Sunday, June 19, 2011

The End of the Age

The Hopi have a detailed series of prophecies concerning the passage of one world to the next.  In one world, they were saved by the Ant People, taken underground and fed something a lot like honey.  Their kivas have a visual reminder of their last entry into the world by placing a small hole in the center of the kiva to the underground; this was how they reemerged into the new world.  The next world, which is the fifth, they say, is close to happening.  Those who move into this next world will be those that adhere to the promise of the Creator, and by helping to stay with the earth instead of moving away from her and onto what is represented on their written pictorial records as a jagged line, suggesting a life out of balance.  The Maya were scrupulous record keepers.  They ordered the world by the movement of the stars and planets.  Their understanding of celestial cycles was highly developed.  These cycles of time were measured in thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years.  Each cycle of time was marked by a certain sense of ruling factors, perhaps in a similar way as the houses of astrology govern how people will be in their lives.  As we approach the end of one world and the entrance into another, into a new age, there is some apprehension and uncertainty about what that world will bring.  What we may not always realize is that we are not victims in this shifting of ages, but rather the creators of it.  What we decide, how we choose to be will help to cast a beam into our future world.  It isn't that there is a DAY upon which this happens, but is a steady progression that takes place.  The Day of Cleansing amongst the Native Peoples was not a given day but is rather a period of time that when we look back at it from a century distance might look like a very short period of time.  We are at a place where we are bringing to bear a host of issues that our larger selves value and need in this new age. 

There is a suggestion amongst some of those studying and coming up with theories of how the world is in quantum physics, string and brane theory, is that there are innumerable earths existing "side by side" and that we can, at any moment, choose to shift our awareness by changing our consciousness to match that new earth or new world.  Instead of there being a line in the sand, perhaps there are endless side steps, changes or tunings that we learn by simply being. And perhaps, as the Hopis have suggested in their prophecies, that the number of these people who "escape" the old world way of doing things is simply by way of changing how they feel, by breaking through old barriers of perception, awareness, and being. Ultimately I feel this is a choice even though some of us might feel a victim to all we have created. 

So lets imagine for one moment that we can take all that we have made and wipe the slate clean.  We still carry all that has been before inside of us, we can at any moment reactivate that old stuff, or we can choose in this moment to begin to create anew.  By simply dropping those old things, worries, concerns, hurts and all the rest that serves to hold us in those old postures and ways of thinking and perception, by simply considering that we can wipe the slate clean, our creative potency and beings comes to the fore and we slowly but surely make it so. By merely intending this to be, we begin, in however a small way, to begin giving it the room, the possibility that this could be. By doing this and holding to what we can imagine the world to be, we begin to attract those frequencies in matter to line up with us.  Like attracts like. Perhaps we do not dissapear from the world as much as we choose to shift whatever this line or beam of awareness is that we here choose to say is the home channel, and we shift that awareness into a slightly different place.  We do not suddenly find all our friends gone, we merely shift into that place where they are also in this higher vibration.  As some have experienced in an awakening, new friends replace old ones based on how the energy has begun to change.  Different challenges loom ahead, and life begins to slowly take on a new look. 

Thales, a Presocratic philosopher, once said: "All things are full of gods."  I always felt that this meant that every form has a higher form, perhaps forms that lead upwards, like a spiraling of awareness "upwards" into that more realized being which we would call a god or goddess were we to see it from our point of focus or awareness here.  So there is a god of me, a god of you, a goddess of her....which also means that every single particle that IS has within it or associated with it, some expanded form of itself alive in superspace, in other dimensions.  Now, if we were to awaken, widen our awareness to our indwelling spirit, we could touch more and more of this refined sense of being which I feel, exits largely outside of time.  Because it is not bound by time, it is not subject to what we percieve as cause and effect.  It is instead, residing in its expanding notion or awareness of itself and the rest of All That Is. 

Much of what this age is suggesting to us that we want is a world that is more egalitarian.  Women are beginning to have more freedom than they ever have had.  We are seeing the fruits of how the shackles of slavery being loosened have resulted in people being free to pursue what they wish to pursue.  As this happens, the process feeds on itself.  It feeds back onto itself, and part of this is the phenomenon of Awakenings.  These experiences move us beyond all dogma, beyond conceptualizations that serve to limit awareness.  Instead, we are being pressed and stretched to throw of our own inner shackles that we have kept on ourselves which are now falling away.  Instead of this happening on a given day, it has been a gradual process over generations. But certainly things are changing and we are now at a place where I think we can move the race beyond its current perceptions and awareness to something even larger which can help itself to strike a new tone, a new way of being in the world. By accepting the archetypes of the mother and father, god and goddess, and integrate them more closely into ourselves instead of keeping them up in the clouds or "elsewhere" I think that we can begin to feel in the moment the miracle that this wave of awareness can offer us in the moment.  This is where suddenly all of nature, all natures, come alive and we can touch upon the higher forms that everything has in this world.  By setting aside our shame, our hurt, and other karmas that have served to hold us down in the past, we can unbridle ourselves in a sense and be freer in ourselves.  Being free in ones self also can mean becoming more aware of the shimmering realm of being that we are all part of yet which we also reside individually in as part of our experience here on earth. 

The great unifier is love.  This heals all wounds, this melts all hard blockages, and dispels fear, which is what holds us back from feeling into that great sea of awareness.  Imagine if we could have just a hundred leaders in politics and a hundred leaders in industry who were likewise awakened.  What could they do?  How would their stance help to shape policy, how we go about doing business? What greater forms could we give birth to in this age?  And what might that do for our world? 

We are not powerless.  Each person is sovereign, and that sovereignty is something that we awaken to, that we take responsibility for by seeing the world as it is, instead of reacting based on something unhealed or not fully developed (which I think is what creates karma....and also blinds us to the truth of a given situation that we take as hurt which we shove down and then forget because it was just too painful....which of course we then only have to excavate later).  Its in you.  This new love.  This new age.  This new Way.

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