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What a messed up soup of things this is.  Everyone has their theories.  But in the end, it seems this is like sand.  We feel the sand slipping between our fingers, but at the end of the day what do we have?  Do we have recovered craft material?  Some would say we do.  Certainly there are eyewitness testimony to support the possibility that our government has crashed craft. There were even some documents that slipped through the fingers of government and into FOIA fingers (the public domain)  which took the form of a memo marked top secret that had names redacted that explained that three beings were aboard a craft that was recovered in New Mexico in the mid 40's here in the U.S.  People see craft in the sky.  Certainly my sister and I saw a craft that exhibited qualities that could not be explained with conventional craft.  Two very brilliant lights slowly merged into one and shot over the house.  It spent a good half hour before the merge as they slowly moved from the far ridge near our home to the point where they were for all intents and purposes, a single object.  This was not a crash.  This was a slow and controlled thing.  Well okay, I am adding in the controlled part.  Since I have never seen ball lightening roar like a jet, and since I have never seen a jet or rocket move as slowly as this object did, nor any other object light up with the brilliance of this thing, I am left making some assumptions about the sand that slipped between my fingers on that hair-raising night.

I am going to take you into another world right now.  Its a sudden and jerky transition but keep your mind open for a moment.  This is another weird crazy hair-brained theory.  Another one.

Come with me to the gnostic texts of James and others of these largely hidden or marginalized documents that were cast aside, burned in the wake of the Council of Nicea, that august body that was tasked with determining what would be the doctrine, the canon, of Christendom.  I am going to take you into the world of the archons, beings that have an interesting intersection with the current Abduction literature.

Archons don't show up a lot in the regular King Jame version of the Bible.  They are mentioned enough so we know they were beings that sought to deceive humans into thinking they were something more than they were.  In the Hypostasis of the Archons, a gnostic text, there is some descriptions of how they came into being.  Lets look at some of their characteristics for a moment to understand more.  These beings are androgynous.  They have a countenance "like a lion" and they believe that they are like Gods.  In the same book it is mentioned that they sought to reproduce with humans.  Now hang on to that thought for a moment.  For reference I am including the book just mentioned here: 

Hypostasis of the Archons

A quote from the book that I find interesting to mention here, which folds into what Awakenings are about in my estimation:
"There, I have taught you about the pattern of the rulers; and the matter in which it was expressed; and their parent; and their universe."  But I said, "Sir, am I also from their matter?"
"You, together with your offspring, are from the primeval father; from above, out of the imperishable light, their souls are come. Thus the authorities cannot approach them, because of the spirit of truth present within them; and all who have become acquainted with this way exist deathless in the midst of dying mankind. Still, that sown element will not become known now. Instead, after three generations it will come to be known, and it has freed them from the bondage of the authorities' error."

Then I said, "Sir, how much longer?" He said to me, "Until the moment when the true man, within a modeled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth, which the father has sent.
Then he will teach them about everything, and he will anoint them with the unction of life eternal, given him from the undominated generation.  Then they will be freed of blind thought, and they will trample underfoot death, which is of the authorities, and they will ascend into the limitless light where this sown element belongs.  Then the authorities will relinquish their ages, and their angels will weep over their destruction, and their demons will lament their death.

What is being referred to here, I believe, is Jesus as the one who is helping people to know of their divine lineage as opposed to the lie that these beings seek to cast into the minds of people.  The Father, for my purposes also includes the Mother, but which was swept under the rug, hidden by calling her the Holy Ghost.  If you do your research in this area it becomes clear what the Holy Ghost is even though today its considered an aspect of a rather select boys club (bit it really isn't....this is the error that has changed it over time and with a desire to lessen Her presence in all of this spiritual stuff).  The idea of death is not about physical, but a spiritual death.  Many gnostic books speaks of "life" and "death" in these terms. This suggests strongly that the Resurrection was simply a process we all could take part in in which, through an awakening, we could cleanse ourselves of those things of this world (karma) so that we can achieve this enlightened state which very much feels like coming alive.  One very much feels forever changed, brought into a new life than the one that came before.  So in a sense, this victory over death was not about a literal physical death (despite the focus on Jesus being crucified and coming back to life---the gnostic texts show a very different take on this idea and its one that very much fits hand in glove with kundalini.....along with terminology that just happens to be present in the gnostic texts which, like their Indian counterparts, spoke of the union of the feminine current and masculine current that makes up the entirety of creation in the midst of our waking up or being reborn in this spirit that comes into us).

Now on to other things....

Jesus is speaking to his disciple, explaining how to deal with the Archons.  These beings set themselves up as "authorities" and in fact, this language shows up in the gnostic literature.  Jesus explains that these beings come when one is in a drowsy state, daydreaming or getting ready for sleep or in sleep itself. He says that they have a countenance like a lion, create a deep fear in people, and once having gotten their control into the person, they take that person "by theft."  Oh, and these beings show up in threes.  Jesus then explains how to deal with such attacks, the language to use.  These beings ingratiate themselves into the host and can cause a lot of subliminal or subtle changes to take place.

