Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beyond The Sorcerer

Ego in this world builds our minds
in such a way that we feel
that the structure of the world matters.
it matters insofar as it is an expression of the deeper origin
and union with that origin is what we are.
When we touch upon this origin
all techniques stop
all created things stop
and resolve in a moment of formlesness.
And while we are here to co-create, to learn to be creators ourselves
ask yourself:  what kind of creator do you wish to be?

Knoweldge will not help you
it gets in the way.
I have learned learned learned.....
and yet all of the descriptions
all of the techniques, methods, and incantations
are all just that; creations in order to push intent
and to create.
For as sacred at the most sacred religious symbol is,
it is but a creation.
The sacred pipe would be as powerful if it were made of pressed cardboard;
and my comment a heresy for those who do not understand the act of creating.
A seashell, a shoestring, a powerful thought; all are thoughts, all created, all potentially more
based on what we are willing to fill it with.

Wizardry is this, and it is in truth a trap of the ego and mind. 
It isn't that its bad, its that its another creation. 
It is a religion of sorts
and it is laden with dogma and rules.
If you touch upon the Origin
then you know
it goes beyond all forms
and yet
its presence radiates in all
and we can harness that energy in our lives
in a pure state of knowing and being.
Being a sorcerer requires you to follow rules.
A sorcerer must live his or her life according to a code
and this code is only as good as those who created it
and those who are magnetically attracted to it.
Be yourself in yours purest way and you need not depend on anyone to tell you how to be
or what to focus on
because all you need to know is in you.

You were born of a pulse of energy
whcih splits in our world
into what we concieve as the masculine and feminine.
Each of us is created through this yin/yang energy
and all of us carries the lineage of bliss
which only comes when the two touch.
It is this touch which is so important within you
and you do it without thinking.

Inspiration is the moment of this touch
when the masculine and feminine currents
touch and create something....a idea....a movement.....
and all along you have freedom for what you create
so create in the highest.

As you do the "work" of surrender
to your higher self
you will discover so much falling away.
Your higher self knows precisely what you need
and what will bring you to unimaginable bliss.
We are taught that others must do this for us
but the secret is we can BE this bliss
and in so being
we can be healed
for the heavier vibrations will eventually fall away in the face of this bliss
if it allowed to travel through all of you.
The only rule
is to let go of what you thought was important
in this world
all of the sorcerery
the mental jewelry
the egoistic positions
and simply feel into yourself and ask to feel the man in you and the woman in you....
and perhaps these wont be so clear-cut
but perhaps more like an odd smattering of traits
but whatever the case it wont matter
because what you are is perfect for the moment
and at every moment
you could touch the bliss that is you.

Being a magician is great
but it wont let you plumb the depths of your being in totality.
TO do this you must become like a child;
clean and innocent of any prejudice or position.
Only then will you embrace the mystery that is life
and the depth of you will show how deep this can go.
"All the way" she whispered so many moons ago...

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