Friday, June 3, 2011


We all have truth, right?  What a Muslim values is different from what a Christian values, right?
So much in our world serves to reinforce separation.  We do not realize how much it infuses our awareness.  What would happen if you breathed in air that suddenly invaded your body in such a way that you suddenly realized that ALL religion, ALL dogma, all techniques and methods often only serve to separate you from a divine core, a divine source which is uncompounded, whole, yet able to know itself in all of its parts (you and every single particle in your world) and knowing EVERYTHING as alive in some way (even though you might not think a stone is alive....)? 

Beyond all of this is  Awakening, the one thing that is the mystery of your being, and the simple little mustard seed which will unfold inside of you and help you, if you engage in it, in reaching your divine self. Regardless of your belief, your background, or where you come from or what century you lived, awakenings are nearly impossible to miss. Their symptoms are physiological and range across a broad spectrum, and the FEELING that they produced, regardless of belief, results in the same sense of being a part of something boundless.  The difference, really, is how its described.  One religion or method will just have a different name for it very often, which makes it seem different....yet it may well simply be just another way to explain or describe it.  HOW things are described creates a vibration, though, however subtle you might feel it to be, it has a huge effect on people.  This is why some people are attracted to one tradition over another.  Its one reason why a lot of Americans went to India because something in them was attracted to the Eastern philosophies.  This is not a judgement, but a basic truth of things.  We swim in eddies of energy, and this energy is constantly being turned this way and that, we are constantly coloring the stream with attitudes, judgments, and the stream itself will take it because of freewill.  Sometimes it is colored a certain way....still carries the light even though it has a certain flavor or color to it....and this all attracts us in a way that can be understood as going back to our own karma as well as who we are on an essence level. All resolves around surrender, though, because the higher self is itself free from these judgments, and opinions about how we think things are .  You need no religion, no faith, no belief.  You only need yourself.  This alone is enough.  It has always been enough, for inside of you is a giant waiting to awaken.  Truly I say to you; a giant slumbers.  Surrender is all you need, for in the end, with this, is all that you have, and through this surrender of the mind and egoic self with all of its judgments about what it believes is lain aside so that the self can know the deeper truth. 

Ultimately, an awakening will tend to show the person how all of this truly transcends all religious thought because an awakening IS the source of what being illuminated is.  The conundrum with an awakening is that it really cannot be described outside of lots of bliss and and get the idea.  We can wrap it in so many packages, and while we can do a very good job of packing it, ultimately the experience escapes all efforts to describe and plot it out on graphs and quantify it.  This is because in the final glance, this is something we experience.  Through feeling.  Not mentalizing or through some belief.  It doesn't stop us from trying to describe it though.  Jesus spoke alot  about it....mustard seed, thief, eye of a needle, lilies of the field, like children, etc., etc.  Other traditions speak of an ocean of bliss, of milk, others of still different things.  All of them are colored by the people writing or espousing the ideas.

Truth can change, certainly, as our orientation or perception of it changes. The great thing is that there does seem to be one simple truth, but it is unutterable, ineffable, and a great and wonderful mystery.

I am reading up on what happened in the wake of Jesus, some 320 years after his death when they sought to determine the doctrine for this new faith called Christianity.  Clearly, and sadly, the words of these men who wrote in the wake of this council, reveal themselves as bickering old men, saying on the one hand that they were not concerned with the material while a sentence later being so rolled up in it that they were themselves were blind to what they did, or how revealed they would be, and how blind they were to how involved, engaged, in the things of this world.  These were the blind leading the blind.  They thought they knew what the truth was, for certainly they had the books to prove it, and yet its not so simple as that.  The truth will shine like a pearl from the depths, irregardless of the provenance or pedigree of the author or the person possessing the document.  The gold will shimmer amongst the sand, and no matter how good it all seems or sounds, if it does not touch upon this deeper awakening, it will exhibit a whole range of very strange ideas.  Once awakened, you can never be a part of that old blind life.  It strikes something into you.  It is the presence of an ancient and amazing presence and knowing that is beyond knowledge.  Eventually, all of us will know this.  Eventually in perfect timing, but in our world, which is rapidly reaching a place of great disrepair, one wonders if enough will reach it in order to bring forth an even greater awakening by the sheer numbers, the sheer weight of presence upon the planet.  They thought they knew the truth, but the truth is THIS. 

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