Sunday, August 26, 2012

La Voce

Countless lives, countless voices. 
Smothered in the static
hidden in the noise
of countless others
whose message was not my own.

I look to the sky
deep inside
a deep blue and gold resonance rises
their voice could never be mine
I forgot what was essential
drowning in the noise
of countless others
pretending they could ever match my own.

Letting go
I lost it all
in some open sky world
the self loses itself
but does not find its center
in a world full of centers
and points
beyond imagining.

Everyone jockying for a place
a position
something to call their own.
I was lost in this
one slipping past the other
as self and selflesness
resolving into otherworlds.

Everything they ever taught
bent through the distortions
of what they thought was real.
Whose to say what is and is not
its as real as any other.
For myself
I bring them together
darkness and the light
to find what no other might
which is a distant thunder
building in certainty.

So many lives
so many times
la voce รจ perduta.
I make my way here
once more
finding it
like lost leaves of some book
the few words it offers
change everything.
We stand for something
in order to become.
We move forward
as this great mystery
emerges like a diamond
from the deep blue sea...

Ho trovato la mia voce.

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