Sunday, August 26, 2012

What If

What if I said there may not be a meridian to carry the transcendent through you…..what if I said you had two main lines of current for the yin and yang….and as these become more energized they create a field in the center that feels like kundalini rising….but is a magnetic field.  And in so doing, your thoughts become magnetic and hence, events have an odd way of happening entirely in a synchronicity fashion. No method…..a feeling.  
If I said that all art is itself learning methods…..turning words into poetry….learning grammar only to deconstruct and explode it to find the “new” form of expression. Or in art, you learn to wedge clay, weld steel, cast metal, prep a metal plate for etchings…..all technical….and yet all the truly great art entirely transcends all of this doing and method to touch upon something that has nothing whatsoever to do with technique or method.  Its not even about thinking.  Its about being.  And we say the methods are important, and yet they are not.  The method is like sex.  You only have sex, a corpse, really.  To make love, to know true ecstasy, you have to transcend the known into something revolutionary.  And its not even something that is for the elites to grind through and talk about and make charts and methodologies and critiques of because what you really need is the innocence and simplicity of a child.  the greatest art is what is done without thought.  All great artists will admit that when inspiration comes, they lose themselves in the moment and it just comes. Children are the greatest of artists and they have it beaten out of them through fear and uncertainty…..telling them they don’t know how to paint hands or faces or houses the right way.  And somewhere, maybe twenty long years of getting back to the garden, they are only successful if they can take all the have learned and transcend it.  All ner innovations often come with us saying why didn’t I think of that?  you didn’t think of it because you did not put yourself into that simple place.  Of course its simple.  When I have students who are afraid of failure as they stand before a hunk of clay I explain that they have to stop thinking and just jump in the water.  Then just experience it, and then feel okay with the mystery of it all.  It less the thinking and figuring out what the water is than it is that we simply feel it and merely convey that feeling. And most often, the method used is often vague and nondescript.  The greatest poetry is the simplest……capable of being a carrier for more than just your own meaning but a world of it.  
Between the current of reason and intuition lies a third energy.  It is transcendent and it is bliss.  It is a mystery.  And it is all of us. 

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