John Lash, one of the few people to cover this issue does so with a great deal of clarity and knowledge of the texts.  What he observes is how the current UFO wave corresponded with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi, a series of documents that had the largest trove of information about the Archons.  Accident? Here is what Lash has to say in his web site (the link will be at the end)

Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type. Obviously, these descriptions fit the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary reports to a T. Or I should say, to an ET.

Delving into the Gnostic materials, it is quite a shock to discover that ancient seers detected and investigated the problem of alien intrusion during the first century CE, and certainly well before. (The Mysteries date from many centuries before the Christian Era.) What is amazing about the Gnostic theory of the Archons is not only the cosmological background (explaining the origin of these entities and the reason for their enmeshment with humanity), but the specificity of information on the alien m.o., describing how they operate and what they want from us. For one thing, Gnostics taught that these entities envy us and feed on our fear. Above all, they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light,” the gift of divine intelligence within. While I would not claim that Gnostic teachings on the Archons, or what remains of such teachings, have all the answers to the ET/UFO enigma, one thing is clear: they present a coherent and comprehensive analysis of alien intrusion, as well as specific practices for resisting it. They are far more complete and sophisticated than any theory in discussion today.

In short, the ancient seers of the Mysteries in Europe and the Levant seem to have accomplished 2000 years ago what many of us have been attempting to do since 1947: figure out who the ETs are, where they originate, how they relate to us, and most important of all, how we ought to relate to them.

As far as I know, apart from myself only one writer on the ET/UFO issue has directly identified the Gnostic Archons with contemporary ETs. This is Nigel Kerner, whose book, The Song of the Greys, is a strange, singular and little-known contribution to the debate. Kerner cites the Nag Hammadi texts just in passing, and does not elaborate on Gnostic teachings about the Archons. He makes a strong case for alien interference with the human genome, but this claim does not stand up against Gnostic analysis. Gnostic texts use mythological language to describe actual events in prehistory as well as long-term developments in the human psyche. According to the ancient seers, Archons cannot access our genetic makeup but they can fake an intervention. Considering the confusion of humanity in modern times, a faked intervention would be as good as real. This typifies the Archon tactic of getting us to imagine and believe things that are not true, and to accept simulation for reality. In this way, Gnostics taught, these alien cousins can deviate the human species from its true and proper course of evolution.

In the abduction literature its interesting how the abduction scenario follows the behavior of the Archons so well.  Most often abductions take place with three androgynous beings present.  The person most often feels absolute terror.  Animals act very aggressively toward them, for example.  Maybe like how they might if a Lion were to come into the room?  A threat?  But terror is certainly a part of the experience and after feeling terror the abductee finds him or herself to be paralyzed.  After this, the beings take the person "by theft."  They go onto a craft and are poked and prodded.  Some women describe an insemination procedure.  Many describe being forced to hold weird babies that looked like they were hybrids of humans and their race. The babies were dying without human touch.  They needed human touch. Perhaps this is because the beings themselves are more imaginal than physical?  Interdimensional?  Could they be practicing a giant hoax on people with collecting ovums and sperm and skin and other tissue samples while all along not really able to do what they SEEM to be doing, creating another race.  Perhaps this is itself an elaborate hoax as Lash suggests?  At this level of incredible possibility, I think that anything is possible.

It gets more interesting though. There is a dirty little secret in the Abduction Community, one that many do not want to mention, but its beginning to make its way into the literature.  Understandably, given that one believes that the data they are gathering is about beings seeking to gain genetic material from humans, it would seem strange to have something come out of left field like this, but its an amazing thing.....because of how it fits into these beings playing a gatekeeper role in the gnostic texts.
Its about Near Death Experiences.

With our technology, the cases of NDE's has shot up because we can snatch people from the clutches of death through improved technology.  One things that has begun to come up is a rather unexpected correlation with these experiences and the Abduction community.  You guessed it; aliens.  Or Archons.
People are beginning to experience these aliens as acting as gatekeepers in many cases.  Accounts involve people who themselves have never had any conscious experiences involving E.T.'s but incidents of this are beginning to come into the community. I reference this through a story that a friend who worked at a hospital as a chaplain described to me as having happened with one woman who quite innocently explained after her NDE and subsequent resuscitation, came to him for counseling that she had seen three of these alien grays in her experience of the afterlife.  This man, himself an abductee, couldn't believe what he was hearing. Is this showing up in the literature? I have not seen any of it. And yet, if these beings are beginning to populate these after death experiences, its a curious little cross-over, if you will forgive the pun.  

