managing to bring the masculine and feminine energies into the "aha" explosion which can be used to create more of our species, but can also be used to create other things.  The difference is that so much of the agendas change in this more refined way of creating.

I recognize that for years before I had my awakening that my creativity was very closely tied to my sexuality.  I knew that when I was creating really cool stuff I would sometimes feel a surge of energy which would move through me in a way that later felt like kundalini (sensual and even sexual bliss), but never seemed to kindle the fire in such a way that it would set up permanent residence.  I sometimes had a funny feeling about this, wondered if there was something wrong with me.  In the back of my mind I thought, no, that is an attitude that I let in as a result of living in this world that creates so many taboos about sex and sexual bliss.  Its less that there is a problem with the bliss as there is a problem with how we perceive or respond to it.  In a way, then, I have seen that the awakened person is like a wild thing, free from the restrictive attitudes concerning bliss.  With fewer restrictive attitudes, there is less repression, and with that comes fewer problems emotionally, and a clearer connection with the higher ranges of awareness in us.  This doesn't mean that its a free for all, no....just that in refinement we can let this energetic play through us in a balanced way that brings in all levels of our being in the mix...the triadic part of our being which I describe as being the reptile brain, the mammalian brain, and the primate brain.  These same energetics correspond pretty well with the root chakra (reptile), heart (mammal) and crown (primate).  By understanding through feeling that the process is not to cast out the root or reptile rawness, but to bring that energy upwards into the heart, it is actually transformed.  Further up is the explosion into the crown, which is cosmic consciousness, the outer edge of our experience here. 

The stumbling block for many in the Western Christian mindset is a false sense of purity and piety.  This has no real understanding of our true natures, that there is nothing at all wrong with our animal natures, no.....but we are not JUST animals. We are more.  We are  We have more than just the reptile rawness in us.  It can be an easy stumbling block for some because that energy is so strong and entrancing. Just see how entranced anyone can become by all of the references to sex in media today (as well as aggression and the violence that it brings).  Its not that there is nothing wrong with a beautiful body, but when all it does is instill a feeling of raw sexual energy without sending up further up the line of the transformational furnace of our being, it is merely that; reptile sexual energy.  And it can become a trap.  But its strong.  Its good that its strong, because as it moves up the line, it fuels a powerful sense of becoming and transformation.  For as strong as it was in the root chakra, it can transform itself into something just as powerful, but with the added profound (heart) and then cosmic (crown) transformation.  By living and creating in this way, we can shift what is made and how what is made can be seen, felt, experienced.  This also effects our choices, what we make, what we involve ourselves in.

There is always the chance that something we make can be put to less than good use, but one has to examine their beliefs for what they might be attracting.  Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, did some truly remarkable work in the field of the out of body experience and altered states.  His company developed a ssytem for synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain in order to help people absorb more learning or to achieve deeper states of awareness through his patented "hemi-synch" process through the use of different cycles of sound for each ear, and thus, hemispheres of the brain.  he wound up doing work with the CIA on secret projects.  Given the CIA's legacy with Mind control (see Project Paperclip in which our and the Canadian government brought in the Nazi doctors along with the Nazi scientists, the latter used to boost our space program in the U.S.A.), it makes me wonder about how resolved he was about what it was he was creating.  And in the end, who knows; perhaps I am merely being alarmist.

So do I set out to raise awareness about RIFD tags? Do I merely lobby my congressional leaders, letting them know how bad I think this is?  How would my efforts be best utilized?  What are my best gifts?  Should I just keep working on these books in the hopes that they help people to understand awakenings?  Can I somehow help fuel a sea change in people? Can we bring a new awareness to the earth by birthing a new consciousness through this thing....this kundalini?

The new book, based on what some called the Secret doctrine of Jesus, is in the works already.  So far, its not been that difficult.  the sources shine out like gold before the sand....and he clearly spoke about kundalini, about awakenings....even though those documents were suppressed, burned, hidden, only to be rediscovered in Nag Hammadi in the 40's. The Gnostic Gospel of Philip describes the process in such clear language that its hard to ignore what he is talking about; the union of the spiritual counterparts of the feminine and masculine (which begot us....our spiritual lineage) in becoming awakened beings.  This is the big "aha!"  The working title is High Priest of the Mysteries.

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