Saturday, May 28, 2011


All of this
some seek to make into the mastery
which is good
and fitting
we play at this
like children
and should ever remain as that
for all that the greatest sages have ever done
or the most insightful writer,
personal coach
inspired thinker
who has all the answers in his or her pouch of tricks
and is here to bring forth a wonder of wonders...
and as all of this happens
all we are doing is casting off a cloak that we have worn for a long time.

Its just a cloak
of attachment to our hurt
a world of reeling pain
of incredible darkness
so steeped in anger
alignment with that part of us
which was not developed,
and marinating,
we have thus been
through countless ages
thousands of years
we have stood in this quiet forest,
and crying.
Pitiful we have been
sad and lonely we have been.
We have raped
through this hurt
and achieved ever possible
level of avarice
and destructiveness.
We have been the destroyer of
silent worlds
full of glimmering possibility
at the hand of this smaller self
robed in these positions,
and attachment....
We were the hurt one, the lonely one,
the lost ones.

The great spiral that is in each of you
is unwinding in its own way
and this massive ball of being
that is our world
a giant rolling ball of iron at its core
that slowly transforms itself from
a dark center
to an enlightened outer core of light
turns in this world
and just now
more of us are finding
we need not come back
and what a relief we think
as our being turns into the sparks that we see in our dreams
that is our own greater becoming...
and these sparks are constantly flying off this great ball
as souls are lost to some other world
finding themselves in a new/old way
because their alignment has so changed from the mean
that they could no longer stay anchored here
and flew off in the silent
and peaceful night.

I love you all
so I will tell you this great secret of your being
for I long for home
but long to have all of us in a better place
so the secret is that the world around us changes
as we change
and while the world of humankind keeps grinding out what we ourselves allow
the garden resolves
layer by layer
as we lighten
going from hardened iron
to shimmering star fire
because the Way of becoming is that we move from unresolved to resolved
unrefined to refined
and we,
as a collective,
look like this giant iron ball turning in in space
in our world
and in the center this ball is dark and dense
and those souls dreaming their lives in its center
do not see out to the world around them, to the reality that is their divine selves.

Slowly as this grand turning happens,
souls break apart from their positions
and hurts....
and slowly
over lifetimes perhaps
each of us slowly moves outward to the surface
snail slow
but moving
and like atoms changing valence
our composition changes
and our being begins to lighten
others in this ball bang against us
in perfect timing and we ping pong around in this dark pit
bringing awareness to every frailty,
every hurt
until it is no longer a pit
and this is the only illusion in this world,
the illusion that we are separate...
that what we feel in response to the harshness of the world
is the truth
instead of just our own frailties
expectations dashed
and suffering moved through
as our world offers a steadily changing view
of moving from dark hopelessness
to a glimmering of hope and possibility.

We conceive of gods and goddesses
in the meantime
to lead us
but the truth is they are us
a way of telling us something we could not tell ourselves
so important we made it a heresy to think that we could be the gods and goddesess...
until the day came when we and the gods' lineage could be known for what it is...

Layer by layer we move to the surface
not aware that this all leads to our liberation from this place
and way of being
and when we finally get it
we fly off
and those sparks you see rising in the night time of our world
our collective being
those are they who can no longer be in this world
no longer need be here
are no longer attracted to the vibration that is our collective
and this is how it has always been.
This world has been a hard school of learning
and this school itself has the option now to become something more....
Slowly the sparks fly
some realize that it just doesn't matter anymore
the old arguments cease
and the energy field lightens in each
lighter than air
we rise
and this is the ascension
just as more of us come
attracted to that dark ball of iron turning turning
and they resolve around the center of this dark iron core
attracted to it just as like attracts like

We all put on similar robes
and smile at each other as we do so with a nod and a wink
like actors entering the stage
which is our forgetting
and a cycle of seeking to find the truth peeking out through the cracks
that let in the light
and this cycle repeats over and over for countless souls in this nest
this divine nursery of souls
with its hard pitted center
until we no longer need that center
and become something more.

For a long time this place was a place of great hurt
but all it was
was about was casting off the cloak of our judgements,
biases, expectations, and postures
all informed not by the light that we are
but rather what lay in the soul
but needing refinement
working out
and ultimately
simple release.

Every guru
every inspired teacher
or Swami
never did anything more than you will do
for you will do as I have done and you will do more.
By recognizing that in all of this amazingness
its just a casting off of this cloak of your restricted being
tight shoes
now uncomfortable
from centuries sometimes of wearing
because as we do we enter into that finer life
that better life
which is no longer aligned to a dark iron core
but something brighter
as the core itself swells
its own valence
a giant shift
and this is why so many suspect there will be this ending
a polar shift
a coming of alien saviors....
its just our greater being coming into awareness
peeking around the edges
as those less refined of us are allowed by some maddening process of self will go about mucking up this garden....unless we simply say no more.....

When we lay aside our clothes, those things that we thought were important
the whole truth will be seen
and forgiven
like children
and we will then be not like some advanced ninth level sage with super powers
we will be like children
who feel so much better that this old cloak is no longer binding on them
and their deeper more enlightened natures have been given the chance to show through.

As long as you are not happy
your cloak is pulling on you and you can make yourself more naked.
Anytime someone hurts you with their words
as long as you are surrounded by hard hearts
its only because something has yet to be resolved
and this is not a curse
but a blessing.
It is how souls bless us
by their being them
for behind the mask
they love us beyond all limitation or sense of the cloak.
For as long as there is a problem
this is a sign that you have something to work on.
Swamis, so gifted, love the devotion of their followers
gurus who become attached to the wizardry,
all of us are not immune
and we need to be gentle with ourselves
if we are to cast off this cloak.
We want to say its hard
but its not hard.
When it slips from you
it is the most natural thing
the most blessed thing
and all of your positions
will slide off your shoulders
the same way a fine linen bedshirt slips from you
as you are made
the beloved
and you enter the bridal chamber
which is in truth a mirror
and you will see your whole self
loving itself.

It was not union with anyone
but ourselves
for we all resolve into one
we merely needed to reach a place inside ourselves that we could love ourselves fully
and until that happens
the cloak might drop away for moments at a time
but will be put back on in order to clothe ourselves in the world that we feel we belong to.

This is the secret doctrine
which I am here to teach you
as I teach myself.
Come, let us discover this together.
We can each find the dark nooks where the mountain waters flow
and trace its course through to the oceanic realm of our being.....
let yourself slip
naked and wonderous
into this water with us
and let the flow become you
as you realize
you always were the flow
and you melt into this great sea of your becoming....

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