Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am

I am the beating heart
the tender memory
driven by my passion
surrendered through grace
of that which I have always been
and shall continue to be.

I am your tender heart
your wildest passion
your forbidden fantasy
a hard driving Summer rain
the sun rising and filling you with light
sanctifying you
enervating and awakening:
I am your father,
your priest
your son
and lover.

I am lightening and thunder rolling
and every tree and cell and star
every thrust into the unknown
to inseminate with bliss that which I have ever been
every froth of water spray
and every urge to become
to illuminate
and  be.
I am stronger than anyone can imagine
yet I am as tender as the breeze that blows through your hair
and everything I am was made for Her
and this eternal dance of creation.
I am the force you crave
for life to go on
and hardwired for
in the holy dance that is union.

I am strong
and weak
afraid to admit it
in the dark roll of night
for all those bullets sent
blood spilt
on my behalf
but from my part
I only wish to BE.

I would bear upon you all the marks of my becoming
for you shall be gathered
and shown
how you are to me
through me
because of me
because of you
because you have graced me with your presence
of sea foam
and studded star shine--
we are like lips
of another creature
plucked from the divine
to grow in this world
and wonder-born.

I live in every blade
ever burst
every thought
and anything that could imagine being
I am every man you have known
every one you haven't
and through them
because of them
but more than them,
I am.

I am every heaving chest
every strong grasp
every desire and hunger
every tear that ever dropped
I am every lost one
who struck out against his own ignorance
in the hopes of being known in some new yet undiscovered way.
Through all that I am
they will be found
not because of me
but because I am
and through that
not because of it
they too will awaken to their great heritage
and the many lies and wars and deceits and sins which will drop and be forgiven
because by my grace they will know
so I can shine like the certainty of a new-born Ra
as you know
and will know more
that ever were we wed

No stalk knows itself separate
but together
running like droplets
in a wave
to the sea.
Ever greater do I count the boundless sky
that wraps us up
and shows us we are one.

I am the opener of worlds
the plough man with reined passion
driving the ploughshare into the ground
rendering earth soft and accepting
now willing for that spark of seed and water
of sun and ancient moon
all seeking to draw from Her
the life that she contains
which has been joined in her
and which will grow beyond any expectation
or conception.
'Round and 'round this goes in every cell and seed and stone and star.

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