Sunday, August 26, 2012

A New Economic Order

When I feel the force of life moving through me it shows me images of what can be.  My mind feels changed by it, as though at some deep level all of me is being rewired, changed, set aright.  And one of these is how "it" has pointed out that the monetary or economic system will eventually have to change if we are to survive and thrive.

The way to this is has not been made clear except that it involves a radically different way of carrying on with our lives.  if we are to be more like the force of nature, we will have to learn to share more and be more balanced.  We will have to look out for everything else and revere all life, all things.  In a way, it seems to mirror the old aboriginal cultures who lived more simply upon the land.  The concept of money did not exist like it does today. No one owned the land.  Everyone lived upon it, a sacred trust bestowed to each new generation.

What I have seen was brought to my mind by way of an inner dialog with what I call "it."  What "it" is is the presence that is now operative within me that is part me and part universe. There is no one place where one becomes the other. I no longer try to figure it out.  I just let it be.  But it suggested that the reason why our government does not want to disclose what it knows about life beyond our world is the inevitable question that would arise from the populace which would be; what is their society like?  When I heard that, I saw or felt a very different kind of world.  Its people, many thousands, even millions of years in advance of us, have long since given up trade. Their world is vastly different from ours and were people to learn how their world worked, it would spell the end of the system that is at work here on earth.  Having a society that does not rely upon money as an exchange poses some very radical questions.  Quite naturally, many do not want to see that system go away because it is based in a form of parasitic energy draw that has little to do with how nature works.

What is so interesting about this is that as I began pondering this the last week or two, as I drove home today from shopping for THINGS, I turned on the radio because this time each Sunday New Dimensions on NPR plays.  Now New Dimensions was on back when I was in high school and I used to listen to it because it was the one program that was so cool, so open and so spiritual. It remains a favorite for the people they have on that span a broad spectrum of human spiritual life.  But the man who was on, whose name I was not able to catch, was actually talking about the same thing. He asked what would happen if we applied supply and demand models to the physical body or nature.  He went on to describe just how unworkable this type of hierarchy would be for nature.  It was clear, if we applied the economics of human nature to our physical nature, we would be dead within a few hours.  The thing here is that nature does not hold back.  It seeks to grow itself, it seeks to make more of itself.  We, as humans, seek to hoard and hold onto what we see as abundance.  Those who are better at this gathering wind up with more of the resources.  But nature does not work like that, not in general.  Sure, our bodies will create fat that will keep us alive in the winter, but we take this to a ridiculous level when we put aware vast sums of energy or resources while others starve or who have little.  Nature itself is not perfect, nor does it achieve perfect balance, but it does strive for balance.  So what this guy was saying was interesting.  There is nothing about supply and demand that really has anything to do with nature.  Supply and demand, he explained, is a choice that we make.  We choose to make resources more expensive.  If we were to decide that water is precious and ought not be sold, then it would have NO price. The same is true with just about anything else.  Our need to capitalize on something overcomes our humanity and our compassion sometimes.  We look at drug companies who make thousand percent profit on a simple drug because they own the rights to it.  Now, in a rather ridiculous move, companies can now own virtually any part of all of the genomes on the planet so that they can further capitalize on them for drugs and therapies that wind up healing nothing but simply maintaining health but not making us healthier. We naturally feel outrage at this.  Some ask what is next, taxing the air?

As we evolve, some things are going to have to change and the change will come about because the old system is simply no longer suitable for the new people on the planet.  Change might come slow, it could come at an accelerated pace.  Some might plant the seeds int eh collective consciousness as they sprout and grow and change our world in a radical way.  We could have revolutions both peaceful and not to peaceful.  Who knows.....but what I do know is that this system we have will have to change.....

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