Monday, August 27, 2012

A Beautiful Way To See Energy

We can't seem to help but divide things out according to their ying and yang-ness. Its our nature to divide things up and sometimes even see them out of context with their larger environment....which of course tends to render the thing being observed as largely meaningless except in the most limited of ways.

But consider the act of bringing them together.

Male energy strikes me as being like a linear vector-based line.  It flows from one point to anther point.  It can be logical, simple, but very potent in that simple straight-line quality.  It also makes it naturally penetrating, vibrant, alive.  However, taken alone, its like a thread without continuity.  It is a light beam that has not reached any conclusion or remains just as it is like our beam of light travelling through space.  He seems to need something more.

Female energy is like a circle.  It folds in on itself.  It moves around to its end. It creates a perfect sphere.  It creates a world that is mysterious, hidden, even. It does not seek conclusion but resides perfectly well within mystery.  It is inclusive, focused on seeing and knowing wholes as  it continually nurtures and forms new things. But as such, it can reside within so much mystery that it has a hard time being able to discern just what mystery it is seeing.  This can lead to a feeling of inaction or uncertainty.  She seems to need something more.

When paired, the vector of the male merges with the sphere of the female and they change.  Their energy now is a spiral.  Each brings their own tendency into this unity and as the feminine seeks to turn back on herself, the male pushes her forward.  As the male seeks to move forward, he is drawn back in what is a perfect merging of the two energies or qualities.

This movement is a perfect model for consciousness, evolution, and all life.  It shows up, not surprisingly in all manner of life forms from seashells to galaxies.  The Greeks found that it is so pervasive a model that they were able to create something called the Golden Mean, which is a study on proportions.  The way your hand is proportioned has a relationship to the proportion found in spiral galaxies.  The distance from your nose to your eye is proportional to the rest of your body in a very specific sequence of numbers that are seen all through nature. The curve of a fern tip is reflected in the curl of a wave not just in similarity but in how the curve actually behaves.  Its more than just a similarity, it is a series of relationships that behave similarly through all of nature.  For me, this suggests a deeper relationship at work, a kind of masterwork, a design that is inherent in natural things. For myself, I see that this is the force of the feminine and masculine working together to help form and forge physical reality.

The spiral.  It is what we are in our most harmonious state.  Moving outward, moving inward. Turning around, speeding to conclusion.  

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