But one more wrinkle in this.  The other side of the coin are people in the abduction community who actually see people aboard alien craft who are themselves already dead.  Whitley Strieber recounts in one of his books one such incident involving a man he later discovered had already died. At the time of the abduction, he didn't know this man had died. This was a man whom he knew in life, and just this moment I do not have the resource close enough at hand, but have clear enough memory to recount the basics of the experience.  Others in the community have described similar experiences, all independent of one another.   I understand how one might wish to think that maybe they weren't dead....or they were brought to life.  But maybe another possibility looms, which is that we really do not understand this phenomenon for what it is and that a still plausible but incredible possibility exists which plays right into Lash's own thesis of who or what these beings really are. 

So maybe I have just muddied the water too much.  But consider that the truth is stranger than fiction.  But is it really happening?  the problem that so many people have is that these beings are elusive.  No one yet has been able to produce anything that is an artifact of their existence. There are stories about craft, about beings recovered.  The govt. has been hush hush about it, and yet many people are finding that a lot of the craft in our skies are looking decidedly terrestrial.  If you go to the web site

ufo sighting database

and look up triangular black craft, you find a device that looks a lot like our stealth technology, that also has, not always, but often, a more regular schedule to their sightings (which suggests a very human schedule instead of something that could be totally out of this world and adhering to a very different sense of schedule.....I am mostly thinking the sightings often correspond to a late night flight).  Also some, not all, of the flights, also happen near military bases.  Maybe not a coincidence, there.

I know that for myself, I had run-ins with beings, some, but not all, that were presented in a way that made them look like bees or similar to the grays except mine looked darker.  I also know that some beings, though, felt less like aliens and felt more like dragons or similar kinds of beings.  Perhaps this, then, is what Lash suggests in the case of the two types.  I was aware that these beings sought to connect and ingratiate themselves into the energy fields of their hosts who were themselves blissfully unaware that anything was going on.  In one case where I removed one being at the beginning of my awakening, the person was aware that she had been haunted by dreams over the years that used sex and fear as part of a recurring scenario (as a way to feed off both of these vibrations).  These beings attach themselves in a parasitic way to us.  We speak of casting out demons and spirits, and I can't help but think that this phenomenon could also include the archonic field of experience.  What I find so interesting is that once one has the awareness that these beings are there, getting rid of them isn't that hard actually.  In one case I had three that dissapeared with little fanfare.  It reminded me very much like pigeons in an attic space when a window was opened. With a little shooing (awareness!) they were gone.

I was aware that these beings were in what I could only describe as a cavity corresponding with my bodily cavity but that it was entirely energetic.  I also know that in the run up to becoming aware of them I felt what I suspected was their efforts and affecting my energy field in order to create as much fear as they could in order to keep me out of an ascending state.

This points to something else about these beings.  If you are in the midst of change, these really aren't that big of a threat to you. Yes they feed off of those energies which are created as a result of karmic attachments that have not been resolved (unresolved hurt, anger, abuse, etc.).  They seem formidable at first, but in the end, they fly off like pigeons in the rafters of our being.

So are these archons?  Are these aliens? Is there even a connection?  I think that I like to consider even the most preposterous ideas because yesterday's preposterous idea has a way of becoming accepted mainstream theory or understanding.  There was a time when it was suggested no train could ever go over 70 mph because, it was thought, the air would be sucked out of the cabin of the train.  We look back on this and think how silly to think that.  So what if Jesus and the gnostics had a line on this etheric realm and watched their movements with clarity and understanding in the midst of their kundalini awakenings? Certainly, if you look at the gnostic texts of Philip you will see how he describes the mechanics of awakening in his book.  He speaks like a hindu might about the union of the feminine and masculine just like shakti and siva do in their journey to the crown and out into the cosmic reaches of our being.  We are begotten through two parents which Philip explains is a man and woman spirit, that those who say Mary begot Jesus with the Holy Spirit are in error, because, as everyone back in Philips day knew, or should know, the Holy Spirit was the feminine face of the Creator.  "They are in error" he says and, "they don't know what they are talking about."  Certainly the idea of "begetting" souls would make sense that you have two forces in union, right?  In the Hindu tradition this is divine union, the result is transcendent consciousness.  Perhaps this is the "child" of their union in a sense, the Christ or Cosmic consciousness.  When Jesus came, he bore the good news. The good news my friends is that lying inside of you is the means to awaken. Its what you have awaited for so long.....

Ok.  Thank you for humoring me on this fanciful jaunt through something that I felt was important to consider, to spread because when we begin to face the issues of our awakening in a more frank manner, I think that it becomes easier.  The unknown gets less scary, and we realize that its really not so hard to get through it if we have knowledge.  I don't think its a conspiracy as much as its a lot of misunderstanding as well as a govt that might just be hiding something big under that whole alien thing.  I could be wrong, though. I am willing to keep my mind open and consider a few strange things rather than keep it shut tight. One thing is for sure; these etheric beings DO exist and many DO encounter them in one way or another through this.  Those who become aware of them signal a real shift in their awareness because awareness in these matters is the first step in moving beyond their efforts for control.

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