Sunday, August 26, 2012


So you wonder about awakening.  Some say ascension.  Its meeting the soul mirrored in the world, a place where science and magic meet, where the rational and irrational merge into a wondrous new thing everyone is trying to describe or explain.
Some say its sun spots….or solar flares.  This is beautiful and perfect, for certainly this hints at the great connection we all share and have with the world.  But this is certainly connected to larger things, but more of it is the Collective humanity shifting and moving. You will begin feeling this once you awaken.  Perhaps before.  I was not aware of it like after I awoke, I will just be honest.  Before, it was more an idea.  A great perfect kind of idea.  But an idea.  Like a photo.  Not the real thing.  And then it woke up inside of me.
Time began doing VERY weird things.  And if you observe this in others exhibiting similar symptoms, you will find some interesting correlations between people.  This is perhaps why some want to say its the sun or something….impacting us all. But imagine the Collective Consciousness of humankind going through energetic bursts.  It would effect all of us who are attuned to it.  Some to greater and lesser degrees.  And what we call awakening does not have an exact demarcation for where it begins or ends. I approached for some six months wherein I had loads of interesting symptoms before the RUSH hit me. Light effects, time slips, rushes of energy, tingling, sweeping, third eye stuff….
Then the feeling of wanting to be of some service.  It becomes a preoccupation.  Slowly, as the awakening clears and cleanses, the things that were less then perfect are refined in ways you could only imagine.  What I once thought of as my very generous nature was revealed to have a hitch….and I worked on that….and it was a big deal because it meant doing things differently and the people on my life did NOT like that.  they punished me big time.  I tell myself; their choice, their karma—-how I respond is also my own karma so I try to be careful.  And as the service thing moves along as I change I keep asking the question; to what end?  Who saves another except that we save ourselves? That is what this dynamo is quietly saying while gently supporting all life and awareness with access to its limitless potential.  Its like we have this inheretance that we forgot we even had.  And there it is. But I have to admit I ask:  to what end?  Once you give it all up, you gain it all.  In letting go, the All is yours.  
And what was a twin becomes a karmic entanglement that will push you beyond what you ever could believe was possible.  But the universe does not ask you to change your mind.  You have to do that.  And as you do, the universe changes.  What universe do you want to see?  Change your mind and you will see it.  It will become that for you, as beggars become kings. 
And always, the greatest love.  Not a love FOR anyone or anything, but a force so powerful, like a bell struck through the universe now ringing in you.  It is less a feeling FOR as it is a force that you are.  And this is a leap.  for me, it was a leap.  A hard one. It matched the whole ego collapse thing.  You almost have to in order to feel it fully.  Ego limits.  So it goes to the edges.  Hangs out in the small back kitchen and makes notes and mutters to itself.  Its very good at being at the edges.  
So sitting here, the universe flowing through, I keep asking; to what end? 

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