Thursday, June 9, 2011


Beyond all religion
beyond all belief
this world begins
slipping first through cracks tightly held
then breaking through
its force reshaping and renewing,
first a threat
then a blessing
as the world resolves anew.

Moment by moment
your world
is recreated
from the lips
a greater breath is taken in
and a current of water and life
moves upwards
in mystery
and wonder.

No words may contain this
for it is innutterable
beyond count or understanding
yet many seek to follow its tracks
into deeper regions
as the flower of its essence
as union with the divine becomes.

This is our birthright
what we each shall come to
in perfect timing.
When we do that which makes it possible
for it to course through us
it will take up residence
as soon as possible
and begin its sacred works
which go beyond any conception of sacred
or religious
a path traced by your greater star
your essence of yearning
which is divine.

This illuminates every place
every self
it pulses through the universe entire -
when you move evenly with it
this partner in the dance
will show you the movement
that lies at the center of your being
and deepest yearning.

and selflesness
and mindlessness
all merge
in this point
and beyond it
is transformed
by realization
that nothing need be done
save what it will do
and remake us.

Beyond belief
beyond all conception
feeling lies
like a light lighting up the grass
or ariver flowing to the sea.
Beyond all conception
lies Being
in a simple acceptance
moment by moment.
We leave tracks
as we seek it
those ripples across the great ocean
which goes away
and remains

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