Friday, August 17, 2012

Marks of Awakening

Krishnamurti had them.  I have had a few people already contact me about them.  Marks.  But marks that did not come from a known outside agency or source.  Body marks.  My marks happened in the months immediately preceding my awakening.  I was already having awakening symptoms, but it was not what I'd call full-on energy flowing through me like a river of bliss kind of experience. But it was soon coming.

The thing about the first mark is that had it been a burn, I would have soooo known it.  My pants would have been burned to the point of not being usable, and the pain would have been pretty intense for a burn of that type.  Except that there WAS no pain. No discomfort at all.  And being a glassblower, I know burns like Eskimos know snow.  So this burn would have HURT for DAYS before slowly trailing off to a mark that would have stayed for about two to three months, possibly longer.  I simply woke up one morning and it was there.  Nothing in the bed with me that could be somehow connected to the mark.  It also faded within three days of my seeing it. No mark, no scab, nothing.

So the first mark. The other things about it was how my underwear had what appeared to be dried blood which I had NOT had on them the night before.  Or ever.  And if I did, where did I cut myself like that on my right hip?  None of it made sense.

The second mark is the mark I have ongoing that came about last year from a significant release of some old karma connected to the heart.  It continues being a mark that wont go away which is different from the first.

Just putting it here for anyone who might have had similar things.  Similar stigmata like effects can happen quite easily.  A burn can be manifested through hypnosis.  The body responds to psychological effects quite easily.  Stigmata.  Stigmata is a Greek word that means "brand."  Interesting, too, because the crescent burn very much seemed this way to me.  Marked.  Saint Francis was one of the first people in the Christian tradition to have manifested marks on his body.  These were the marks that Jesus was said to have endured during his passion.  In the case of Francis, his marks came by way of a being called a seraph or seraphim.  The history on the seraphim is very interesting for how it is connected to serpents and dragons.  Even in the old testament, Moses is said to have created an image of a seraph which was a fiery serpent made of cast brass.  This form is not very different from the caducius, the symbol of kundalini which is most commonly known for being a symbol for the medical profession.  The seraphim, while being described as angels, they are just as much tied into serpent imagery, and represents one connection to the older tradition of spiritual beings being connected to the serpent.  The problem in Christianity is how the serpent has been demonized.  Sadly, this has created one giant blind side for a body of spiritual experience that has nothing to do with deception or evil.  And yet, through fear, people remain caught up in the association that the belief in the serpent as evil.  The seraphs in Christianity were said to communicate directly with the Creator.  This is interesting for how in one experience I have had with a being who came to me who said he was a seraphim said that he was going to show something he had pulled out of me to the Creator which he called "Source."  I do not know what the purpose or importance of this, but the relationship that this being had with the Creator or Source, has a consistency with early Judaic and Christian thinking even though I was not aware of this linkage at the time that these things took place.

Based on the popularity of the post on Quetzalcoatl,  there is a great interest in the image of the feathered serpent, a form of the serpent that is not connected to deception but is instead a kind of emerging standard for understanding spirituality.  This is how all new ideas emerge.  We leave the old associations behind as we build new ones, even if it means creating hybrids.  All spiritual experience is inherently creative.  It is what we make it, what we invest it with.  It then builds and grows and develops its own kind of reality. But be careful of the gods you choose, for they will be naturally self reinforcing. Stigmata, then, also exists outside of Christianity.  This is very much a human experience and as a result can emerge in a variety of ways, including crescent moons or circular rings at the heart center.


Sky said...

I have brown dots at my heat center that come and go. I've tried to scrub them away, but they won't go until they are ready, lol. I've been experiencing Kundalini awakening since 2008. I too am drawn study Seraphim and recently Serapis Bey. The first time Seraphim came to my awareness is when I had a bit of a struggle getting my license plates, but something miraculous happened and I got them. When she handed them to me the letters were SEFM, and instantly I just knew. Sounds kooky, I know, but part of my awakening has been not to care so much if I sound kooky or not.

Him said...

I don't think that is kooky at all! I totally get what you mean and the thing is, this type of event is a feature of awakening. I go into the roots of this in my book Waking The Infinite (which was recently put through a MAJoR edit from 750 pages down to 250) and it points to a potential that we all have that gets revved up during awakening...

Thank you for your interesting comment and I welcome your comments in the future.